Letter(s) from Nana Kesewah to Hannan (South Africa)

Letter 1

Hello my darling Hannan, Hmmmm the connection here in Ghana i must say is very terrible, I called them to explain to them the kind of service they are given me, but all they keep doing is apologizing, All the same i am back online now and i pray it will not be going off .. Anyway how are you doing, I hope all is perfectly well with you and you are in good condition... I must say i have really been missing you and i wish you are here with me..

Well Hannan for the past few days it's been very hard for me to show up online, And also i have been having hard time sleeping because i have a lot to think and to solve, this problem is one of the reason why i volunteer to come to Ghana to help continue the charity work... There is this business that i have been trying here since 2005, i set up the venue and everything during that year.. But i couldn't complete it before going back to SA.. But in 2007 2008 i came back here that was before the crisis... Hmmmmm sorry, it's actually a long thing, i don't want to disturb you with my problems although i needed to tell you all about me and what i do.

This days i wish i can talk to someone, but calling from here to SA is very expensive and but i really needed to communicate as the weekend seems to be very boring, i am always at home, it's either i am sleeping, reading books, or watching movies. beside that, doing what i came here to do "charity work".

I wish i can talk to some one though, I needed some one to give me his or her shoulder but it's so unfortunate for me, i can only wish.. I do not like sharing my problems with friends though... The only person i always look up to and share my problems with is my mom... But she is not here with me

All the same, i think your sms do help me , i am glad you always send me sms.. although it's not all of the time that you do it....Well that is a good business . Well i think all of your business plans are perfect, and you have the concept right. i personally think it's a great business..

Here the most running business is HOME DECOYING stuffs it's been one of the business that i have been trying to establish here on my own, I have the Venue, everything is set.. But during the 2008 I ORDER for some goods in Italy and Canada..

Hannan, i am just so confuse now and i needed to relax and rest to think on how to take my steps, just last week Friday morning, i realized that my goods, the goods worth thousands of dollars has been in the harbor for a year and half now, And now i have been given a dead line to actually clear up those goods before it's too late..

Anyway, please it's getting late here now, i need to go to sleep now, have a lovely evening and always remember that, i care a lot about you and i really wish am right in your arms now..

Thanks for your sms always..

Your love, Nana.