Scam letter(s) from Nina Ryazanova to Allan (Australia)

Letter 1
It is very pleasant to see a photo which you have sent me.
I will tell to you more about me.
My nationality Russian. I live in city Murom - this city is in Russia. My city Murom is located in 330 km from the city of Moscow.
Probably for you it became unexpected, that I from Russia. I will try to explain to you! I have written to you on a site for acquaintance. On my profile other country has been specified...
On the Internet on a site for acquaintance when I was registered I has specified other country.
When I was registered on the Internet on a site for acquaintance, I could not find the country Russia. I had to specify other country.
You not against to get acquainted with me? Between us the big distance. I consider, that it will not be a problem to our dialogue on the Internet.
Distance, it not a problem for dialogue with the help email.
What do you think of it? I want gets acquainted with you in detail. I wish to remind, I search for serious relations... My name is Nina. My date of birth 15 December 1974. My age of 36 years. My growth makes 169 sm. My weight is 58 kg.
I do not have bad practice. I do not smoke and I do not take alcohol. You have bad habits???
According to character - I the cheerful person! I sociable! I very much like pets. I have a pet a cat - Mashka. I search for serious long-term relations! I never was in marriage and I do not have children, but I very much love children. I had relations with the Russian man, but I have left it.
He has betrayed me and has arrived very badly with me. I at all do not wish to recollect this person. Now I wish to find serious relations. I wish to get a strong and reliable family.
I wish to find the man who will love me.
You had a marriage? You have children? I never got acquainted on the Internet. You the first man with whom I have got acquainted on the Internet.
I have own computer in my own apartment.
My computer old, but at me is possibility to send email. It is all that can make my computer... I work as the operator in the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia of city Murom. It is very responsible work.
If you want I can tell more in detail about my work in the following message. I send to you some my photos. You like my photos? Now I wish to know more about you.
I will be glad to answer all your questions. I hope to receive the answer to my message soon.
Letter 2
My dear Allan! Last night I again went in post branches to call to you.
I again could not phone to you. My dear Allan, I wish to tell to you, that I have serious intentions to meet you.
For me it is very important to have yours opinions. I am very glad, that you too wish to meet me.
For me it is considerable! Today I could make for you a photo with a leaf. On this leaf I have written:
Allan + Nina.
I hope, that it will be pleasant to you to see this photo. I wish to see and feel you. I wish to see your house, your friends, your leisure. I wish to feel it.
I wish to see your life at a meeting. I thought of all it much. Now I understand only one.
Our feelings can become serious only at a meeting. It so is important for me.
I wish to study you in detail at a meeting because you are an extraordinary man.
We deserve our relations. You agree with me? Before to speak to you about my intention to meet you, I thought much.
I have made of the decision. We should meet. Now at me very fine mood. I constantly very often think about our meetings.
Sometimes my representations become very pleasant.
I represented our meeting at the airport. I arrive in your airport by the plane. It was difficult to me to represent it.
I never flied by the plane and was not at the airport. I saw, how at cinema people meet each other at the airport.
Probably my representations about meetings are based on a film.
I am in the airport. I search for you the eyes. At the airport it is a lot of people. All go and hurry up.
I stand absolutely one. I start to worry. Because my eyes do not see you.
I start to be afraid. Then I have heard your voice.
You will shout - "Nina". I learn your voice because you will shout my name. I find you among the big crowd of people.
I start to worry, because it will be first our meeting in ours with you of a life.
You will approach to me. Ours eyes will look against each other. I will be confused.
You give me a bunch of flowers. And it will be red roses. In my representation it there will be red roses.
Then you take my luggage. I wish to tell to you: "I can incur luggage itself". You insist and take my luggage.
We go together at the airport, in your hands my luggage. In my hands your fine flowers :) After that representations of ours with you of a meeting I could not fall asleep long time. My intentions more than serious. I thank the God for that day when we have got acquainted.
I have fallen in love with you. I am assured, that my feelings to you are very strong. If I lose you. To me it will be very lonely. Believe it very inconveniently for me to speak about it. But I really do not know what to do.
In mine representations about meetings all is easy. It not so. You are absolutely in other country.
I consider that distance which between us we can overcome. My dear Allan, I never travelled. I at all have no representation. What I need to do to visit your country?
My dear, you can tell to me, what it is necessary for me for this purpose?
I heard to travel to other country it is necessary to have the passport for a trip abroad. It is valid so?
I consider, you know about it. Tell to me please, that it is necessary for me to visit your country. Tomorrow I will go to my girlfriend Anna. My girlfriend knows many things.
She can tell to me, that I should do to visit your country.
Also I hope, you will speak too to me about it. I so say to you about our meetings that has absolutely forgotten to tell to you much. I have very good news.
My chief on work has approved to me holiday from work.
I worked 2 years without holiday. Now I have rights to holiday in a current of one month.
My holiday from work will begin in the beginning of November. My chief on work has told, that I have just now a possibility to use my holiday in November... I will not have other chance. I should take advantage of this holiday to see you.
It is my chance in my life. I should not lose this chance. My dear Allan, my holiday from work will be begins in the beginning November...
I plan to come to your country during my holiday. You can meet me in your country in the beginning of November???
I can spend with you all time of my holiday.
At me serious intentions to meet you during my holiday from work.
If you cannot take holiday from work in November there is nothing bad. I can arrive in your country even if you will work.
We can spend time together after your work, for example in the evening.
You have days off Saturday and Sunday? In these Days off of your work we will spend time together.
We can spend time together all the day long. My dear Allan, we should take advantage of this chance to meet.
I do not have other possibility to take holiday from work. I am assured, that a meeting which we will plan. Will change all our life further. My feelings to you are real. I finish the letter.
I wait your answer soon.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Allan!
I am very glad to see your letter. I have read your letter attentively.
Today I had very difficult day on my work.
Unfortunately, I could not go to travel agency today.
Today I had a long and difficult day on my work.
I have not had time to go to travel agency. When I was released after work, the travel agency has been already closed.
Tomorrow at me will be more free time to go to travel agency. My dear, today in my city very bad weather. In the street it is raining and very coldly.
Now in my region very much. It will be fast snow and it will be very cold. I am very glad to receive answers to my questions. All it is very pleasant and important for me.
I never was such happy and joyful. I wait our meeting as if we are familiar all our life.
I am assured, at all of us it will be good. We well know each other. I give you my full address:
The country - Russia
City - Murom
Code postal - 602200
Street lavrenteva 27, apartment 15
Ryazanova Nina Nikolaevna My dear Allan, I have still some questions for you: 1) you spoke to the friends and relatives about my arrival in your country?
How you wish to show me to the relatives?
How you wish to acquaint me with your friends??? I do not have representations. When I will arrive to your country to you it will be necessary to acquaint me with your relatives.
How you plan to make it? I will worry very much. But after a while I can get used... 2) in what airport I will need to arrive?
At what airport it will be convenient to you to meet me? It is very important to me to know it. 3) I wish to ask you, what we will do in the first day :)??? I happen sometimes very whimsical.
You promise to take care of me :)?????? I said to my mum, that I will spend my holiday from work in your country.
I have told to parents, that at me with you very serious relations. My mum was glad for me.
She also has asked for me your full data and a phone number.
You will not be against if I give your given to my mum?
I very much worried, when said to my mum, that I wish to meet you.
I have completely explained to mum, that at me with you serious intentions to meet.
My mum will worry very much when I will begin the travel to your country. I had to waste time to calm mum.
I have completely told to my mum about you. I have made it, that she did not worry. Tomorrow at me will be more free time to go to travel agency.
Tomorrow I can learn, that I will need to do to stay for a while in your country. I think, that we will not have problems and soon we will together.
I am assured, we will find many interesting things, and to us will than be engaged together :).
I know that it will be the finest moment in our life. I finish the letter.
I hope to receive your answer soon.
Letter 4

My dear Allan!
I ask you that you have read my letter attentively.
I have faced a problem. I hope, you will read my letter attentively and can understand me. Today I went to travel agency. I spoke with the manager of travel agency. I managed to receive all particulars of travel to your country. I asked the manager of travel agency to make to my papers which are necessary to me for travel to your country.
The manager of agency could not understand me. I have explained to the manager, that I wish to travel in Australia. The manager of agency has told, that they are ready to prepare to me documents.
He has told to me to travel in Australia, I should have some documents.
The travel agency can prepare to me all documents... I have asked to tell the manager to me in detail everything, that I will need to do.
The manager has explained me the following:
To travel to your country to me it will be necessary to prepare documents - the passport for the tourist, the visa, an insurance policy, the medical document and other small documents. The travel agency can prepare all these documents for me for 7 days. For 7 days all these documents will be ready. Then I can begin my travel.
The manager of agency has told to me, that the agency can prepare to me the visa very quickly. For this purpose at agency there are communications in embassy. I was glad to learn about it, but I have a problem. I did not expect, that all these services will cost so expensively. 1) the passport for the tourist - 60 dollars
2) the visa - 80 dollars
3) an insurance policy - 50 dollars
4) the medical document - 45 dollars
5) consular gathering - 50 dollars
6) travel agency services - 72 dollars I can have the visa of the tourist for a period of 3 months (90 days).
I will not have a problem to be in your country in a current of 3 months.
For me have explained that Consular gathering is obligatory formality.
The consulate of Russia goes on Contact to Consulate Australia to receive the permission for the citizen of Russia for an input in Australia.
Consular gathering is made out in territory of Russia.
This money goes to state treasury, as the obligatory tax from leaving citizens of Russia.
All it is necessary also it necessarily for me to arrive and be in Australia. I need to prepare documents in travel agency. I will need to pay in agency of 357 dollars.
I was in a shock when has heard about it. My dear, I do not have so much money. I cannot prepare documents.
It is very expensive to me. I do not have enough money to use services travel agency. My dear, I do not know that to me to do. Preparation of documents costs 357 dollars. My dear, it is very a shame to me before you.
I do not know where to me to ask the help. I need to ask the help only from you. Today all my dreams have failed, because at me a problem.
To prepare documents to me many money of 357 dollars will be necessary. I do not have such sum of money. The manager of travel agency has told to me, that it is the cheapest variant of preparation of documents.
I learnt, in other travel agencies all prices are identical. The manager of agency has told to me, that the cheapest variant of preparation of documents costs 357 dollars.
Also I have other problem. The manager of agency has told to me the following.
I should do necessarily booking in travel agency. I asked it about the price of tickets.
The manager of agency has told to me, that the cheapest tickets Direct flight: Moscow - Brisbane makes - 20000 roubles. It approximately 600 dollars. My dear Allan, I will need to have 2 tickets. The ticket to Brisbane, then I should do the ticket order back to Moscow. I will need to have necessarily return ticket. The ticket for flight: Moscow - Brisbane - 600 dollars
Brisbane - Moscow - 600 dollars When I will do preparation of documents in travel agency, I will need to do booking in the same agency. This such rule.
I should do it necessarily. I cannot reserve tickets irrespective of agency. In my country there is a law, the travel agency completely will be responsible for mine travel.
The travel agency will bear responsibility for mine travel to your country.
You understand me? The travel agency should prepare for me travel completely. To do booking and to do documents.
This such rule which I should observe. This rule is because for travel agency will be unprofitable to prepare for the client only documents.
If the agency prepared only documents the price of documents will cost more money. For agency the profit in money is necessary.
They can have money, only when will prepare completely travel for clients.
You understand me??? If they do not observe it, the agency to be ruined.
In my country the travel agency works irrespective of the state. My dear Allan, now you understand me.
Without the aid of agency I cannot make to myself documents. If I do documents in agency I should do booking in agency. My full travel will cost 1557 dollars. 1200 dollars the price of 2 tickets and 357 dollars preparation of documents.
I have own savings.
But I do not have enough money to use services travel agency. I have only a part of money. I hope, that you understand. My dear Allan, your help will be necessary for me.
I hope, what you can help money for my travel to your country?
I not the rich woman. But I wish to be happy. I trust that I can be happy near to you. Because you give your love, understanding and trust for me.
You have entered into my life promptly and you could find a key for my heart. Again you have filled my heart love and belief for the best! I grateful to you for this purpose. Today I can call to you. In the evening I can go in post branches to call to you. We can speak on the phone with you.
I very much wish to hear your voice. I hope, that you can present to me hope of our meeting. I wish to continue relations with you in a real life. I will call to you today.
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