Romance scam letter(s) from Elizabeth Mc Carthy to Kenneth (USA)
Letter 1
Thanks for your email, I totally understand how you feel about sending money to a stranger which you made me understand that I was, About the issue of checking my details to see if I existed or not was not a good thing as well as I believe trust is earned and one thing I know is never to let my past hunt me, I am WHO I SAY I AM as soon as I get back from asia you are free to come and visit me just that I want to ensure that I get this asia trip off my head, I have nothing to hide and I am looking for a serious relationship with no jokes, The inheritance funds I am talking about I have copies of the deposit certificate as well as the banks contact so you can confirm everything I do not lie and can never if you feel I am not right for you fine I will move on with my life and face my career .
I am going to send you pictures of me and my mom and late dad he died of cardiac arrest , Look since you feel I do not exist when sending the money if you want to you can send it directly to my name Elisabeth Mccarthy and if I do not have a valid identification on that name how do I pick it up? Try and be open to me I am a very nice and easy going person if I am talking to you I put my all I asked you for help because I know and feel secured with you from the emails you sent me but you almost made me look like a beggar if I want money desperately I will go out there and get it but I don’t believe in all that so the ball is in your court sweetie let me know if you want us to meet after my trip you can make it like 15th November will be free from then because staying in asia for two weeks. I will appreciate if you can help me I promise to pay back and be the kind of woman you want.
Lots of love….
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