Scam letter(s) from Irina Domracheva to Paul (UK)

Letter 1

Hello dear Paul!!
I am very glad to receive your letter again.
I very much worried because thought that after first letter you don't want to write me.
In this letter I shall tell you a little more about me.
I'm like employment by sports. This is help to support health and a figure that is important for any woman.
My hobby is aerobics and collect the magazines of mod. I'm visit employment on aerobics two times per week.
Are you like sports? If yes, than what kind of sports you prefer?
In the free time I usually sit at home and I read books.
My liked genre is novels and adventures.
Sometimes I'm watch TV. I'm like to look serials and different entertaining shows.
I'm very much like show "the Big washing".
In days off usually we with girl friends go at cinema or simply to walk.
There are such days when I very much get tired at work and I don't go anywhere.
Except for it when I have free minute I like to embroider.
To this I was learned by my mum.
As at me at home a big collection of musical disks.
I'm very much like to listen to music and to dance.
I like our Russian executors.
From foreign executors I listen Madonna.
At her very beautiful songs.
I think that you interests my character.
I very kind and quiet person. I was very difficult for angering.
Frequently my friends are surprised as me it turns out to remain such quiet.
In people I like honesty and straightforwardness.
It is not pleasant to me when people tell lies. Lie is very much not high quality.
I want to inform you that my liked color is dark-blue.
Except for that I very love animals.
Especially domestic. But now at me anybody is not present.
I want to take home a small kitten.
Are you love cats? I'm adore them.
I have men in russia 28 years old. I hope that now you may know me better.
I have some questions to you.
Are you love childrens?
What are you like in the woman? What are your understanding of family?
What it is pleasant to you in people and what is not pleasant?
What are your purpose friendship or you search loved which becomes to you the wife?
I'm ask you because I'm search for serious relations with the purpose of creation of high-grade family.
What are your liked color? On it I shall finish the letter.
I shall wait your answer soon.
Letter 2

Hello my dear Paul!!
It was pleasant for me to receive your next letter today.
How are you? At me all today is good I have remarkable mood.
Probably it because I have found your letter today.
Nevertheless I want to tell in this letter slightly about I like to eat and cook You know that I very much like to cook!!!
Also should brag that at me it very well turns out.
To all, I was learned by my mum she at me too the good cook.
I'm cook almost for all. These are various soups, a ragout, pies, salads and many other things. In the best way at me it turns out our national Borsh.
You are heard about it?
When I do pies that I usually I prepare for them with a cherry and apricots.
Are you like pies? If yes, that with what?
Still I adore ice-cream especially chocolate. And I am able to cook it.
I prefer our Russian kitchen.
From the Italian kitchen I like a pizza and spagetty. Most of all from Russian kitchen, I like pel'menis.
Dear, I want to ask when are your birthday?
Who you on a mark of the zodiac?
My birthday March, 10, 1976. And I am a pisces.
I should tell that to me very pleasantly to read your letters.
I any more don't want to have anything with Russian men.
I suffered because of them very much. And any more I don't want it.
They think only of themselves and do not know that it is necessary for the woman to be happy.
In my life one was only man with which we for a long time have left.
All over again he seemed to me that kind and attentive.
I have trusted in him and he deceived me all time.
he has changed to me with other girl. And I have not forgiven it to him.
It is difficult for me to speak about it but I think that we should not hide something from each other?
Tell me your history?
Paul, I will wait for your next e-mails! Paul, please, write me as soon as possible! Ok?
Good-bye, see you soon. My best regards to you,
your friend,
Letter 3

Hello my sweet!! I can you so name? Today it was very pleasant for me to find your letter today.
At me all is good. I hope you too stay in good mood.
Today at me was difficult day at work.
And I am very tired but when have seen your letter weariness as a hand have taken off.
Today I shall be all evening of a house I shall read slightly.
And then I shall look the TV set. Will show today interesting film it " Nil's pearl " refers to as.
It is adventure film. And I very much love them. Dear, I think to you it will be interesting if I to you shall tell about my city slightly.
My city is enters in ten the largest cities of Russia.
At us lives approximately 1 100 000 peoples.
My city is located approximately in 650 km to a east from Moscow.
To it about 1001 years. It is the small information on my city.
I hope now you have some representation about him. I want to ask you, that are you feel to me now?
It is important for me and our relations.
At me to you very much a warm feeling. You are the good person and you like me.
I feel that we the relation will have good continuation.
And how you feel? Dear, perhaps I shall finish on it the letter.
Sincerely, your dear friend,
Letter 4

Hello my dear Paul! I am very glad to receive from you the letter again.
At me all is good. And how you feel yourselves?
Your letters continue to please my heart and my soul.
You sound similarly to the present to the man.
I am glad that our relations become more strong with each letter.
Now I with impatience wait each your letter.
I do not know as it to describe but when I see that you have written to me at me on hearts becomes warm.
It seems to me that I feel something in relation to you.
And it is more than sympathy. Now I began a thicket to think of you.
When we only have begun to correspond such was not.
Dear and what you feel under the relation to me?
It is important for me to know it! Today we with mum have decided to walk around shops.
I wanted to choose to myself a jacket.
And mum looked to itself a skirt. But we and have not found anything suitable.
We passed by interior of wedding dresses and have decided to go.
As there beautifully you would see. There it is so much dress of a different style.
And all such beautiful!!! Simply charm!!!
So it wanted to me to try on any of a dress.
My mum of me encouraged and spoke that soon and I shall dress on this order.
And me it became for some reason sad. But this sad has quickly passed.
Dear that you do when to you sadly.
When to me I I am sad do not like to remain one go to girlfriends and we begin to chatter on different themes.
Dear I want to ask you like to travel?
I like to travel my dream to visit France.
It is very beautiful country with interesting traditions.
And you would want to visit what country?
Dear if you want me about something to ask that ask I with pleasure I shall answer you.
On it I shall finish the letter.
I wait your answer soon. Also I wait with impatience.
Thinking about you, Paul,
My warmth kisses,
Letter 5

Hi my sweet!!! Dear I was happy to receive from you the letter today.
How you, how weather at you? At me all is good.
I feel wonderfully especially after perusal of your letter.
C each letter my feeling to you becomes more similar to feeling of love.
I feel that I can trust you. You the fair person.
And it very much pleases me.
Dear for me the most important is family traditions.
For me there is nothing more important the family center.
This the most expensive in life needs to be protected family from disintegration.
The family is a cell of a society. And she needs to be honoured.
You agree with me dear?
Today we with mum seriously talked about us to you.
I have told to her that I begin something to feel to you.
Mum on the one hand is glad for me but nevertheless worries.
She does not want that I have again wounded the heart.
But she trusts my taste. Soon I with her shall speak about that that probably in the future I shall leave our house.
Probably to me will come to live in other country.
I think that she already expects this conversation.
I think she will understand me. And I hope that my future husband will allow me to visit my mum even once a year.
It would be wonderful.
I so frequently dream of that as I sit in the evening of a house near to me the husband and children.
And we chatter about something interesting.
And this so it is good!! If these dreams became a reality I would be happy.
Each woman dreams of it.
This the most expensive that may be at the woman it is family.
Your translator works well. How its name?
I think, that I am ready to read short Russian letters from you.
But it is better to write greater letters in English because of I practise English.
Lovely I wait your answer with the big impatience.
I send you the first air kiss and promising that it not last. All my warmth kisses,
Warmth hugs,
Your lady,
Letter 6

Hello my sweet Paul!
How are you?
At me all not so is good today.
To us again detain the salary at work.
Her do not give the third day. And money are very necessary for us because my mum too receives very little.
Together we with her per one month receive 3500 Russian roubles. It approximately 150 $. But anything we somehow shall consult.
And I do not want you to load it. Your letters always please me and give heat to my heart!!! Something occurs now to me. My feelings to you vary. But I nevertheless can not understand that it.
I think that when the person simply corresponds with someone that he precisely may not tell that he feels.
It can be understood only when you will look to this person in eyes. They may tell much.
Lovely as to us to understand that we feel? What we should make for this purpose?
Now me begins to pull to you. I do not know that it.
It may love or passion or simply friendship.
All this can be understood only when personally you will learn persons.
When you will look in his eyes you will see his actions.
I can tell you that if I somebody shall grow fond of that it there will be an eternal love. Because I can grow fond on the present only once.
But it will be strong and passionate love. I think you dream of such love?
I already begin to trust that such love is not present. Please tell me that it not so.
Prove to me that such love is. I searched much but have not found.
Lovely it is strange that I did not see you personally we only we are copied, But I to you had such feeling which never visited me.
There may be you and there is that happiness which I waits???
Lovely I want to tell you that I love you but I am afraid that you will not answer me with reciprocity?
But I so want to tell it!!!!
Dear I am now overflown with emotions and I shall finish this letter.
I have no the brother or the sister.
I wish to move to your country.
I heard, that people from your country more ?aniua, than in other countries.
I heard, that men in your country are able to love and create good families.
I wait your answer and I shall wait always.
Yours faithfully yours Flyura!
Letter 7

Hello my dear Paul!! Thank for the next pleasant letter.
Today it is cold enough at us and there is a small snow.
In such weather your letter has warmed me.
But me it would be better if you once have warmed me in your embraces.
To me on would be much warmer then.
Whether dear I do not remember I wrote to you about that in what my work consists.
But nevertheless I to you shall tell.
As you know I work in shop Audio and video of engineering.
I the seller - adviser. My work consists in that to explain buyers of advantage or lacks of this or that production.
My purpose to convince the buyer that he has bought our goods.
This work demands skill to convince and skills eloquently to speak.
It not so is easy and consequently I very much frequently get tired after work.
She not so is pleasant to me I would like to find other work.
But at us in Russia it is very difficult to find good work.
Our country now is only on rise.
Still it is necessary to make much that our life became better.
As early as more many years I think when it will be.
At us very few highly paid works basically average earnings makes 8-9 thousand Russian roubles.
It approximately 300 $. I receive at the work only 100 $ per one month.
It is not enough for residing at us as at us very big prices. I want to inform you in this letter little bit more about my family.
As you know I live with mum. She works as the cook at school.
My mum very good and kind person. I very much respect her and I like.
However as well as all children love the parents.
I do not have native brothers and sisters. I have only cousin.
They live far from us and we very seldom see.
They come to us on holidays usually.
We have family tradition each new year we collect all distant and near relatives.
It happens once when we together. I hope that was interesting to read you it?
Dear yesterday I did not sleep till 12 o'clock in the morning. I thought of us.
Whether I tried to understand really I you I like or it simply seems to me.
You see love it when constantly you see an image of one person before eyes.
When you think frequently of him when he dreams you.
Probably I am afraid to trust in that that I love you am afraid of this word.
Because we not beside I not together with you. I want to be sure in that that you have grown fond of me and that we shall meet and we shall be a place.
Then I shall not be are afraid of the feelings. Now I am simple in confusion.
I want to love you you to me very much like but I do not want to remain again one then.
I wish to be with you always if you will wish it?
I sent you a photo with my parents: mine mum and daddy.
On other photos - my friends.
On this note I shall finish this letter.
I hope for your sincere answer.
Yours faithfully and a kiss yours Flyura!!!
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