Letter(s) from Evgenia Malykhina to Chris (Australia)
Letter 1
My dear husband! That is now going to sea, and my thoughts are with you ... I would really like to collect your things and go with you .... I want you to sunbathe, or lie on the sand under the stars ....
You wrote that you can send me more money, and I think that $ 1,000 I will not be enough. We'll give my sister a ring, or earrings to the memories of us. Earrings are $ 300. Mom can buy a processor is not very expensive, and I found a computer for $ 700. I do feel that I was a burden to you. My beloved, you yourself resolutely how much money you send.
I love you and really want you to come and was here with me!
Your wife!
Letter 2
My dear! Let's think together, we will give to my sister and my mom! I think since my sister round date, an anniversary, you need something very good. She likes white gold. If it will be expensive for us, you tell me, okay? And I thought my mother to buy a food processor, I have even watched. Well worth the $ 400. Now you tell me what you think?. I love you my husband!
Letter 3
Hello my dear husband! I am always very happy when the letters come from you! I want to tell you that your voice has become for me a very near and dear! I miss you and want to hear you every day! Call me every day, right? If I do not take up, please, do not worry and do not be nervous, it means that my hands are full, because I work. Promise? I am faithful to you and you are waiting!
My mother, be alarmed, do not expect that you call and scared.
My dear, Natalia is not very convenient to tell you about what it spent for me. She bought medicine that I drink now, bought me food and fruits. I ate better than anyone else in the room. And everybody said it was my husband cares about me. I do not women in my ward were jealous! I found it, I do not know exactly, but it is about 3 thousand hryvnia. We have an expensive treatment, if you want to recover quickly. Hospitals do not have even wool and bandages, and with a need to bring when you lay in a hospital, a whole list. This lamp, cleaning supplies and much more. When you arrive, you'll be shocked!
I just called my mother, they brought my brother home from the doctor and he again asked the vodka. I'm sorry parents, today I cried and begged him not to drink, but he did not listen. He should understand itself.
All my love, I'll go to bed! I miss you and love you very much!
Letter 4

Hello my dear husband! Everything I held my brother. I was even sad, I used it in my possession and I have to worry about it. Yesterday I was at my sister's guest. She insists that we came to them when are ready my documents. She says that tickets in China will cost us $ 1,500, and there we will not have to pay for housing, we will live with them. She very much wants to meet you. What do you think? You will have only a month, on a trip? I am pleased that we liked one dress! )))) You buy me a dress? I think we need to sign here, and then you . Now I go to the office that deals with passports and visas. Then I go to Sachs to see if I can not apply to you, to solemnize the marriage. We need to do it in advance. Stupid laws.
How is your day? How are your children? As a mom? I hope all is well?
Yes, my neighbors are jealous of me and waiting for you to drink and have fun at our wedding )))))! I love you and kiss you.
Letter 5
My dear husband! Today was the worst day of my life! In the morning I had some not pleasantness. I am in the morning went to the office that deals with design Zagray-passports. I sat under the cabinet, about an hour. Then began a lunch and I realized that would not have time to do anything today. Then I rode the bus, when you called me, I'm going home to eat and to talk to you on Skype. After your call, I got a call from the bank and was told that I need urgently to come to them. I sat down to another bus and went to the bank. The bank told me that I need to pay 14 000 hryvnia, or within 3 days I was evicted from the apartment. The money that I pay per month, not enough to repay the interest, which is increasing every month. I was shocked! I immediately began calling friends and asking for money. But my friends found only 3 thousand hryvnia. I do not know what to do! I came home and wept. I do not want to talk to you about it, and so now you spend a lot of money to come to me. While I sat home and cried, I burned out light. Melted jam. I live alone, and began to panic! My neighbor has a husband, but that day he went to the country, to collect potatoes. I wanted to call the master, but this time they did not work. I did not know what to do. I had to go to the store and do everything myself. It was awful! I double electric shock, but I still did! And only that I had a light! Now you know that I could not write anything to you and go to skype? When I have no internet there, I can only send SMS to you, how I love you! I dream about our meeting and how we will spend time in China! I think this will be the best trip of my life! With the best muzhchnoy on earth! I love you very much
Letter 6
My favorite, I ran home to write to you. The bank had a lot of people, I waited a long time. Then I was long explains that if you and I now pay half, then this month, the percentage is small. Every day, rising interest rates. What do you think? You can pay half now, is 2.600 thousand dollars. And when you arrive, we will pay the other half. And so will they have time to remove me from the base, where I count as a debtor. They said they would take time out to get me out of debtors who can not leave the country. I want to do everything faster so we can fly with you soon in China. Tell me what you think? Now I'm going to a meeting with the girl-interpreter. We in fact need an interpreter for a few days? I have to try. My dear friend, to let you know when I have Skype working camera, my internet is running very slow. I do not communicate with anyone but you. I want to marry! For you! I love you, your laughter, your smile, your voice! Your wife.
Letter 7
My beloved husband! I'm going to go to bed, but I do not get to sleep until write you a letter! Today I was very happy, because then you were with me! Because I made you laugh and smile! For me it means a lot! If you knew how I expect and how to dream about our meeting. I forgot to tell you, last night, I had an erotic dream about us with you! It was beautiful and nice! Now you know what I really want to be with you?
Now I'll write what I plan, when you come back ... And you write what you think about it. I am very worried about that you will not be bored here, with us. I want to do everything here on the bank, according to the documents, passport and visa, so once we were able to fly to China. At the bank, they told me that they do not know how fast I will be removed from the database of debtors. They are the main thing that came to a large payment, then they will know that I will pay all, it's like a guarantee. If we will pay half, already will have less time here.Then, with a passport. Now in our Aviram, a place where they make a passport, do not have forms, for people who want to make documents for the maximum term. It costs less money and they are not profitable. Because I will have to make a passport in 2 weeks, and it is $ 200. In Ukraine, all very wrong, when you arrive, you will understand this)))! From visas and tickets, we have no problems. All this will make my sister's friend. 2 weeks prior to your arrival, I'll do yourself a passport, visa and our tickets. You should open up the visa itself, for China, at home. I then do the rest.
Probably all. I'll go to bed. I love you very much, kisses and embrace. You are always with me in my thoughts and in my heart. I'll write you a sms. I love you, my husband!
Letter 8
Hello my beloved husband! I sechas came home, I was walking around the city, its Kuma, not too hot at night and I'd like to walk at this time. I miss you. I'm really looking forward to you! How's Alicia? I hope all is well? What did you?
How was your day? Darling, I wanted to ask you to bring me some things ))))! Natalie told me that this is all abroad cheaper. I really want a fur vest, from raccoons and boots, leather, tall, without heels))). Can you buy me this? You're my husband! You have to buy me things!
I told you that you sent me 3,000, because of the money, I'll do my passport. Darling, I'm not kidding, I really appreciate everything you do for us.
I'll go to bed. Too late for us. I love you, kiss and hug. Your wife.
Letter 9
My dear husband! I have no light, because I asked Vaselisu let me to come and write you a letter.
Yesterday I had a very no pleasant conversation with my ex-husband. He wants us to give him money. He's got great credit, and he needs money. He wants 15 thousand dollars. That's a lot of money. After 3 weeks, he went to work, abroad and in Poland. That without his permission, I could take out Dasha, I will need 3 years is a lot! What do you think? I am very upset. I am afraid that it willprolemoy. I can not long be without her daughter. And I wanted to fly to you, along with her. .. What to do? I do not know.
My dear, I wanted to go to Turkey, together with you and Dasha, as a family. Do you understand? I love you.
I need to run to the bank, then to the dentist. Every day he makes me one tooth. Today the bank I can get everything in order so that you can give me money for us with Dasha. Then I go to the hospital to find out, do I need to go to hospital.
Letter 10
My beloved husband! How are you?
I'm sorry, I did not think about what you write very little. All are very pleased with the gifts that we bought. I then when you flew away, bought more souvenirs. All very much. I gave a souvenir of his neighbor, a grandmother, you remember her? She even began to cry. Giving gifts is very nice!
I flew well, at the airport I was met by a friend of my aunt and I had to control. I really missed you, but I managed! I thought about you the home of the Dasha. You were right, I like to fly! If you're not with me would not have it! Thank you! With you, my dreams come true! You loved my aunt and my grandmother. They said that to you I'll be happy! I know it! With you, we Dasha, we will not need anything. Tomorrow I will give gifts to my father, my nephew and my mom. I bought her a scarf and sweater. I think they will be very happy! I said it from us to you. I miss you. It was very hard when I was waiting for a meeting with his grandmother and aunt. But you were with me and it was easier. You supported me, been there. I am very pleased that we were together.
Today I went to the apartment that you want me to buy. I went with Dasha. Dasha was delighted. This house is not far from the bus ostanvki for Dashi is very convenient to go to school. She really liked the apartment inside. It is large and bright. I took a photo. I'll send you. I spoke with the owners of the apartment. They can not wait long, because they always fly in the Americas. They should be in Kiev on November 15. What should I do? I really like this apartment! It costs very little money. I watched the price of the apartment, less than 30 thousand dollars, no flats. Today I even figured out where the hang our picture. There are a lot of space on the wall, I want to make a photo where we are with you!
I'll go to bed. Tomorrow at 9 am I have to be in the hospital. I love you very much. I think of you in my heart postoyanno.Ty. I know we'll be happy together! I kiss you.
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