Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to Tim (France)

Letter 1
Hi, I am happy to be able to write you today. We are only starting communication but I want to know you from the very start, i am serious girl oriented on real life relations not only on line. I hope you also need the same and we are close. I want you to know a bit about me now and see my photos. I believe this awakes interest in you for further communication between us. Who knows, maybe you are the one who will make summer bloom in my soul for ever:))) My full name is Nadiya. I am a simple girl born on November, 25th, 1981, I am a lonely parent growing a daughter. She is a cute 3 years old girl Alyona by name. I live in Ukraine, my little settlement is called Bobrynets, it is Kirovigrad region of Ukraine. I am make up specialist so doing everything for women`s perfect looks is my job, i also like make up for myself but not too much every day, only on holidays.I am feminine, smiling and sunny woman and believe to bring sunshine in your life. I wait for your reply, Nadiya
Letter 2
Hi, Tim I truly like your photos and personality and strongly believe to share magnificent communication with you all the time and become truly close for ever. I speak both Ukrainian and Russian but know only English. I believe we are united with you and you will teach me French one day so we are close, How are you today? I am glad to write you now. I depend on the Internet cafe schedule so my reply to you may be with delay however I always write you on my own, i truly hope you understand my English and we share magnificent closeness. I live in a hostel room with my little girl where i was left after divorce with my ex who deprived me of everything, he turned off all the family against me, took our house and car, my reputation, he ruined my life and left me all alone with a little daughter to survive. It is a long and sad story I may tell you one day but I do not like to return to it. I try to find only happy moment in my life. I have a daughter, my sweet Alyona who is true sunshine and i have found job which allows me to stay with my girl since child care is costly. I have no friends or family but my heart is still open for love and I believe that we are to develop warm closeness. I live in Ukraine, it is nice but low economy country which influence all my life and personality but believe we have closeness and understanding anyway. I have my little old camera with me all the time and try to make pictures of many exciting moments. today was just one of them. On the way home we found a kitten outside the house who was watching. It was not scared when we approached, but just lay there. I whs i could take him this me but this is forbidden in hostel to have pets so I have to bring him to a shelter. I took a picture with him, is not it cute? What was your day about? Hope you got the reson to smile. I kiss you,
Nadiya PS I hope you can guess who the little Princess is:)))
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