Scam letter(s) from Sherry Helen Williams to Kenzo (England)

Letter 1
Good Morning

Sherry Helen Williams was rush into our hospital on the 3rd saturday this month and i expected the nigeria police force to contact you immediately about this so you can contact me back because she was rush full of blood on her body i have attach the hospital report to this and i would want you to get back to me immediately

Dr James E.
Letter 2
Good Morning Mr Eddie

Yesterday the lawyer was here at night to check her and i just want you to know that sherry is feeling more and more better now all she need now is some medication treatment which i expect you to send us the medication money soon.latter when she feel better she would know how to make payment for her hospital bills and more so she keep saying she wanted to talk to you maybe you can call her on her mobile phone latter in the night she would be able to talk to you but she cant come online and talk to you for now maybe when she feel much better than this she would be able to chat with you and she would explain much better to you I await your urgent response

Dr James E.
Letter 3

I'm so sorry because i know nothing about this and right now i'm just doing my job and right now as i am sending you this message i just get an email message from british embassy now about this accident and i think the police has already contact them and they have contact me back now....sherry is fine and she is feeling better now.she would also be free tomorrow but the hospital bills would keep her here until monday because british embassy told me they would be here on monday to clear the hospital bills as well so let wait until monday she would be back to her hotel room I await your response

Dr james E
Letter 4

Hello Mr
The police would be here on monday to release all sherry helen williams bags and every other things they found and i want you to know that the phone is with them....but they always come with the phone to check her in the hospital and right now british embassy is already involve in this case and that make me happy i would try my best and come to office tomorrow with my own laptop and maybe she can sign in and chat with you i dont know yet but i would tell her and if she feel better she would come online and chat with you

I await your response

Dr James E.
Letter 5
ATTN:Good Day Sir We don't have much time because today is the final day and if we don't make anything payment we would lost everything, do you know what kind of job security company does?
they help people to secure properties and large funds and they work hand to hand with different banks over the world, the cheques with you where issued our from the security company and it was send to you because you are the next of kin to the inheritance, as soon as i make the final payment i would send you payment receipt and also shipping papers immediately I await your urgent response immediately Best Regards
Barrister G Welch
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