Letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to Steven (England)

Letter 1

Private mail Bag,
Kotobabi, Accra
Ghana/West Africa.
United Kingdom.

Dear Sir,
This is Inspt.Eric Nunyuie from the Ghana Police Service,Kotobabi Accra and i hope you are Doing great .. I am writing you to inform you about the Arrest of one Miss. Rita Amponsah last night at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra Ghana on her way coming to you in United Kingdom ... She was arrested because she was not having the declaration fee on her and was also carrying an amount of Alluvial Gold which is worth more than 50,000 Great Britain Pounds without paying for it duties and charges .. Every body traveling out of this country must have a declaration money before he/she can get on the plane to travel and if you do not understand let me explain this to you .. The declaration fee is a money carry by any traveler to other country to show that he/she has something to do up there and when even she gets to the airport and the partner who is coming to meet him/her is not there.. He/she will not get stranded and will use the money to hire a hotel or stay there till the partner comes to pick him/her home.. In Ghana too the Government pass out this law because some of the ladies travel to do prostitution and all source of bad things in other countries and that brings a disgrace to this country ..The Government in Ghana doesn't want its People to be in any kind of difficulty living in another country..The government want to be assured that his people are financially secured and will be comfortable to live there before they are allowed to travel outside SO if any traveler is not having this money, he/she will not be allowed to travel but remember this money is not to be used at the airport .. She only has to old it and when you meet her at the airport you can take your bank back or do it what ever you like .. This money must be nothing less than 5000 Great Britain Pounds as a first time traveler .. So Mr. Renshaw, this is the reason why your wife was arrest and we still have her in our custody together with the 150 Kilo's of Alluvial Gold she was trying to smuggle to your country .. So please reply back if you need to know any more thing .. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon ..

Inspt, Eric Nunyuie,
Kotobabi Divisional Police,
Kotobabi Accra,
Email: inspt.nuny55@gmail.com

Letter 2

The Ghana Immigration Service [GIS] wishes to bring to the attention of the travelling public, prospective travelers and sponsors of prospective travelers, that there is no statutory requirement compelling any Ghanaian travelling abroad, to show to an Immigration Officer an “Exit Permit” fee in the form of cash or have on them any specified amount before embarkation is permitted.
It has come to the attention of the GIS that some unscrupulous persons are masquerading as Immigration Officers, with the intention to defraud unsuspecting sponsors [host]. These individuals misinform their victims about the existence of the following travel requirements;

1. Basic Travel Allowance [BTA]

2. Declaration Fee [Pocket Money]

3. Letter of Declaration

These documents in essence, purport that a citizen of Ghana travelling abroad, is required by law to show to the Immigration Officer or hold monies ranging from $1,500 to $10,000.Travelers are therefore advised to note that the GIS does not require the documents above from persons, Ghanaians or non-Ghanaians departing from the country.Consequently, travelers are under no obligation to show or carry along any such monies.Please be advised accordingly.