Scam letter(s) from Eugenia Nelson to Erik (England)

Letter 1
ATTN :Erik Sir, With Regard to our telephone conversation for the transfer of Mrs.Blessing Okoh.amount $2.3Million USD.
, Find Attach Eco. Transfer Form Filled it correctly to avoid misdirection of Fund and Return it Back to the Bank. below is the Break Down Figure for Installment fund Remittance BREAKDOWN FIGURE (2) installment transfer of $2.3M USD is attracted to bank charges of 27500 GHC for each transfer.of $1.150 USD = remittance in to your designated bank account (3) Installment Transfer is attracted to bank charges of 18,333.333 GHC = for each transfer of $766,66667 USD = remittance in to your designated bank account.

as soon as we confirm the transfer of the above stated breakdown figure bank charges The Fund Transfer will be remittance in accordance with breakdown figure installment fund transfer and the fund Transfer Slip would be forwarded to you for disbursement below is Ecobank Accra-Ghana Account Information to transfer (ETC)-
Bank Name: Ecobank Ghana Limited Account Name: S A K Account Number: 0382034430540101 Swift Code: ECOCGHAC Branch: Westland Branch Address: 19th seventh Avenue Ridge West
P.M.B GPO 16746
Accra North
Ghana Ecobank PLC. Accra Ghana Your Friendly Bank" Thank
Mr. Gabriel Mensah
Head) Foreign Remittance Dept.
Ecobank Westland Branch. Accra- Ghana
Phone +233265754798
Letter 2
the only reason why i write you is because i could i remember once or twice that people enter my model site picture to contact you before which i explained to you that you nerve respond to them, i am very confidence that you Mr. Erik has never read about me as Scammer which i know you can't proof that i Miss Blessing Okoh is scammer in any of my model site in internet .
Eric am a scmmers that i give you my model sit? a friend of mine told me that you have dating enough so now you want to go for another Woman there no problem about that but the issue of you spoiling my image as a scammer, i don't really understand what is happening, do scammers use my model site pictures for scamming? am a little bit confuse there , but i never heard this complained from any other person before except you, you told seemlier thing before that was why i give you my model site. imagine you mention about bank manager last name MENSAH you mean the bank manager is the only person that bear MENSAH? your name is Erik and i believe in internet there are many people that bear ERIC, this look childish, truly i believe you just want to Domp me for another Woman but i beg for forgiveness last time, that means you haven't for give me, i beg you in name of God stop calling me scammer, i start model because of condition no financial after my parent death, Erik that is why you call me a scammer? among all you have seen my pics in many site but you have seen me ion webcam and you know what i look like i can believe that a matured man like you will come up with this kind of matters now i believe that i am a scammer since that is what you called a woman who you wanted to make your wife i have never called you any bad name since i meet you and your friends keep on telling you ******** about me . do not forget what we make our headlong in our relationship and we have promise each other not to fight anymore and i am here controlling myself not to say any hard words to you but to be honest your email makes me cry. you really confuse me after relaxing my self to you believing that i have a husband you dumped me i have search many place in the internet and i do not see where my pics or my model site or my name stated that i am a scammer ERIK is THIS what you want to do to me?
i have told you what a man like you by name mike did to me now and you have done the same i have now learn a lesson about men but i am not here to tell you that i am sorry but i am here to tell you that i regret meeting you GOODBYE Erik because of you i instructed Ecobank to transfer my asset from Africa to meet you in UK and i informed all my friend of my traveling to UK, WHAT A SHAME FOR ME i stop the work that i was doing just because of the man who offered me slot of money to have advantage of me but i do not agree with him because i love you and because i am in a relationship with you but i thank you for the food money you have been sending me and i do not have the power to pay you back but i can only say a word MAY THE LORD ALMIGHTY BE WITH YOU take care
Letter 3
after chatting with you tonight i decide to email you before i sleep Erik my darling to be quite honest with you i have loved you so much in way way that i think about you all day....... i am now facing shame every where because i have told many people that i will soon be living to uk. and i have been honest to you since we meet but i do not want to explain much but all i want you to do for me now to to help me and get this money for me to live this country. i do not have any other plan than to be with you and to be happy with you. till now the bank manager refuse to pick my call i am really confused please my darling oi want you to email the manager and explain thing to him as a man to receive the transfer even without me going to the bank before they transfer the money.... please my love i am facing a lot here and you are the only one i have to help me in this case i believe that the money will be transferred to you this week if we pay the charges. i have told you that I HAVE NO OTHER PLAN THAN TO LIVE WITH YOU.. please darling if you really love me help me and get this money out for me and let me live this country completely and never to come back, if not so i will drop a written not with your number to my friend and they will tell you. blessing
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