Romance scam letter(s) from Anita Massenburg to Tib (Slovakia)
Letter 1
I have always dream of visiting Caribbean,Asia,Abu Dhabi, Easter europe. What about you ? Do you want me to go on a trip with you ?
Letter 2
Tibor, Yes i know we just met and we hardly know each other . Let's not rush because their is no need to rush things.Let's get to know each other better then we can plan a trip together but you will have to be ready to pay for my travel document okay.
We can also talk better on the phone as well .
What do you think ? Kiss ,
Letter 3
Yes you would have to pay for everything . But no need to rush okay. But the important is getting to know each other better .
It doesn't matter if your English is perfect.What's important is that we understand each other .
Tibor, you seems very nice and kind. So tell me what you do for a living ? Have you even been married ? Do you smoke or drink ? Do you like sex ? What's your favorite color ? I want you to tell me everything about yourself .
I also want you to promise me that you will not flirt with other women on travel-girls even if possible that you should remove your account from their . Kiss ,
Letter 4

Tibor, I am not flirting with any man. A lot of them have been writing me but they all want a girl who they can have sex with but i told them no i am not the kind of girl like that . So if you want me to leave the site then i am ready . I got in the site to find a good man abroad who will make me happy and if possible we may end up being together forever.
I work in a library.I have never been married. I have a younger brother who lives with me because our parents are dead .
I love different kind of colors. I broke up with my brother for so long .I caught him cheating on me and he is too violent .
I want to be happy now because i deserve to be happy.
I want you to remove your profile from travel-girls so that we can both be serious with each other without any distraction okay. Kiss,
Letter 5
Tibor, Please forgive me i wanted to say my ex boyfriend...hehehe. I was talking to my brother on the phone and using the other hand to type a message.
Alright you can leave your account but you just have to promise me never to write any other woman on travel-girls okay.
I want to know what makes you happy ? I am very happy we met . I will be faithful to you because all i am looking for is just one good man .Someone who is not violent, abusive ,arrogant and lazy.
I want to be happy and i want to make my man happy as well. I love sex and i hope you will always make me happy.
Letter 6
Tibor, I am very happy we are getting along well . I like you even without meeting you. Yes i was going to ask you for some photos .But i want you to know something , that you don't have to see the face before the heart can be open. I like you because you are such a nice,honest and gentle man.
Yes i love sex but that doesn't make me sleep any man i don't know or have any feelings for . That was why i said we do not need to rush as we have time to get to learn and get used to each other. I want you to always call me on the phone. That will make us get along well. I am not bothered about your level of English. Your voice alone means something special.
I have not deleted my profile . I thought you said we should leave it ? If you want me to remove it now ..i will do just that because i want you to know i have no other reason for being their because i think i have found what i desire in a man in you Tibor.
I would appreciate if you can send me your photos now . Yes i do have more photos okay . Kiss ,
Letter 7
Honey, I have just hidden my profile now because i want you to know i am very serious about you. I want you to send me the pictures so i can keep them . I am happy we are getting along.
I want to make you happy and i want you to make me happy too. Kiss,
Letter 8
Alright honey, i will remove them right away okay. Honey,i want you to be happy. I am glad you came into my life . You are so nice and wonderful . I want you to tell all those ladies not to come near my man because i will kick their ass okay.
Yes honey, we are both out of travel-girls because i don't want any distraction.I want to give you all my attention.My heart,soul and my love.
Honey,i want to find true love.A good man who will make me happy and i believe this may lead to marriage . I want to have a family and kids also.
I live in a small city known as Ternopol.It's in the western part of Ukraine.
I am well educated .I studied Economics at the university.
I work in the library as a bookkeeper.
Here is my phone # +380932834819 . I will looking forward to hear your voice honey. Kiss,
Letter 9
Alright sweetie .I will send them now okay darling. Honey my phone is off.I will charge it later so you can call me later okay .
I am just so excited sweetie .
Letter 10
Good morning sweetness, Good morning sweet..How was your night ? I had a beautiful sleep with an awesome thought about you darling. Honey,i am very proud of you but i don't want you to over work yourself too much.
I am much interested in getting to know you more as well and i am happy how we are indeed getting along. I am happy to write to you with true intentions out of conscience. Well I'll start to explain a little bit about myself. I wish you can make an idea about me.And i would appreciate it if you want want to write me and explain a lot of things about yourself.I don't want to make lose time to you and I hope you'll respect me like the respect you'll find in me. I'm a easy going lady, open minded , honest, friendly, optimist, dynamic and I suppose some intelligent I'll be...smiles.I'm an educated person that knows how to listen to other people, and respect what his thinking about, I'm a lady who give an unconditional support to my friends.
I'm a romantic, attentive, affectionate, loving, comprehensive person that tries to create especial moments to demonstrate my feelings to the man I love. I like the open-air so that my activities was according to the seasons. I like enjoy of the beach or the Mountain and nature in particular as i love to enjoy my free time .My activities are more relevant with the work that i do .
I like cultural activities as going to the movies, theater, swimming, skating, reading. I like to feel that they contribute in my individual growth. I like some other leisure time, dating with friends, dancing, speak in every kind of conversations the way i try to communicate as i love being curious and ready to learn from other experience. I like to cook, I am a plenty good cook, although I like to cook with time, not with hurry, I prefer enjoying a glass of wine and listening to music while fireplaces go working slowly.
I like very much music my preferences are slows, rhythm n blues , country , jazz , old skool , gospel and classical music.
I've got other hobbies, but I prefer don't tell you all of them, it's better you will discover them. It would be great moment for us to meet if things work out well between us . But i wouldn't want us to meet in my country because of my ex boyfriend who has threatened to hurt me and my younger brother if he ever see and hear that i am dating another man.He cheated on me by sleeping with my friend and i had to leave him.But he doesn't want to see me with another man because he is influential .That's why i got on the travel girls to find a good man abroad because i want to move away completely from Ukraine.I hate Ukrainian man because they are lazy and violent. I need a good man that will make me happy because i deserve to be happy. Honey,i am happy about us and i see great future together . Do you want to have kids ? How many would like to have ? I want to know everything about you and more about your family also . I hope they will like me and accept me a daughter and not as a wife. I want to be in your arms.I want you to hold me , cuddle me and make me happy forever.
I wish you a wonderful day and i hope to read from you soon sweetness. Kiss ,

Letter 11
Sweetness Tibor, It gladdens my heart to read your letter this morning. I am presently at work and my morning started well with a beautiful thought of you .
I am so happy to know you want kiss because most of the men don't want kids. I just wonder why would someone not want to have children .
The number doesn't matter though but most important is to have a happy family . I want to be your wife and mother of your kids . I need you to show me more love and affections.
I am so happy you came into my lonely world and made me a happy woman.
I hope to read from you soon again my sweetness. Kiss ,
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