Scam letter(s) from Anna to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear) I wonder when you will read this letter). Right now you are in my city and I am counting hours before our personal meeting). I am very glad that you are here, that you came to meet me. I have a very nice mood since the very morning today! I have been waiting for our meeting the whole weekend long. I am excited right now, I think that you are very excited to). I hope to spend a nice time together, to get know each other better and to see if we have any chemistry between us and a chance to be happy together. I hope that you will enjoy the meeting too. You know that I have some expectations about our meeting, I know that you have many expectations too). So today we will meet in person and see what can be between us. Communication is very important, we both know it) You know, I like a lot that you are a romantic person, I love the poem which you wrote me in this letter, it is very beautiful!» Your ONLY ONE"- I love this line so much! I want my search to be over soon, I want it to be over a lot! And of course I hope that the search will be over, may be you are the one man I need! May be I am the one woman you need too). So, romantic thoughts fulfill me today). I am sorry if I am shy first during our meeting, it can be, I hope that you will understand and forgive me). So I am waiting for the meeting, want it to happen soon). I am excited and a little bit nervous). But is a very good way of course)). I am very glad! Yours, Anna.
Letter 2
Hello my dear! Many thanks to your letter! How are you doing today? My dear, I think you worry too much. Of course I will have to work, my boss won`t give me days off, it is not easy to find a job here and bosses use that to keep their employees busy and worry to lose a job, i think it happens all over the world now. But after work we will see each other and spend time. I wrote you about it before. I hope that you understand me, you are right, I am busy with my work but I will spend time wih you! I hope for the real chemistry between us when we meet too! I want that special feeling that makes me feel alive and happy. This feeling is called Love. And this is something that makes this world go round! My family lives in the country, it is a long journey there but you can met my friends, that would be very fun and nice! You sound to be a real man and I like it very much. It is so important to be with a man who is honest, reiable and who will always support me. As for an appartment then it is a great idea that you stay closer to me. Since I live very far from the censter of the city but I work in the center, it would be perfect if you rent an appartment in the center. By the way, my agency has a list of perfect appartments which are in the center, you can choose one you like the most and book it through my agency. My dear, I will be waiting for your answer and I hope that you will write me back soon! Please write me your thoughts and opinions) I wish you to have a great day! Yours, Anna.
Letter 3
Hello my dear again) Thank you for another letter which I am very glad to answer! So as you see, I am fine, haven`t found anyone and still want to meet you, haven`t changed my mind) Yes, my dear, I know why you wrote me all that time long, you did your best to show me your character. And so I get know you better. You know me better in letters too and there is another stage- personal meeting. During personal meeting there can be a real chemistry, it may occur or may not. I am prepared for both. I also think that it may happen that one of us will like another and another one may not like). It is life and anything can happen. But of course I think and hope only for good things! I hope that we will like each other a lot and I hope that everything will be fine. Yes, physical attraction is very important too and I hope we will find it in each other when we meet. Yes, you are so right, we need to grow close together and if we want to get marry, we will have some time before it, that time will give us extra possibilities to get know each other better and to go on with our communication. I am very serious, you know about it, I have no time to play games, I am a big girl already). That is why I am waiting for our personal meeting so you see me in real life, hear my voice and we both will see each other and understand if we are physically attracted to each other. I want you to be happy as you know and I am sure you want me to be happy too, right? If we make a fiance visa, it means that everything is serious for both of us. I agree that love must find a natural way, we cannot play love and cannot make it to occur, right? Yes, we both need patience, tolerance and understanding. And I agree that we come from such different worlds! Even relationships in our worlds build in different ways! My dear, I hope to hear back from you soon and I wish you to have a great day! Yours, Anna.
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