Scam letter(s) from Guzel Tazetdinova to Damien (Germany)

Letter 1
I'll be very glad to acquaintance to you. I am very sympathetic to this type males. I would very much like a family. I live in Russia, in the village. I would love to leave this country. I have a special education teacher for the time being I do not work. It is waiting for your response. If you can write to my e-mail With the warmth and tenderness Guzel.
Letter 2
Hello! I am very glad to receive your letter. I am very sympathetic to this type of men. I would very much like to meet you and talk better. I live in Russia, in a village not far from the city of Yoshkar-Ola. I have a special teacher education. My dream is to meet a decent man and leave this country forever. I am very fond of children, home comfort, in a man I like loyalty, courage and honesty. I will wait impatiently for your answer, Guzel. Write to me at the e-mail address -
Letter 3
I received a letter and finally can very glad. I'm really very pleased that would have paid attention to me. I would be very pleased if our relationship will continue and we will become closer to each other.
Letter 4

All this is understandable, of course, in Moscow, I would have found a way to make or take the cheapest phone, but how do I get to Moscow? I could not even get online for a long time due to the fact that there was no money. Of course it is difficult to understand the man never formerly in Russia. Believe it's true and I really want to come to you. To get to Moscow to 2, 500 rubles, it is a very huge amount for me now. A whole.
Letter 5
i do not I understand in general, what can be problem for you, if I will arrive? At what here prison? I want to arrive. If you will be able today to transfer on the account of Webmoney 60?, then already tomorrow I will be able to be in Moscow and we will be able to talk about further. I have a visa and problems will not be. Here my number of Webmoney - WME?- 357793912172, WMID - 260771793797. For you it is possible to do in any bank, the system Webmoney exists on all Europe. I kiss.
Letter 6
Hello. See here, it not so muchfor you, to me only to get toMoscow. Would you transfer60? on the account ofWebmoney or on the map ofViza, that I could reach toMoscow, there I will be able totalk with you on skype and I willtake a ticket on an airplane toyou, and you will pay him? So Ivery quickly will be alongside.
Letter 7
Oui, peut-etre, il semble donc, mais j'ai un visa de travail, il est donne pour cinq ans, parfois moins. Je peux vous ecrire un numero de passeport, et quand accorder un visa, vous pouvez verifier. Je viens vraiment envie de sortir d'ici, et non pas certaines prisons ne sera pas. Juste pour que nous puissions rapidement se rapprocher, et il a deja decider comment agir. Je suis d'accord. Je suis une femme et vous voulez juste le bonheur.
Letter 8
And really we know each othersmall, but I want quicker, thatwe were alongside. Simply inMoscow I will be able to go outin skype. In addition, if is thissum so burdensome for you?Only 60?, really it much? I verywant to arrive. I kiss.
Letter 9
Vous n'avez pas besoin d'un visa pour le faire, je veux dire, je vous ai dit. J'ai une carte VISA, vous pouvez liste pour 60 ?, comme je viens a Moscou, a la fois avec vous sur Skype bientot. En France, je veux travailler, ma formation des enseignants, je peux enseigner. Je suis pret a travailler.
Letter 10
Hello nice . Yes , that to get to Moscow I need only 60 ? , and there in Moscow I already will be able with you to talk on skype . I now will try to score first PayPal . But however can it is possible through Qiwi Visa Card number- 4890494018749101, term of action : 11 / 2012, Tazetdinova Guzel , number of passport 8807 914585. Try so , I am so better , I do not know whether it is possible through PayPAL to pay for a bus or taxi . I kiss . after visiting your site i know once i make this payment i will never hear from her again , i listened to my instinct cause i felt something was wrong , behind the keyboard could be a hairy Boris writting to me and sending me picturesof someone famous in russia , their niece or something ...
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