Scam letter(s) from Julia Zolotareva to Hamid (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hi Hamid!

Nice to meet you! Thank you for giving me your e-mail address so I can write you here and it would be much easier for me. I'm interested in you from the time when I saw your profile and I hope you didn't ignore me too :) I don't know if I am lucky or not and could I find a man to send my life with here but I am ready to try. And what about you?
Actually it is my friend who advised me to find my soul-mate this way through the Internet, I also heard a lot about this and hope it will work. Perhaps, as we usually say "You wouldn't win if you won't try".

I'm a little bit worry about finding a person to spend my life with because I had not a very good experience in past.
If it is interesting for you I can tell you later. Then I met my friend who had just arrived from US to see her parents and she advised me to try my luck abroad. I'm not the one who always do things like this but I thought maybe it could work.

What about you? Why are you on a dating site? I can't believe there are no women in your country. Could you tell me something about yourself, your goals in life or what do you do for living and in a free time as it's interesting for me? I will look forward to your next letter. Could you write perhaps a short letter so I will know you are interested in me?

See you!
Letter 2
Hi Hamid!

Thanks so much for responded back to me. Now I could be sure you are interested in me and I would be glad if we will continue our acquaintance.

Well, as you know, I'm 29 years old. My birth date is 3 of July. I see you are older than me but actually I don't bother because of our age difference. What about my body conditions and basic parameter, so my height is 1.67 cm and weight is 52 kilos. My family is not to large and it consists of me, my mom and dad and my sister. I'm Ukrainian, I was born and live in Molodogvardeysk now.

What about my job, I work as a swimming trainer for a young age group in a "Yunost" swimming-pool. So as you understand I can and like swimming. I really enjoy to swim not only in a swimming-pool but also on a sea. That's pity I have no possibility to go to the Black or even Azov Sea every year.

I never visited Denmark but I heard a lot about it and watched on TV. I would really enjoy to visit Denmark some day. I just need to let you know I don't speak any of foreign languages...this bothers me a lot. I didn't have much possibilities to learn any of them when I was at school as I taught in a country-side. But I have a goal to learn perhaps English as I think it would be useful for me in future.

I will wait for your reply, Hamid. It would be interesting for me to know more about you. You can always share your photos with me so I will also send you mine.

I wish you have a nice day, Hamid.
Letter 3
Hi, Hamid!!

Privet!! Kak dela? Sorry I couldn't reply you immediately, I just have possibility to do it now. Thank you for your reply. Can I ask you something? I just see we became closer to each other with every letter, do you also feel that? Of course, it is difficult to know a person after a couple of letters but I see you are a good person and I would like we could be a couple. I hope you don't mind.

Unfortunately my language skills are close to zero. I can't easily chat...especially because I don't have a computer. I had communicated with a couple of men here and they have all lost after I told that I'm writing with a help of the translation company. Are you one of them?

I have to tell you I'm romantic person. I like to see on stars and dreaming about everything. I like to walk by streets, park, watch on people there and dream on about my future. I don't want to give up in finding my prince...perhaps I know it is impossible to find a real prince in our age, I appreciate when men are trying to take care about me or perhaps trying to be prince by his acts. I like also to have a dinner with candles doesn't matter where at home or in restaurant.

Hamid, I have some questions for you and would like to read an sincere answer, OK? If we could create a close friendship or even a family together how would your relatives could treat us (what do you think)? I mean would they happy for you and me or do they like foreigners? Do you like pets? Do you have any of them at home? I like them very much and I have a cat at home. OK, I think that's enough question for now.

I will wait for your reply, Hamid.
Letter 4

Hi my dear Hamid!

Thanks a lot for your reply. I'm feeling great and my mood is becoming much better all the time when I receive letters from you. I think it's some kind of magnetism to you. You seems to me a very nice person and I even feel I don't know what should I do if I will loose you some day. Of course I will apply you call me yours:) That's a pleasure and honor to me:)

Hamid, you know about my intentions to you as I always wanted to have strong, long term relationships and I think you are the person I could realize my dreams with. Don't you think so? I hesitated to tell you or not but I think you are perfect for me and I won't feel sorrow or ever bore with you. I thank to the destiny for gave me a chance to find you.

I think you liked my photos I have added to this letter.
Besides, one of them less professional but it should prove you that i'm real. I send you them cause they could show you how serious am I to you and you are that kind of person I can trust to. But this photos ARE ONLY FOR YOU. Please, don't show them to anyone else, OK?

Hamid, of course it is just a short time we know each other and we have many things to share with each other. I would be happy if I could know English perhaps a little and I understand this should be the main goal I need reach to but for this time I don't speak on it at all. And this problem bothers me a lot because I can't afford translating service anymore as all funds I saved to write you I have already spend for our correspondence. So this is probably the last letter I can afford. I hope you won't leave me alone with this problem. I wish I shouldn't ask you for things like this but the situation has made me do this.

I will look forward to your reply, Hamid. Hope you won't ignore me.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Hamid!

I'm sorry but I can't afford to write you a longer letter right now because of the problem I wrote you in my previous letter. I don't want to loose you but without your help I couldn't keep us together. I hope you understand and support me

Your Julya
Letter 6
Hi dear Hamid!!

I'm so glad that you won't leave me alone with my problem. I wish I shouldn't tell you about my problems but if I won't do this I would need simply to disappear and I don't want to do this. I don't want to lose you.

I appreciate very much that you are trying to help me. I just asked which way you can do this. I asked advice here in translation company and people answered me that this is not the first incident when women write to a man and then she simply left no money for correspondence. Usually after this men are trying to help them. I hope you will able to help me also. I just will try to explain how much do I pay for this service. When I send you my letter or receive your I pay $5 per each one. If I want to attach a photo I need to scan it first and then worker of translation company add this picture to a letter. I pay for scanning $3. If I receive some pictures from you and I want to print them...and I can assure you I want to print some of your photos because they are also important for me...I need to pay for this also $3.
When I came to translation company at first they have proposed me to use some of their unlimited services. They said it is much cheaper to use some of such services if we want to exchange with letters often. They have unlimited propositions for one month (it cost $245) and for two month ($410 which seems cheaper to use rather than two times with one month, right?).

People in translation company also said that the easiest way to pay for their service if I directly pay them money. I need to have them first. They said that usually men use some of the Western Union or MoneyGramm services to send money to a lady. We can also use this way. But first you need to know my full name and address. My name is Julia Zolotareva and I live by address Koshevogo str. 2/12, Molododvardeysk, Ukraine.

I hope for your help because this is the only way we can stay in touch with each other and could continue our acquaintance.

Kiss you, Hamid!
Your Julia
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