Scam letter(s) from Karine Angelina Robert to Hesham (UK)

Letter 1
My name is Karine from (UK) Aberdeen, I am a 36years woman seeking for a serious relationship that would last forever, I'm 5.8"tall, 130lbs average in build, Am a single Woman , do you got kids? I do Import and Export Wood Merchant, Wood used for Art works, Fabric , Craft, Sculpture. I do travel a lot have been to Philippines, Malaysia, presently in west Africa (Nigeria) to buy some wood for resale. What job do you do? I am the only daughter of my family and i have lost them, My father is a Scottish Doverdale while my mother is from Korea, I school in Poland, my mother died of cancer and i lost my father too, since then am alone working ******* my own, and i have been hurt by men alot and i don't want that to happen to me any more, i want to settle down with the right man. Have been working hard since i lost my parents, to become a Good woman and build my own family and be happy. I use the money my late father left for me to come down here and start this Import and Export or Wood, to earn a Good money and live a Good life with my man. What's being single like? I love reading, listening to music, like action comedy movies, love meeting people far or near, i love been with friend and going out for camping and most of all been close to the nature. Am looking for a Man that can make me happy and be there for me through thick and thin and that can help me find the treasure that i have lost and will see me through all my ups and down, A man that is loving caring, understanding, that will respect my opinion and most of all that play the Game of love. I am a sensitive, intelligent, passionate affectionate, loyal, witty, intelligent, humorous, efficient, creative, caring, generous, communicative, sensual, charming, reliable, cleverly neat woman looking for someone special to share my world with and potentially, to grow old with. I am committed life to living to the fullest and in growing as a person. Having fun is very important to me and I am looking for someone with whom I can share life's experiences and grow together in faith and love with. My ideal match is someone who has a zest for life, someone who can laugh and have fun with, and at the same time he most be responsible. Someone with whom I share a strong physically and emotional connection. In the long-term I believe that it is essential that we share similar values and that we have excellent communication with one another. I love to cook all types of food but I have no one to share a meal with-so I cook only when I have to. Would u like to have a meal with me? What is love to you?
Letter 2
Thanks for getting back to me, am happy to read from you, I love warm weather, tropical drinks and sandy beaches but I'm open to any depending upon them i will love to share the intimate side of myself with someone willing to do the same. What do you do for fun? I'm willing to relocate, I hope to find a man that I could possibly have a new life and beginning with . Blue is my favorite color, I'm very appreciative of what people do for me and I'll reward them in my own little ways, to me It's the little things that mean a great deal to me. I love a man who can display his affections for me anytime and anywhere without having to be shy. Do you like public intimacy? And a person who knows how to be affectionate is a big plus. I love being affectionate. What do you seek for in a relationship? I'm a very passionate and romantic woman and not afraid to show my affections in private or public. I will like you to take your profile off the dating site since we are getting on fine or so there anything you are still looking for out there? I will also took my profile off and i hope this end in happiness and joy for us . I will like you to give me your email and password you use on the dating site to delete your profile from there to build strong trust love in each other. Where did you live presently? I am very clean and like seeing things and people clean as well. I will always treat my man well and with respect and love and cherish him. I'm very easy going and down to earth. I Believe that a strong relationship is not based only on *** life but that a strong relationship builds a strong love life that leads to a strong and great *** life and can only happen with open communication, trust and commitment and constantly working together and being honest with my man. A man that will be my best friend, confidant, companion, partner, husband, father and the best lover in the world. A man that is intelligent, playful, romantic, ****, laughs a lot, has Good sense of humor, puts family first, a charmer one who knows how to treat a woman and make her melt. Someone who thinks and does as much for me as i would regardless of the means. Would you hit your woman for any reasons? If I give you my heart, would you give it a home?
Letter 3
Dear Hesham..You are looking Good very handsome. Everything about you is Nice And no matter what's most important to you in your relationship, whether it's sincerity, romance, passion, affection, or love. It's coming in you after you understand or talk to me as you want to go as a new relationship like marriage. This is our lifetime commitment and we can help each other to get more of it by precisely talking to each other and understand ourselves. I'm always trying to fulfill my dreams in the first place as flush of love. Relationship always is friendly and exciting for me when I'm talking to you regarding marriage proposal. This made myself feel very strong at first, only to become weak and ineffectual later because of my parents taught me very good family values, hard work and never gave up with any relationship and I can understand the similarities and differences between both of us we can gain entirely new levels of understanding about our relationship from both you and me as partner's point of view as husband and wife. I have honest truth about emotional commitments in my life and relationship. I do believe in. I'm using nature activities and some walking meditation, and I'm learning some interesting techniques I can continue on your own. I'm enjoying the beauty of the nature trails, sit by the pond, or visit the nearby beaches. I'm here for you to encourage you on your path, and share in spiritual friendship and love you are looking for.
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