Scam letter(s) from Kelly Bates to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Just for you
Letter 2
Hello Steve..
And a very good day to you out there..hope all is well with you as is with me here..Got your mail and i must say that i very grateful. I do have busy day at work but not always, and looking forward to chatting with you some time...I would really love to know you more.
Without much i say i will end here and hope to hear from you soon Until then bye for now and God be with you. Sincere
Letter 3
Thanks for the mail..I really understand why you complaining ,cos its obvious why a lady like me is looking for an old like your age.
I have this believe that when it comes to love age is just a number and i realised that when it comes to doing something you need to ask the elderly to seek advise and wisdom from them in other to succeed.And a woman at my age should have some one who i ready and willing to do every thing to keep me going..
Not some gut who will come,make me and then brake me in the end.And i heard the old knows best when it comes to every
I know you understand what i mean. Hope all is well..Missing you every day.

Letter 4

Hello Steve,
Thanks for the replay i really appreciate it.I pray that God bring you home safely.
Your love Ashley.
Letter 5
Hello there,Steve
Hope all is well.Am doing very fine myself.Thanks for the lovely pics you sent me i really love them all,am looking forward to chatting with you later this day.Since we chatted yesterday thoughts of you has been on my mind,just caint understand that..And there is this feeling in me that is tell me something.I think that feeling is love.But how will i express
my self if i had the chance.Let me know when your online.I will end here and catch you online later.
Letter 6
Hello Steve,
Got your mail and am very much trilled that you wrote to me.Am doing good my self,but its sad to know that your not well.But i pray that you get well soon.Am man in your body and shape should not fall sick at this time.I would like to know when you get online do we could chat...Cos i always don't get you when you come online..If possible you could write to me when you online and when your less busy.Without much i say i will end here and hope to hear from you later..And speedy recovery too.Bye for now and stay safe.
Yours Truly
Letter 7
Hello Steve.
And thanks for the lovely message you sent me,Am looking forward to meeting a man,who is loving,caring,faithful and down to earth...Am man that is ready and willing to be with me in terms of any condition for better for worst till death do us part.And i would really love to have a good job and and also receive good pay.My favorite color is pink...You know we woman,some of us can't just do without pink.I really enjoy reading your mail...Hope hear for you again.Stay blessed.
Yours Truly
Letter 8
Hi Steve,
How are doing today,i received your message yesterday..Am very much grateful,and my night was very peaceful and warm.Talking about the job i want to do,i think any job that qualifies a woman apart from prostitution will do.And am very for what happen to you in your previous life,i hope by now you gotten over it so put a smile on that handsome face and move on with your life..Hope and pray that it wont happen again.But for me it has never happen and i forbid that either.Am looking forward to chatting with you today...Until then bye for now and have a nice day..
Yours Truly Ashley.
Letter 9
Hello Steve
How you are doing fine.Am very good my self,i really enjoyed the mail you sent me i really appreciate them all.I would really like the job you talked about,i think is going to help me in many ways.Looking at some things that i have been through in life i think is about time i settled down,and start a new life..Am sure this job your offering will do just good.Am not trying to put pressure on you to look for a job for me please..But i know your a grown and married before so you know whats best a woman.Hope to hear from you later..Sorry i did not add a photo. Yours Truly Ashley.
Letter 10
Hello Steve, Am doing very well today,hope you all too.Thanks for the mail am very much thrilled you wrote back.Talking about my love do i start,i was into this relationship in 2008,when i first got the love of my life.But little did i know that he was the killer of my soul.Been in that relationship i was very happy,i provided every thing for him and he also gave me every thing i wanted..i hope you know what i mean.When i was in Mexico,i was with him and we were enjoying life...We use to go to the beach and see movies.I start suspecting him when i first saw him with an old woman,but i did not think negative for him since the woman was old..But as time went on i came to realize that he was dating the woman,just because the woman was giving him what ever he wanted and that i was not more of his type any more.But i know one thing that money can't buy love so why did some woman buy my man with her money..There came this day when i was at his place...He came in with the woman..Look straight into my eyes and told me he could not continue the relationship any more..I was very hurt because he did not respect my feelings in the presence of the old woman.He drove me out of the house at a very late hour.I swear to God Steve i cried but i was told my mum who passed away last year that men were heartless but i did not listen because i thought i knew what i was doing..And i truly regret doing that mistake of a life time,by also giving my self to him.Talking about this is even hurting me more..I wouldn't like to talk more...Am very sorry,so as i was saying a my aunt introduced me to this ice cream shop work in Ghana here..So i decided to come and start a new,and forget about everything cos i was even fed up with Mexico it self....So here i am in Ghana trying to start all over again,but this time am very much careful cos i have met a lot of men when i got here...So proposing marriage and others just to have fun....So a friend of mine introduced me to this Internet dating and i gave it a try.And am sure i will find that special person to help forget about every thing like is has never happen.I hope i have explain further for you to understand my past and why am single and still looking.Without much i say i will end here cos my eyes are filled with tiers..Thanks a lot and God Heal you... Yours Truly Ashley
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