Scam letter(s) from Ludmila to Larry (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend Larry! How are you? Today is a very good morning because I see your letter again and read it with great joy. I am so pleased and happy to see your letter. I really like to talk with you and it's very interesting to for me because you're a very good person my Larry. I think This day will go quick because my mood at the height of very strongly. I want to tell you about Russian men and why do I can not be obtained relations in Russia. Many men are very good until you know them only from the good side. But then they are very change in the bad side and you can tell them what you know with a bad side. Some want to drag women into bed and only if the this man will be the relationship it will change with other women. Russian men have big problems with alcohol and drug abuse. A man who drank or used drugs in this state may hurt his woman and it is very terrible. Me do not like men who drink a lot of alcohol because I it seems to lost people. I think that the relationship between man and woman should be built on trust and respect of 50/50. In this the couple will have the understanding and will never occur conflicts. I drink very rarely only in the company of friends and just semi-sweet red wine. I do not smoke because it is very harmful and deadly habit. So I do not consider the Russian man to build a family. I think you agree with me because there is a problem in cities around the world. But I just I hope that I will find love and happiness in family life. I want to tell you today about his bad experience on the Internet men from the USA. A man from America and it is from Maiami called Tony. I met on the Internet for online dating with a man who was very pleasant and interesting as a person. Probably from the time ended our communication with him for about a year has passed. When we talked everything was great and so wonderful and it was just a romantic relations. We talked about one month and have decided that we needed meeting to see how our relationship to go in real life. I was very much in love and blinded by love and dreams of happiness and the future the family. I trusted Tony very much and I believed every word that He talked about himself and his life. It was he who told me that so many Russian women have only a scammer and find money from lonely men. Tony told me one day that will not help me with money for our meeting with him. The reason was the fact that if I was him very much I love it'll be ready to visit him for their money. He did not trust me on Due to the fact that there are many scam from Russian women. I really understood his position and decided to come for their money. Our meeting actually took place and we were very happy together. I agreed to come to him for his money but on the condition that he give me money when I come to him. I had the money and therefore did not want him to give me money for the trip to him because I was very in love with him. Money in my life has never been important because it is the only way to live. In fact, actually after a while I realized that it was not because he told me in his letters.
He lied to me about his work and the place where he was living. On this reason we have conflict. The main conflict place is that it is not such a man as I knew him in his the letters. So my Larry I ask you to be very honest with I speak only the truth and let it be very bitter, even for I. After a while I just realized that we did not come as of steam. I decided to break off the relationship, and Tony was very angry so about because I do not understand my point of view. I asked him to give me money for which I came to see him. He did not give me any money and only I drove from her home. I called the Director of Tourism agency and took a ticket to get home. I lost a very a lot of money and I had very difficult to pay the money. I never talked to Tony was that he had a wife. Tony just playing with me and just wanted to spend time with me as *** toy. I was very frustrated and defeated because I spent the money and fell in love with this heartless man. In this I read very careful with you and never will COME TO YOU For their money. I set myself a rule and will abide by it.
If we want to meet one day it will be only for your money my Larry.
I hope you understand why I have such a rule and will not be angry with me Larry. I hate those people Internet scammer who called and asked the money. They have killed the love of many men, and sold my love for money. I never going to ask money from you, my sweet Larry. I hate men to deceive the good women of the Internet and to cause them great the pain. I will not ask you for money but also will not come to you for your money because I already had a bad experience in my life. I think that if you yourself want to meet me then you'll pay for my travel to you or you come to visit me in my country. I I'd be happy to meet you and show you their city and to introduce his family and friends. I think that it will be great to spend time together in my or your city. I hope you understand my position because I have such a rule after a bad experience with a man. I I do not want to talk more about money. The world is broken because of money and with them go good and sincere feelings. I earn a little money but I miss them to arrange their lives quite comfortably. I do not I think that money is very important, and never treated them well. Because money is the only material to ensure life and it is not important in life. I think what you think is also my Larry. I will not ask you never money but you should know that if we will be meeting with you then you'll have her own to pay. Only in this way we can meet. I think that if you really have to me a serious relationship then it will not be for you to challenge my Larry. I will not come to you for your money but will not ask for money to come to you my Larry. I think that such a way we will not have questions about distrust of each other. You understand Larry I just want to have a man who will give me love. So I'm not interested to build a family with a man from Russia because they are not serious. I can not rely on such man and would not want to love such a man ever in my life. And so when I had a long relationship with a guy from Russia after the my husband's death about a year. We lived together for about 2 years and I began to notice that he used my confidence greatly. I was forced to leave it in one day. One day when I came home from work early and saw it on our bed having *** with another girl. I silently simply packed up and gone forever. My disappointment in Russian men are very large, and so I decided to go back to look for love on the Internet. I think that I was very lucky that I met you my Larry. Our dialogue has every time a Some support every time. Very well that we understand the message each other and decide to order your search. I want to say that I wrote her this purpose the points that I particularly appreciate in man. I want my future man had the following qualities: 1 Nobleness.
2 Fidelity.
3 Bravery.
4 Honesty.
5 Erudition.
6 Propensity to romanticism.
7 Care.
8 Mercy.
9 Sense of humour. My dear Larry I understand that it is very rare and hard to find a man who possesses such traits. I understand that all men are different and there is no ideal. But I would like you to said all the qualities that have nothing but the truth for what it is to really is.
Understand please that it is very important to me. I can tell you about all the time communicating with you only good things about you.
But I You know so little Larry. I would be pleased if you could open me with their character traits. I hope that it will not be so hard for you my Larry. Probably you also have the ideal woman that you dream to find. It would be very nice to know about the traits of your ideal women. I hope that you can share with me his thoughts on ideal values that you want to see in a future woman. Probably our ideals are similar. I hope that you will not be in puzzled with this test. I hope that you understand correctly this letter. I saw people who very rich but they are not so happy and now I understand it. I a simple woman who earns money for his life and well-being. I can enjoy my life because I do not have a lot of money. I always help my mom and I think it's noble. I understand the need for money in my life but this is not the main thing for me. There are values in life that cost much more exceed the money. I shall be very glad to know if you have the same opinion about the money in my life. I estimate more than a feeling no money. I ask to forgive me if I Larry than offended at the letter. I am sincere in his letter and did not want to offend you in any way. At this point I will end my long letter to you my dear Larry.
Thank you for reading this letter. Always yours faithfully for you Ludmila.
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