Letter(s) from Elena Vorona to Gil (Portugal)

Letter 1

Gil, dear,
I am sorry for not being able to write yesterday. I was just in the agency, signing the contract with them and paying the pre-pay for the journey. Because it is already start of November.To be in time for the dates we plan, I needed to do this rather urgently ;) Dear, i worry so much, you cannot imagine, I have never been abroad, I feel so much excitement inside of me, I just pray for our meeting to be well and we both get only positive feelings from it and not be frustrated with each other. Dear, my ticket will be to Lisbon, please,confirm once again that it is ok for you!! Your are right about the price, to Lisbon tickets are less expensive! Dear, my relatives gave me 400$ for this trip, and I added 100$ from my savings, it is on the whole 500$ that is equal to 350 euro. The whole trip (I mean the visa, insurance, two-way ticket, 1 day hotel booking) costs 544 euro. Dear, I paid the pre-pay to the agency, and I need to pay the rest until November 7. It is 194 euro more. Dear, you can help me with this amount? I just do not know who else I ask here, among my relatives only my aunt could really help me and I knew this from the beginning and she gave 400$.
I received sms from you this morning. To tell you the truth, now when I wake up I immediately take my phone to check sms from you. They are always very romantic.
Dear, the flight will be very good, I will be arriving to Lisbon not early and not late - at 17:35, it will take about an hour to pass passport and visa control and about half past 18 o'clock I will go out from the airport.
Gil, dear, I will wait your e-mail.

Letter 2

dear, did you read what I wrote you? This paper will not work for the customs, no matter what your phone number is, it doesn't matter, for a tourist visa it is necessary to have visa and traveller's cheques so that I had a proof of financial safety. I called my friend who lived in Italy for three years and she told me that it is impossible to go to any Shengen country without traveller's cheques. I lack 300$ now, I collected only 500$. I do not know where to get them. As I understood you are not willing to give me help in this because you have doubts based on Internet bad experiences. But right now I cannot imagine whom else I can ask to give me money. Because I called and asked everyone.