Scam Letter(s) from Sophia Kyseleva to Alp (Turkey)

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Letter 1

Hello, dear!!
nice to get your message, I was hoping for your mail this day. is it still warm in?
as you know my name is Sophia, I am 26 already and still lonely.
My school friend met a guy in internet and they happily live together for few years already. he is much older then she is, but responsible and mature. and I am happy to get messages and photos from her. and it shows that if people have the same desire and intentions nothing can prevent them from been together.
I am serious and want to find a man here to have a family with. do you think you can be the One?
I will be waiting for your letter impatiently and will answer your questions with a great pleasure. Maybe we can complete each other? Who knows?
waiting for your answer soon. I send you some photos and hope you like them.

Letter 2

I am a bit surprised why you ask about my photos, sure they are mine. what for to send you photos of another person if i want to correspond with you. and probably later if we decide to meet in real. It would be a great shock for you in this case if you see another person. I am who I am and have nothing to hide. I am not a model. but that is my natural color of hair. i do not use much make up. and do not dress up fashionable cloths. so yes, the photos are mine. why that what hard for you to believe?

Letter 3

Dear Alp, nice to hear from you again. But i never behaved myself as a spammer, did I?
I need a person who will value my inner word, not only my beauty. As in 15-20 years nothing would probable left from it... But as for my soul it will stay the same for ages, I am sure. So, I want to find a man who will respect me, talk to me, take care of me. And from my turn I am ready to give him everything to make the Happiest One!! I feel that I know how to do this!!! These are not only the words for me. I am sure I know how to make the Man I love the happiest One.

Letter 4

I am afraid it is too early to talk about meeting, cause we do not know each other. and why don't you want to come to Ukraine if you are interested in me?

Letter 5

Dear Alp, I am glad to see your letter again. and thanks for a lovely song. Maybe one day we can dance with you? Are you ready to come to Ukraine to meet me??
as you see I have deleted my profile from the dating site. sure i can tell you why. after i registered there, i got many messages from men who asked me to send nude photos and suggested to spend night together when they come to Ukraine. Sorry, I am not here for that. and I am glad you are different. i hope you have serious intentions towards me. and never let me change my opinion. Please do not disappoint me, i will wait for your news, Sophia

Letter 6

Hello again, Alp)) thanks a lot for your message and also for your new photos, are you close with your sister? Do you often see her?
I am glad to know you have serious intentions but pity you still didn't reply the question whether you are ready to come to Ukraine to meet me?
I feel I am curious to know everything about you. what you really like in life and please tell me also more about your profession. What about my interests and hobbies, I stay active by visiting the park and walking, tennis, jogging and playing volleyball. Once a week i go with my friends to the swimming pool. I like the arts and an occasional good movie. I also like to dance and can dance to most Latin music including salsa . I love
going to the cinema very much.
well, and also want you to know few words about my family. I have the best family in the world and the best parents I could ever have. I have mother, father and younger sister Anna. We all live together still, but are the best friends and loving family. My parents live together for more then 30 years already, and there is nothing i hide from my parents. i trust them and know i can reply on any situation. They want only the best for me.
My sister Anna has a daughter who is 3 yo. She got divorced after she gave a birth to kid, her husband was not responsible enough and not ready to family life. so we live together and help each other no matter how difficult it is sometimes.
My parents taught me to be positive and optimistic in this life, Everything that doesnt kill us makes us stronger, don't you think so, Alp? I can say that I have the best family in the world, and this is probably why I am so loving, so home oriented and now so eager to create the same happy family.
I hope for you Alp family is also very important. and will you tell me about your past relationship?
I work as a Teacher at Private School of Foreign languages, as have graduated from University in Horlovka three years ago. My ability to languages gives me opportunity to travel a lot, but pity I have never been abroad before. (I love to travel anywhere and always have bags packed to go!)Do you often travel? maybe for your job?
I am looking for my soul mate/partner (Maybe it will be you) and are serious about it to try the internet sites. I am honest, loyal and outgoing and believe that a relationship is based on trust, respect and unconditional love, with a lot of affection and intimacy.
I hope you do not mind my questions but I am interested in finding out everything about you. You can ask me anything too.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. I also send you some photos to see who I am)) and also a photo of me with my sister. can you recognize who is who??
I close my letter now and already waiting for your reply ))
send you my virtual kisses and wish you to have good weekends

Letter 7

Hi there, my dear Alp))
I am really very happy that we had such opportunity to meet each other and I am more happy to communicate with you. You make my day so light and inspite of the bad weather it seems to me that the sun is shining outside because when I read your letter the smile appears at my face and my heart tells me that I need such man as you are, I feel that we are so closed with each other. And every time when I go to check my mail-box there with the only hope to get your reply and to know how is your life and you can't imagine what I feel when I hear from you so warm words and sometimes I think that I am crazy because of the thoughts in my head...
My dear Alp, are you sure you are ready to lige in Ukraine for me? I am sure you will miss Marmaris,. cause i know it is warm there most of time and even these days in Ukraine it is already +5 in day time and in winter we have cold weather and temperature down to -40 are you ready for this my sweetheart? answering your question, I am not looking for a place to relocate but when i find my beloved one I am ready to follow him wherever he is. and sure we will be happy there together. I have never been in Turkey but i know it is a beautiful and warm country. Maybe one day i will be able to come there, who knows? but for now i see you enjoys your life and travel a lot) Lucky you are)))) It is very expensive for me to go anywhere, cause my parents are not millionaires and my teacher's salary doesn't allow me to make savings. But I still dream about coming to see other countries.
As you know since my childhood i freely speak Russian, if you want i will be glad to teach you Alp)) sure you will be a good pupil.
Maybe it is difficult for you to speak about your previous marriage, I am sorry for you because it is always pity to realize that people who lived so many years together must look for another person to make a family. But in every hopeless situation we must look for some light moments and I want to say that you are real man that you could make such a difficult decision and could find strength in yourself and make a choice for the best life. Hope you will find exactly what you are looking for and I always respect that people who make everything for succeeding their aims.
I feel i like talking to you Alp, I feel so easy to express myself. that i can trust you. can share some private topics, thoughts with you.
I wanna ask you please don't play with my heart.. I ask you about it because I don't want to feel the disappointment again. I think you agree with me that it's very painful, when your hopes and dreams crush. My heart was hurt and I hope you'll never break it again. I was so much in love with a man, I trusted him and believed that there would not be happiness in my life, except being near him. I cared about him, I gave him all my tenderness, my warmth, my caress, I supported him in everything and when he had bad days I did all possible to help him to forget about it, just trying to cheer him up. For me it was so pleasant to make for him little surprises. I did everything that he could feel comfortable and happy...he was my world, my sun and moon, my sky and ground, he was my everything. And i was so blind because of my love towards him that I didn't want to see his true soul, in which there was so much hypocrisy and lie. But I understood it later. He was not faithful to me, deceiving me. It was big humiliation for me. I was crying the whole day and I didn't know what to do, I felt that I loved him as before but at the same time I understood that I couldn't stay with him. I said to him about it and after that I heard so many awful words....and it was very painfully and even still for me it's not pleasant to remember about it. But dear I wanna hide nothing from you and i wanna you know about my past relations.
and so now I am 26 and I am absolutely lonely in my heart. At this age most of our women already are in marriages and divorces. Yes, a lot of divorces happen nowadays, and disappointments come to people often, but as for me, better to try, because if we don't, we can stay alone in cold beds forever. Agree? Now I want to love, I want to give all I can to my man, to show him how able to love I am. I am ready for love in my life. And am happy that we gave each other this chance.
I send you today some photos of me, my sister Anna and also my friends. hope you like. and do you have more photos to show me?
I have so big desire to share with you all my lifelong because I don't want to hide anything from you,. I hope my sincerity doesn't scare you :0) And I wanna ask you..please be the same with me.
I want to send you my kisses from my warm lips... hope you like it!
your Sophia

Letter 8

my dear Alp, thanks a lot for the photos you sent me, you are very attractive man and I like you a lot. So your neighbor took them few days ago? Is it your work place?
You have such amazing eyes, I am sure there are a lot of admirers around you, but I am glad you choose me. As you know i also deleted my profile from the dating site but glad that i have your address. I really like you, Alp. and hopefully you will not disappoint me. I am ready to be your diamond, ready to shine for you)
of course I remember how we started our communication, it was not like i dreamt)) I have told you before that I am looking for a person who cares not just about my appearance but also about my inner world.
I suppose relationships, love and true feelings develop between people of all sorts- different ages, different personalities, different wealth and different cultures. I am not sure there is any magic formula but I think a common outlook on life and shared aspirations such as a loving family are important though. It is obvious to me that we have a difference in our ages – what do you think about this Alp? Sometimes it can be a problem for a relationship I am sure but maybe at other times it can work well. So, I am sure real feeling do not have age.
I am glad to be involved in your culture, i feel you are not like most men in Ukraine, You are totally different and you make me feel special one.
I am glad to know you are not looking for an angel, cause I am not the same as you are. But I can be a guardian angel for a man I love.
since my childhood I was dreaming to catch a plane and come to see my far away prince, cause I didn't understand why a princess sits still in her tower and waits for big Love! I wanted to break the rule! I think if a woman(even she is not a princess) wants to be happy she should look for the One for her. We need to force for our happiness. and now I see that you can make my child dream to come true with your invitation! Cause I am ready to force for my happiness!!
but i know there are still a lot we have to discuss. I wonder maybe we can speak over the phone sometimes?
i like you a lot Alp. wish you to have a nice day. talk to you later

Letter 9

hello my dear Alp, how was your weekend? did you have much fun? Hopefully yes and is that why you could not find time to reply my email?? pity.
Maybe we can talk over the phone sometimes?
wish you a nice week and wait for your reply, Sophia

Letter 10

my dear Alp, nice to hear from you today, i was worried cause didn't get any letters from you for a long time. At last we are in touch again)

did life treat you well? were you missing me?

I see you left me you telephone number, thanks a lot for it. sure I'll put ii into my contact list, maybe sometimes we can talk, it would be nice I am sure. here is my telephone number +38066 8317897. Will you call me today??

I am sure we have a lot to tell each other. I really like you Alp and I hope we can meet in real with you one day.

I have to close now cause I have a class in few minutes, but hope you can call me soon) and also write me.

kissing you, Sophia

Letter 11

Hello, dear Alp!)) How is your day started? are you fine??I like getting letters from you, so thank you for this sun light to my day )) I've already have the impression about you. I think you are an honest, sincere man who known what he wants from this life. So, hope the same as me you feel that life is too short to waste time. So, we need to use its every opportunity to success in what we need.
At the same time I realize that you are responsible. What a such good luck for people who surround you in having such a person close to them.
You know? I would like to be in touch with you more closer.. to feel who are you inside.
I was very glad that we could talk on the phone. I was waiting for this moment very impatiently..Many times I tried to imagine how your voice would sound like...ohh you surpised just all expectations :0) Your voice is very soft. I wish to hear this voice wishing me good night and good morning, whispering me some sweet words in the moments of our closeness :0)
Do you have anyone from my regions who lives near you? Maybe a colleague? or a neighbor's wife? Have you ever seen how easy going and talkative we are sometimes??
Today in the morning a woman came to talk to me at the bus station, she asked about a root of bus, then where i work and asked questions about my relationship with anyone else. We spent together at a bus stop nearly 10 minutes, but she even told me about her granddaughter and what she prepared for the breakfast ))))
I think Alp, you could also easily make friends here in Ukraine. That is pity not so many people speak English. Ukrainian people are very friendly and communicative. But sometimes i see they are not polite to foreigners at all. Ukraine is a big country, and national language here in Ukrainian. but i live in north east and here we speak Russian. And sometimes in shops assistants are so rude and they do not serve people who speaks Ukrainian. the same I heard about western part of Ukraine. I've been to Lvov once and i remember we tried to communicate Ukrainian not to be looked like strangers. I am pity to realize that we live in such a country where some people are so impolite. Do you have the same?
By the way, did you plan any holidays this year? Maybe we can join them?
Ok, darling, I have to finish now, I would write and write my long boring letters, if there was a little more time, so you are lucky I don’t have it)) So wish you a wonderful day and hope my thoughts about you will cheer you up this day) Kisses, Sophia
p.s. i want to attach some photos to this letter about the place I live in.

Letter 12

Good day to you my sweetheart,
it is a busy day for me Alp., but I am glad to find some minutes to write you a message.
my darling, thank you for your new photos of your family. I hope i can meet them one day cause these are people who influenced your life. and i am very interested in you)
Tonight after work i will go to the swimming pool with my friends, it is like a meeting point for us. we always do this on Thursday, so i won't be at home, and unfortunately i cannot talk to you, but hopefully we can talk to you tomorrow? or on weekends? I miss your voice already Alp.
Dear Alp,. is that still warm in Turkey? i tried to imagine us laying together on the beach and you help me learning your language) this will be nice.
My darling, you see, I am still here. Try to think... just some time ago we had no story, no hope, even no future together. Our story was something even difficult to imagine, a fairly tale, as I have told you before.
But now we are trying to write another chapter of this book:)) Yes, I am speaking about real meeting, I am speaking about this feeling we lived, we are still living together.
And now, when the night comes and the darkness around you is heavy, I know very well I can stay in your arms, without any fear and any worries. I have everything, I have love, softness, tenderness, safety, protection. I can sleep, in the most smiling, soft way.
Well, sleeping…..after, of course!! Ok, now you can smile, because as you have understood another more joyful part of the letter is coming. You know very well you can enjoy that now in full way, as I imagine when you read this letter you are in the bed, quite naked, and relaxed, thinking of me, your sweet Ukrainian girl... your Sophia(your future Ukrainian wife)

Letter 13

Good day, my sweetheart Alp!!!! How are you today, my sunshine??? Every time I find your letter in my mail-box I feel that I become closer and closer to you. How many kilometers separate us from each other?? Do you feel them?? I am sure that not so strong as I now I feel that you are here with me again. I am so happy for this!!!!
Darling, are you smiling now?? It seems to me that I see not only your beautiful and kind eyes but also your charming smile now, oh, I feel sound of your breath and the warmth of your your hands... I want you to be close to me now. As it's so difficult to express what I feel now with the words...
Last time when I touched with you it was a nice day for me, but I missed you a lot in the evening. I felt so lonely... This feeling is so strange to me being surrounded with a lot of people, close friend to feel this cold loneliness... So, I am here today, as I feel that I need to tell you about my feelings. I know that we have never meet before but it seems to me that I know you for a very long time. Why it happens so??? Why we are so far from each other??? When at last we would meet????
I will be very happy to come and visit you very soon as I feel I want to meet you my dear. but I am afraid I won't be able to pay for my trip there as I need to pay for my papers and the ticket. and I can't afford this.
I am very sad and disappointed because of this as I really want to come and meet you there
have you ever imagined our first meeting?? I am sure it would be memorable. Even now I can imagine the warmth of our first hug, first kiss... It's wonderful. My breath is little indirect as I worry. I was waiting for you so much, and now I feel your hands on my body and the sweet of your lips, the exactingness of your hands, the incomprehensibleness of your words...
I wish you were here now. I want to feel you. Honey, how about to talk over the telephone today??? I think we have something to say each other...
Thinking of you all the time,
Kissing you, Sophia

Letter 14

Good day to you my sweet Man, how are you doing Alp! How is Saturday started for you??
I am glad to greet you today no matter that I am at work right nor i see how sun shines giving me the hope. It rained here last few days, and again i feel the warmth in my heart. and the same you make me feel.
Honey, speaking about our meeting..I'm very happy to hear that you agreed to help me. It just one more time proves that you're serious about me and our relations and you really want us to meet. Dear and you can be sure, I have the same serious intentions as you and my feelings are the same sincere and strong toward you as you have for me. I so much would like to tell you this looking into your beautiful eyes, but I can't wait for it more time..I adore you, my sweet man Alp and I want to be with you.
You know I do not have an international passport, and I was told it costs about 200$ USD to arrange it.
It is great you have such good friends, when is he coming to Ukraine? and in what region will he stay?? Can he come to Chuguev for me?I will be glad to meet your friend Alp, but only if you trust him enough, ok?
i know my sweetheart we have so much dreams, and i hope when we are together we cam make them come true. I want this so much, Alp!!
i know Marmaris is a beautiful place, moreover you live there, my love. and i will be glad to walk through all the streets with you. to walk on the beach and enjoy the sea view.
I was lonely for so long time. and I didn't want to have any relations with men here in Ukraine cause I was afraid to be hurt. But you make me feel different one.
I trust you darling. I feel this connection between us and do not want to loose it. I want to be with you Alp. and I think we can be a good couple.
You gave me the feeling that i am a real WOMAN. I can love and be loved. To care and be cared. Thank you my sweetheart for this feeling!!
I won't disappoint your expectations!!!
My friends call me and invite to go tonight to the cinema, the new movie with Johnny Depp. have you seen it? i can tell you the plot later, or maybe we can go together to see it?
I wish you to have wonderful weekend, send you my warm love and hot kisses, your Sophia

Letter 15

Hello my love! You even can't imagine how much i want to be with you soon! I hope that it will be. Every time when i go to bed I imagine that very soon in the future I will have my loving man close to me to kiss him all the night...
Well, Alp, darling you asked me to scan my local passport and send it to you? Actually I am not sure whether it is safe or not, but i trust you my sweetheart and can do it for you, but i do not know how to make it in pdf file? I do not know how to do it. will you explain me?
I asked the administrator at my work, and he told that to send the document it will appear in jpg file, does it suit to you?
here is my information:
my full name is Kyseleva Sophia
i live in town called Chuguev, it is Kharkov region.
My address is Schorsa str, 27-12.
zip code 63500
I was born on August.18, 1985
my darling you told i will probably need to go to Donetsk to meet your friend? I am not sure it is a good idea cause it 6 hours drive by bus there one way. rather long way. and if we arrives on Sunday we can find the opportunity to meet, because my sweetheart you know i work 6 days a week, and these days my time table is totally full and i cannot take any free time.
I need you to take care of you, to feel your touches and just to love and to be loved by you, i do want it! Yes, it is great that we have wonderful opportunity to communicate through the Internet in spite that we are so far from each other. I am thinking about you all the time, and you? Waiting for our letter,
kiss you, Sophia

Letter 16

My man, my only one!!! my dear Alp!! I miss you so much in my love!!
I got your message, so will you call me tonight?? As you see i attached the copy of my local passport to you. and what about your friend? when is he going to come to Ukraine? i hope it will be convenient for him to go to Chuguev to meet me.
Now I am sitting near the computer and smiling through tears, and you know why) My dream seams to be coming true, seems to come to reality. You want me be by your side, we found each other and I won’t let you go. You are the best man in this world and I was so lucky that you saw me, liked me, answered my feelings. Now I imagine how I see you for the first time in my life in real, I see you and kiss you, and hug you, and touch your hot hands, so hot and so passionate. I am so happy, my love, you can’t even imagine. I am so excited and worried, I am trembling now with all my body, imagining how we meet, how I see you, my man. You will have to calm me down, as I am too emotionally stressed after these fears, which we will pass together. I am still afraid to disappoint you, I want you to forget about everything with me, I want you to be happy and will do everything for it.
I kiss you my love and wait for your call, Sophia

Letter 17

Good day to you my dear Alp my sweetheart, I was so glad to talk to you over the phone yesterday and i want to tell I miss talking to you)) Your voice helps me to feel your presence in my life and I am so glad that soon we can be together.
My darling, i know you want to chat with me, and i also wish it could be possible. but i do not know how, cause at work I am not allowed to use any messenger, and I do not have internet access at home((
you asked me about the movie. it was called "Rum Dairy". Well, i do not recommend you to watch it. We stayed there till the end cause could not understand the plot and at the end nothing happened... I wish we didn't waste the time and better go to "Paranormal Activity"
guess what my love? Yesterday in the evening i was watching a romantic movie with my family and It was about a young man and lady who used to work in the same company and fell in love with each other. the employer moved the lady to another country in order to expand the business however, the man couldn't resist without her and followed her and at the end they met and got married.
It is a nice story and honestly i got touched when the man resigned and he sacrificed his career and future in order to be with the person that he love and i realized that love always overcome all challenges in life as long as we feel and love genuinely. i love you my true love and I’m thinking a lot about you and specially before going to bed and i am wondering whether you are sleeping or not. sometimes i am trying to imagine what you are doing at this moment??? Wait for me and let me hug you as i do every night before getting to bed .....
Are you ready to meet me?? I am almost coming...
Kiss you tenderly and hug you strongly, your Sophia

Letter 18

my sweet Alp, how are you doing there? Do you have any news for me?
I really wonder what for you asked me to send you the copy of my Ukrainian passport? Cause i told about this to my parents and they are angry on me. But i trust you Alp, just want to know what for??
The only thing I know is now I really want to be with you. We have passed the thin border between real love and the simple wish and excitement, even if for us it’s always very pleasant to go on to discover one another in the most hidden corners of our being. I see and I feel this is the trip we will do along our lives, without to lose the hope to know, without the wish this can have an end.
today it is -2 in Chuguev, the winter came too early to Ukraine and I wish you were by my side to warm me up. why we are so far?
i kiss you my love

Letter 19

hello my sweetheart Alp!!
I miss you so much and want to share life with you course you are the right one for me and me for you!! We understand each other and want to make each other happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the most important in our life is trust happiness and love!!
And I feel you anytime everywhere and I smell your sweet body and want to touch you every time and everywhere! I want to kiss your skin kiss your, ears, your eyes, your neck and ........your lips tenderly
My darling, i understand that you needed my passport and that is why i sent it to you. I trust you Alp and know you will never hurt or disappoint me. and I will make you the happiest Man in the Universe.
Honey, you mentioned about money transferring systems. Well. I have never faced before but I heard about Western Union and Money Gram. My friend's father works in Poland and he send her money every month through this program. Can we use it sweetheart?
As far as I know you need my personal information and I can received funds in one hour after transaction or something like that.
I already gave you my data.
my full name is Kyseleva Sophia
i live in town called Chuguev, it is Kharkov region.
My address is Schorsa str, 27-12.
zip code 63500
I do want to be with you in reality!!!
your loving Sophia

Letter 20

Good Saturday to you my darling, how is my man doing today? sleeping good? Eating good? thinking about his Sophia? Hope so))
my dear Alp, sweetheart, that is pity we had bad connection yesterday, but i miss talking to you))
My darling I want so much to feel the warmth from your body against mine and feel our hearts beating together, as we tenderly kiss and caress each other, I do not want this evening to stop, I want to ask you to stay with me for all eternity, you agree to stay and we go to the bedroom where we slowly undress each other, and our hands and fingers, start to explore, our naked bodies, you start to kiss me from the top of my head and continue to my lips, neck, shoulders, breasts, nipples, tummy, as your fingers stoke the inside of my legs and your kisses reach my vagina, and we make love to each other for the first time, and I gently moan with passion, as our bodies are entwined, afterwards I lay my head on my chest and slowly fall asleep in your arms and we dream of our future together. I wake you with a gentle kiss at sunrise, and tell you I love you more today then I did yesterday

here is the address of Western Union office.
63503, Chuguev. Karla Libhnehta street, 27-a

63503, Chuguev. Karla Libhnehta street, 44

63503. Chuguev, Harkovskaya street, 118

63503, Chuguev. Schorsa street, 11

the last one is on the same street where my home is.
You can use any of them. Talk to you soon my darling, kisses to you, your Sophia

Letter 21

My love, good day to you Alp!!! I am so sorry I made you worry about me, these were crazy days without you! I need you by my side. Please forgive me my silence!!!
my love, what you mean talking that I am not real? I am!!! I am sorry i could not write you last few days, but i was extremely busy at work, but i got your sms on Monday, could not pick up the funds the same day cause i was told they would be available only in 12 hours! I am so sorry i made you worry Alp!! You are the man i want to be with!!! I appreciate everything you are doing for me, for us to be together!!!!
when do you want me to come??? How about the end of this month?? Or maybe you want earlier??? I want to be in your arms sooner Alp. Only you make me feel a Real Woman.
My dearest Man.
You can't imagine how strong my feeling for you is!!! I adore you, I need you very much, I miss you!!! What makes me happy is that I'm sure that we will meet and when we meet it will be the sweetest and purest love forever!!!
My Man, I know you are very anxious to be with me and I am too and it's very bad to be separated, but imagine how wonderful it will be... you and I in our sweet home... and lots of love and happiness, imagine that!!! Don't you feel happy knowing that this will be our live, our reality very soon?
I want to be in your strong arms honey!! I want to kiss your tender lips, touch your soft body, caress your beautiful face... and then make love to you, love you all night long, the perfect combination of love and sex, pure lust and desire, mixed with passionate love!!
But now we just need to be in a hurry as while we are far from each other we are loosing so many pleasant moments that we could spend together....
Kisses, forever yours Sophia

Letter 22

Good morning my man, my dear Alp. Honey, the same as you i just can't wait the day of coming to you.Very often I imagine the moment of our meeting...I see myself being in a plane that brings me to your tender and warm arms. Though the speed of a plain is very high, but however I feel that my heart is beating even faster from anticipation and great wish to be close to you sooner.
There are thousands thoughts on my mind..I'm thinking what I'll say to you when I see you first time in my life... At last the undercarriages touch the land, I look into the window of a plain and see the airport..I think few minutes more nothing and nobody we'll be between us, honey.
At last the process of checking documents and baggage is over and i come into big hall. I feel a bit confused, a bit lost, but however I'm happy. I feel that you're very close, though my eyes haven't found yours yet, but my heart feels the beating of your heart very
close. At last I see're coming toward smile and bring my little bunch of wild flowers...I don't know from where you knew that it's my favorite flowers and I like them so much, but you made me feel very pleasant. I start to run toward you. You take me
in your hugs and rise above land..our faces, our eyes are very near.
I try to find right words, but can' feelings, emotions and thoughts, all them are mixed from excitement, rapture and great happiness that I feel this moment. I can say nothing and instead of it I just start to kiss you and we forget that there are people
around us, we forget that we're in the middle of a hall of an airport. We don't care about it any more, because we're close and we're together, we belong to each other. I'm dreaming about it sweetheart, will you dream about the same??

Letter 23

hello my sweetheart Alp!!
I miss you so much and want to share life with you course you are the right one for me and me for you!! We understand each other and want to make each other happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the most important in our life is trust happiness and love!! And I feel you anytime everywhere and I smell your sweet body and want to touch you every time and everywhere! I want to kiss your skin kiss your, ears, your eyes, your neck and ........your lips tenderly I love you and wish your dreams come true, you know love is the most important in life!!!!!!!!!! do you ever had feel real love???? where you was the most person in life and he always give you the best and always listen to you and take care of you ?? that's love and I will give you all what you need!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do want to be with you in reality!!! And now I am sure that we would meet soon, nearly in two weeks and I cannot wait until that moment comes.
My love, I really cannot believe that you are Real and very soon we would be together, and I am already ready to pack my clothes, but I thought about our meeting and think that we also need to talk about the way for me to come to you. I hope next week i get the news about my international passport. I miss you
your loving Sophia

Letter 24

good day to you my dear Alp, my love, I am so glad to read your lines today. I miss you so much in my life and I am so happy that soon we will be together!!!
You are the One for me Alp. please do not forget it. I hope you are right and that is last weekend we are not together. Do not worry about the tickets, I am sure we find the best solution. Maybe there are flights from Kiev to Dalaman?? Can you please check.
I want to tell you how much I love you. At last I have found you and I feel that this is the most important thing that I have ever found in my life. Do you know what love means to me? I would like to tell you... Can you see rain? Do you hear that drops are falling and die? You know my love is like a rain... You can not understand why it is raining but you can feel it... The rain will stop but it will never die. It will stop for now but it will be one day more... The same is my love to you. Maybe you can not see it but you know that it is somewhere. Just stand under the rain. Do not be afraid to catch cold. You will feel like my love surround you. It will be on you, in you... I will be standing next to you and holding your hand gently... My love is like air... It can be never seen but it is always around you. She is walking down the street next to you... Driving in the car... Sleeping on the pillow next to you... Just feel it... Do you hear my heart beating? Every sound tells you that I love you... I just want you to know that my heart beats for you... If you will go away it will stop and I will die... Please do not leave me... I want to be alive... I want to live for you... Stay with me forever...
Love you darling.
your Sophia

Letter 25

Hello my dear Alp!
Thank you for your letter. and as you see i have good news for you. Do you see my international passport my sweetheart??!!!!!!!!! are you the same excited as I am!!!!????
How are you?
My love, thanks for you exist. Our fate is sealed and will be very happy. I can not stand most of longing and desire that we are together as soon as possible. My love, you have no idea how much I like you. How much I want and how I'm telling the truth. Imagine, everything I do, I am thinking of you and with you, despite the short time that we know. In my dreams, I see how it all will be happy. You represent everything for me, my ideal, my beloved, my companion, my lover, my boyfriend, my friend, my Man. I will be a woman who will give you the pride of a man happy and fulfilled. Never play with your feelings, never disrespect you, never cease to love you and never stop saying "I love you." I want to do this every day to night and morning. I want to make you feel loved and wanted. I have no words to define my feelings for you. It is something God! ... Big kiss ... Take care of yourself! your Sophia
p.s. I know you are busy these days with your sister, please tell her HI from me. and let me know the news about tickets as soon as you have them, ok?

Letter 26

Hello my sweetheart Alp.I'm so much happy to hear from you again my dear. Thank you darling for the ticket. yes i totally agree with you! This flight will change our lives!!!
It's so much important for me to stay in constant contact with you..especially now, when we're going to meet in near future.
Sweetie, about my coming... I visited a travel company. They told me that anyway I need to have money with myself otherwise I will be not let to fly to your country as I don't have tour and it is my first visit overseas, it is necessary to have some amount of money as cash.
Dear, they told me that this funds is a proof of my good financial position and it is just for checking up during a passport - custom control, where I'll tell about funds in the declaration. The government cares about it seriously, checking that people coming from Ukraine would have enough stabile financial position. I will not have to spend it, so as only we can meet in the airport, I will give you back this money. I need to have at least $700.
A travel agent said that it's the last stage of arranging my coming and as only I have funds I'll fly to Turkey.
Honey, believe me I feel a bit sad that without this funds I'll not be able to come, but it's good that it's just a formality and I'll give you them back as only I see you. I kiss you my sweet man and I hope that in very near future I'll do it in reality..your ukrainian girl, Sophia

Letter 27

Hello my dear Alp. I hope you didn't go to the airport as I can't fly from Ukraine. They were checking my information in the computer and found the information that I have credit on me and I can't leave till I do not pay it all back. my dear, I didn't know that if you have not paid credit you can't go abroad till you do not pay it all back. I am so sad now and plus the battery on the phone went back,
my love, I do not know what to do, I am so sad but I feel that I want to be with you, I am so sorry that you made all that preparations, you helped me that much and I have spoiled everything but I think the most important is that we have feelings to each other and we will overcome all the difficulties together.
that's the worst birthday i have ever had in my life. i feel so broken myself. i am in great despair
sweet kisses, Sophia
P.S. I will go home and solve the problem there



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