Scam letter(s) from Olga Volek to Peter (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hi Peter, if you read my profile than you know I am good educated lady who is seeking for the same man to create a couple and family. You know, for me the husband and the wife first of all must be good friends for each other, only in that case our family will be the strongest in the whole world. I am hope you agree with me, also maybe you know(from my profile) I don’t want to write or read really BIG and LONG letters, for me it is difficult as it is on foreign language(but my English is pretty good) and I am use this computer from internet cafe and it is not really comfortable. Hope you also here not for pen-pal and just waste the time for nothing and maybe soon we’ll have a real meet, let’s speak about it a little bit later. My work is accountant in private, not big, firm. So you know a little bit of me and later I will tell you more. Tell me please what you do in your life (work), what is your location (region, city, country), what is your hobby and how you spend your free time, how you image your future wife? Wait for your answer and pix. Olga.
Letter 2
Hi Peter.Thank you for your letter. Want to remind you I am have no free 24h computer/internet access and that’s why my letters not big, because I am going here after work and little bit tired and maybe miss some of your words (hope you we’ll not be mad if this happen). You maybe curious how I came to the dating site? The answer is simple- many times disappoint in Ukrainian men and good experience one of my girlfriend, she is had marriage with foreign man and now she is happy, so I believe I can find a good man here and have a meet with him soon. Want to remind you also my full name is Olga Volek and what is your full name and birth date? I’m 31 y.o 26.10.79. I live in South of Ukraine in Nikolayev and it’s not far from the black sea. Never was married and no child, if you want child we’ll have it but if no…we’ll speak about it. Like to stay at home and just relax or make some home stuff, beside I’m a good cook, you’ll be surprised when ******** dishes, like to keep home clean and fresh, it’s important for me and hope for you also, like to read novels and comedy movies and historical also. When have a free time (it is not really often) like go with my girlfriends to cinema, walk in parks or outside when the weather is good or go to the gym and take some exercises or to swimming pool (like to feel my body in good form), also we can just sitting at home and just talking all night (it’s a girls stuff). Hope you have steel interest to my person and my character not scare you, believe me I’m good, loyal, serious, real and open woman. Hope to hear from you soon and see your pix. Olga.
Letter 3
Hi Honey, I wish to visit you in your country. International passport costs $ 200 and it's ready in 3-4 days. Visa costs $ 45. Will you help me? Today I was at bank and person told me that to send money via Western Union you only need my name, city and country. I'm want so much to meet again in your country. I'm also need money for transport for Nikolaev to Odessa. Waiting for reply impacient. Olga
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