Scam letter(s) from Victoria Nikolaeva to Finn (Denmark)

Letter 1
Excuse me for troubling you.
I use the Internet to meet interesting men.
Your address happened to be me, I guess you also interested in getting acquainted as I am.
I just decided to write a letter and show your picture to an address that was stored my files, it only indicates that you are a lonely man, but I do not remember what your address was for me.
Perhaps this is a mistake, and this address does not exist but if you're male and you do not mind dating, then I'll be glad to receive your response.
Of course I attached the picture, and you can look at me.
Of course as long as no information since I do not know whether there is a general that address.
I'm sorry for what has taken away your time, Viktoriya is my name.
Letter 2
Hi Finn,
I hope this is your true name. If I am wrong tell me please your correct name. I want to tell you that I do not have enough experience to get acquainted and to communicate here in Internet.
But I got acquainted with men before but did not have any positive result.
The very reason of this fails were the man I communicated did not have any serious intensions.
That was game for them only to get my pictures. Even their letters were so short! They did not tell me about themselves and did not send pictures at all or send me somebody’s pictures.
If you are similar to those men I ask you not to answer this letter and do not send me a letter.
I do not answer your letters if they will not include core or consist of any information about you.
I will not answer your letters if your letters will be short.
It’s pleasure for me to get acquainted with you that is why it is necessary for me to have information about you.
And certainly it is very important for me to see your pictures.
I hope you understand me and we will not waste our time.
Also, many men do not take the letters from women seriously, and think that it is spam or try to cheat.
If you really think so and do not want to believe me, also I ask you do not waste my time because my intentions are very serious.
I want mutual honesty and openness.
I am limited in using Internet and do not have time to play.
I hope you understand me.
I want this letter to be determinate in our future correspondence.
Excuse me for the insistent but I really do not have any desire to play or waste my time.
I hope I don’t make you scared by this letter.
If you are agree with my conditions, then I also describe myself to you and make you a video about me for you. Also I have many attractive pictures.
But in this letter I am not going to tell you a word about me because I need your agreement with my conditions at first.
I appreciate you for the attention.
Yours sincerely,
Letter 3
Hi Finn Thank you for your letter and yourself information.
I am glad you understand me.
Now I am ready to tell you about myself.
I think first of all you want to know where I am from.
I am from Russia. And you already know my name.
I am 26 years old, and I was born on august, 10 1985. Of course I am young enough but I don’t separate the people over the age to communicate with them or to have something in common. Above all I estimate in people moral and mental traits. And this is the best value for me. That is why the age does not matter for me.
I am not too high, approximately 156 sm and my weight is 52 kg.
I would like to be higher but the nature did not give me it.
But my friends tell me that despite of it I have very attractive appearance.
I have never been married and do not have children.
I live in the city of Asbest which is situated nearby Ekaterinburg.
This is a middle of Russia. The Syberia is Easter.
We have warm summer but winter is very cold.
I have a mother and younger sister. Now I live with my mother in small apartment and my sister is a student and lives in the city of Ekaterinburg.
In Russia if you pass many exams successfully you can study in University free. My sister study free and I in my times studied free to, for the state support.
I studied in Ural State Technical University and my degree is builder-engineer.
Soon my sister is graduating from University and coming home but to that time I am going to change my life. We have a little apartment and not good social conditions that is why I do not want to make any complications for my sister.
All youngers are going to leave our small city and move to ****** city where the social conditions are much better.
I would like to move from Russia. I do not see my future in Russia because I see only severity around. This is not a place to make plans for the future.
And I have an idea and plan but I do not want to tell you about it now.
I think when the time come I will be ready to tell you about it.
I ask you do not worry. I am not going to use you in my own goals.
I have a good education after my parents. I have moral principles and follow them.
I did not tell you about my parents. He died because of lungs cancer in 2000 year.
All this time we lived together with my mother and sister.
My father was a good man. He worked as a foreman on a brick-field. Because of his work he got this disease.
I have only good memoirs about him.
My mother gave me and my sister all necessary and I love and respect her very much.
In the very hard time when I studied at University and lived in Ekaterinburg and my sister studied in school my mother worked so much to get enough money.
Now me and my mother help my sister.
My mother worked as a elementary school teacher. Now she is on pension.
I work on a brick and crystal factory.
I project different crystal ware: vases, glasses, wine glasses and so on.
I use special computer programs for 3D projecting like Solid, Cmax, AutoCad.
Due to my projects they make models and then produce wares.
Also I make different orders for another manufactures where I project small details of industrial mechanisms.
My work is very creative and interesting but it is small paid because of bad social conditions and low life level in my country.
I have no bad habits; I do not smoke and do not drink much alcohol. Only on celebrations I can drink a glass of wine.
I care of my figure and fond of fitness and sport like volleyball and skiing.
I know that men like women appearance very much and women aspire to look pretty. And I aspire to look pretty too.
I think that this information is enough for first communication.
I hope that you liked my story but of course I have much interesting else to say.
Everything depends on you. If there are some reasons like height, weight, appearance you do not like in me then we always can be only friends. I like to get acquainted with new people.
But I want to find a very good man who can like and respect his woman.
Also I think that now it is too early to talk about telephone communication. I ask you do not hurry up.
I only can tell you that do nor spare time in Internet much time that is why I try to write you so pithy letters.
I ask you to write me more about you and your life, the same pithy letters like my ones.
I am not going to ask many questions. I hope you will describe your life yourself.
Waiting for your reply
Letter 4

Hi Finn
Your letter is much appreciated.
Actually I begin to like you and I feel some sympathy to you.
I am very glad that you are got interested in me we continue our communication.
I would like to continue the story about me.
As usual person I have traits of character as positive as negative.
Sometimes I can be intolerant sometimes very brave. Of course it can be positive moment but not usual.
I am ready for risk because I am brave enough.
But the most unpleasant is disfascination. That is why it is necessary to think every step over but my dreams and hopes push me to that acts.
In Russia we have a statement: “if you do not risk you do not drink champagne”.
It means that risk gives us long waited success.
I want to tell you that I am not an angel and do not wait from you the same.
I only want to find the good man on which I can rely on.
I do not have high demands, I am not looking for riches, I want to be happy and happiness is not money.
I think that to love and to be loved is happiness.
What do you think of it?
Also I can tell you that I am polite and kind, I can not be angry for a long time. I can forgive much and always can listen to and understand a man.
Now I would like to tell you about my hobbies and preferences.
As you know I work and I like my job but I do not like my salary. But all the same I pay much time to my work because my work is my hobby, I like to create beauty.
I also think that beloved work is a part of happiness which aspires to get every man.
In my free time I fond of gymnastics, fitness and volleyball. In winter I like skiing and going for a drive on a snowboard and skates.
I read different magazines and books. I like classic Russian literature and some foreign authors.
One of my best authors is Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, Arthur Konandoil and Remark. I think that this names are very popular and it is unnecessary to say the names of books they wrote.
If you are interested in literature I think you should know that names.
I do not have strong preferences in books and music, I like different styles. I listen to classic and modern music. Also I like jazz of the middle of twentieth century.
Also I like to listen to R&B, Rap and Rock.
But most of all I like music of Enio Moricone. I would like to visit his concert very much. I hope that sometimes in the future I will have such an opportunity.
Also I like dancing very much.
I like watching movies. I like romantic movies about the love and comedies.
I like cooking. I know many different recipes of Ukraine and Russian dishes.
I have friends in my city. We spend time together walking and communicating. Sometimes we visit cafes, go in for sport together, and do a barbecue.
I like going out on the nature to get the fresh air and get some rest.
I do not visit clubs and disco and the biggest part if time I spend being at home.
Actually I live in a small town and we have few places where we can cheat out.
I have a dream to live on a tropical island where warmly always because I like hot and warm weather, I like summer. And I do not like cold weather.
We have very long winters here, and sometimes the temperature can reach 40 degrees below zero.
I think that so low temperature can badly influence people health. Really it is very hard conditions for living but a person can get used to everything.
Notice in your reply the same moments, what you like in people and what do not like.
I do not like lie, a deceit, a rage, avidity, aggression.
What can you tell me about your character?
Tell me about your hobbies.
Probably we can find something in common. This is important.
Now I think you want to call me as we know something about each other already.
Unfortunately in my city telephone numbers consist of 4 figures. And we can not get or call abroad.
Even if we want to call in another city we need to order a call in advance.
Russia lags behind the other countries. Maybe in Moscow or other big cities this sphere is developed better that in small provinces like my city.
We have a mobile connection, but this connection is badly developed in a city, it is not enough aerials, a bad communication quality and very expensive telecommunication service.
For this reason I have no mobile phone.
My city is located deep in Russia and it is appeared that we are lost in Russian Siberia.
I have Internet at home but the speed is slow. That is why I need to visit different Internet cafes where conditions are little better than at home.
But I am glad that there is even such an opportunity to use Internet.
Anyway I will try to answer your letters as soon as possible.
I really got interested in you and waiting for your reply.
Yours faithfully and care,
Letter 5
Hi Finn
I am very glad to get your answer.
I like you being interested in me and discussing about yourself.
Now I would like to tell you about the idea of changing my life.
I think you remember I wrote to you about that.
All this time I wanted to find out you better.
I want to move from Russia as I do not see my future here. Now I think you assume it very good because I described you my life.
I use special employment agency abroad. I am going to spend abroad three months working anywhere. The agency is supposed to help me in it and this is the only way I can move from Russia.
I am not afraid of work and I am ready to work much to change my life.
I will get all necessary documents.
I am going to Saint-Petersburg because the departure is supposed to be from there. And then I need to be through the long procedure of making necessary documents and the interview.
Now I need to choose the country and city of working.
This is a free choose and I can choose whatever I want.
The agency helps me to get all documents and plane tickets and also helps me to find an apartment to live for the first time.
But all the time there are a lot of difficulties which expected me on my way.
I have no friends or familiars abroad who can help me to adapt in new place.
But in this case you can help me if you want to.
I can choose the city and the place where you live to work there.
You could help me to find out your district, meet me with your friends and show me where I can come if I need any help.
I did not tell you about that in my first letters because I needed to find out you better not to make any mistake.
Now I think you understand why I am so careful.
Do you want to help me to adopt?
Are you ready to be my friend? Or to become even more than a friend?
Do you want to meet with me?
If you are ready to help me to start new life, tell me your address (or the exact name of your city with zip code) and the name of the closest airport to you.
I know many happy stories when people moved to another country to live and to work where they found their love and I really hope to have the same success.
The agency promises me to find an apartment near my future work which I will choose when I arrive.
Of course I do not hope to get prestigious work in first time. Maybe I will need to do very hard and complicated work and I will be paid not enough. But I am not afraid of it and I am ready to work much.
I hope very much that in the future I will be able to use all my skills and knowledge to get very good job.
I think that my Russian education is not enough in your country but I can much to do and know many different computer programs for designing which they use in other countries.
I think I have perspectives. But for the first time I am ready for any difficult work.
Also I have driving license but I never have my own car that is why my driving experience lives much to be desired. I got driving license several years ago.
I do not know whether my license work in your country or not but I hope on it.
Hopefully sometime I will need them.
My mother respects my choose and my decision. She cares for me as every mother but she understands that I need to support my future.
If you give me your agree to help me in your country then in the next letter I will tell you the whole name and me home address and the address of my work.
And I ask you to tell me your home address, the whole name and all telephone numbers to where I can call you.
I have several days to make the decision that is why I ask you to tell me your point of view as soon as possible.
Waiting for your reply,
Best regards,
Viktoriya P.S.
First time I will have difficulties because of a language barrier, but agencies also promises to help me with language studying.
For this purpose will organise special courses on language studying in your country. But at this time I also can work, there, where the minimum knowledge of language is necessary.
So it will not be a problem for us.
Also you can see in this letter of a copy of the licence and the certificate, on lawful activity of this agency.
This agency works on the lawful bases, and I hope, that you will not have a doubt.
Letter 6
Hi Finn
Thank you for the letter.
I am very glad that you agreed to help me to adopt their and support me.
Now I know the exact address where I will go.
I want to tell you the whole information about me:
Full name: Viktoriya Nikolaeva
My address: 36-9 Mira street, Asbest city,
Sverdlovsky area, Russia
Zip code: 624260
My work address:
Open joint-stock company “Zarechyi”
Novo-Kirpichyi Settlement
Asbest city, 624266, Sverdlovsky area, Russia
Now you have the whole information about me.
Thank you for the information you gave me about you.
Then in 2 days I am arriving to Saint-Petersburg from the Kolcov airport in Ekaterinburg.
When I arrive in Saint-Petersburg I am going to find an inn for temporary staying (they said to me that this is not a problem and to find a night’s lodging is very easy) for the time my documents will be preparing.
For this time the agency will choose the plane tickets for me with the departure from Saint-Petersburg.
I will write a letter to you when I arrive in Saint-Petersburg.
I will try to find the closest cafe to write to you to inform the whole information about plane tickets.
Also I saved your telephone number.
I ask you to check and confirm the information about you.
I should have the correct information not to get any problems.
I am really very glad that you are ready to help me to start new life.
I have the gift for you and I want to present it at our meeting.
My mother worries about me very much. Today I talked with her and told her about you. She is very appreciated you for your help.
My mother told me that she will be missing me very much and the tears have appeared on her eyes.
But I put my arms around her and quite her. And told that everything will be ok, she would not worry about me.
My mother and my sister will accompany me.
Now I worry a little before the departure but I understand that some changes is coming in my life but I am ready to it.
I really have the most pleasure expectations for our future meeting.
I also ask you about your weather and what weather is expected to be soon? I need to take suitable clothes.
Now I need to go and to make ready for the trip.
Be waiting for my next letter from Saint-Petersburg.
Best regards,
Letter 7
Hi Finn
I have arrived in Saint-Petersburg and the flight was very good.
But I was afraid a little because it was my first flight. But now everything is ok.
The policeman at the airport some times asked my passport for my person confirmation.
Because of acts of terrorism the control is increased.
This is really beautiful city. I have so many impressions.
I saw leaf bridges for the first time, beautiful architecture of buildings. This is a very large and beautiful city.
But I did not get used to such a large city because there is a lot of noise everywhere, people hurry very much.
There are a lot of cars and bad environment and it is very hard to breath.
I have been already in agency and they said to me that my documents are not still ready. But they promised that tomorrow the documents will be ready already.
I will tell you the trip details when I have all necessary information.
Now I rented an apartment. Firstly I looked for the inn number but the prices are so high. It is very expensive for me.
I bought a newspaper with apartments for rent and found that I was looking for.
I rented a room in an apartment if an old woman. She has no children and her husband died some years ago.
She treats me very well and she charges the price for me which is not very high.
I rented the room for some days and I hope that my documents will be ready soon.
Saint-Petersburg is very expensive city. The prices in shops are so high. In compare with my city prices Saint-Petersburg prices are very high.
The life level in these two cities differs very much.
These cities located in the same country but have a huge life level difference.
My native town is like lost place deeply in Siberia.
Now I worry very much. But it is a pleasure worry because I have the most pleasure expectations.
I am very glad that the destiny gave the chance to get acquainted with such a nice man as you.
I hope I am right but I am afraid very much to make the mistake.
I feel that you are a good and kind man.
Waiting so much for your answer. I am going to visit Internet cafes every day.
Be waiting the information about flights.
Best regards,
Letter 8
Hi Finn
Thank you for the answer.
Here there is information about the trip:
Viktoriya Nikolaeva private travel, working visa.
Arrival date: Sat 29-Oct-11
Plane tickets information:
Review the flight details Sat 29-Oct-11 St. Petersburg (LED)
Depart 9:30 am
Terminal PULKOVO 2 to Riga (RIX)
Arrive 9:50 am 298 mi
(480 km)
Duration: 1hr 20mn Flight: 443 Economy/Coach Class , 73C
Riga (RIX)
Depart 12:00 pm to Copenhagen (CPH)
Arrive 12:35 pm
Terminal 2 448 mi
(721 km)
Duration: 1hr 35mn Flight: 135 Economy/Coach Class , DE HAVILLAND DHC-8 DASH 8-400 DASH 8Q Total distance: 746 mi (1,201 km) Total duration: 2hr 55mn (5hr 5mn with connections) Sun 29-Jan-12 Copenhagen (CPH)
Depart 3:05 pm
Terminal 2 to Riga (RIX)
Arrive 5:40 pm 448 mi
(721 km)
Duration: 1hr 35mn Flight: 136 Economy/Coach Class , DE HAVILLAND DHC-8 DASH 8-400 DASH 8Q Riga (RIX)
Depart 7:10 pm to St. Petersburg (LED)
Arrive 10:30 pm
Terminal PULKOVO 2 298 mi
(480 km)
Duration: 1hr 20mn Flight: 444 Economy/Coach Class , Boeing 737-500 Total distance: 746 mi (1,201 km)
Total duration: 2hr 55mn (4hr 25mn with connections)
Documents and services list including in trip cost:
1) Employment with the labor contract during three months with the trial period more than 1 month. The availability of choosing the vacancy from existing or search for new ones.
2) Working visa and foreign passport.
3) Both sides plane tickets
4) residing with temporary living close to vacancy search and the next search close to found work
5) Medical insurance while being abroad
The note:
The trial period operates from the moment of contract signing c the employer, instead of from the moment of arrival, but the general term should not exceed three months.
This period is a trial period for taking the decision about the candidate.
The contract can be terminated earlier if the employer will not like the candidate but not less than 1 month.
1. The help in drawing up and transfer of the resume of the Customer:
requires - 10 EUR
2. Manufacturing of copies and legalization when due hereunder the
basic documents of the Customer (the certificate, the diploma, the
qualifying certificate, the passport, etc.): requires - 50 EUR
3. The official registration of papers, connected with necessity of
acknowledgement of qualification of the Customer according to the
international norms and rules: requires - 200 EUR 4. Registration of exit documents (the passport, the entry visa, the
air ticket, and other): requires - 750 EUR
5. Medical testing, inoculations: requires - 250 EUR
6. Foreign language courses: requires - 500 EUR
Total: 1760 EUR Now you have all necessary documents but I have a problem.
The total sum of services appeared more than expected, I was not ready to it.
Tickets and medical insurance appeared more that I thought before and now I do not have enough money to pay for it.
After signing of the contract, the price for some services of agency have changed for today.
Also the agency does not allow to find other ticket variants or get payments and tickets from other person as such conditions are not allowed by the agency rules.
That is their rules.
I have paid advance payment in size - 300 EUR, after contract signing.
Now from this sum in 1760 EUR it is subtracted 300 EUR it was necessary to pay 1460 EUR.
1760-300=1460 EUR.
Today I have paid only a part from this sum is 500 EUR and at me remain only 240 EUR, but these are my last money. Now I need to pay the last part of money during three days from today. If the payment is not made for this period of time them my order will be declined.
I spend much money already for the trip to Saint-Petersburg and the living here.
These were my mother and mine accumulation and this is all that we could collect for the trip. Firstly I thought that my mother will be able to help me with money but then I recalled that it is necessary to help my sister to support her studying at University.
Now it is necessary for me 720 more EUR with the account if I will include in this sum all last 240 EUR.
Without these money my trip will be determined and I will need to go home lost all money and hopes. And we will never meet.
I described you the situation and you know my problem.
I do not want to ask you about the help as you can think bad about me. I am ashamed.
But now you are the only one who can save my trip if you want to. I have no variants except it.
You can save all our expectations and hopes.
I ask you to help me.
You know that I am coming to work and I will have job and place of living.
I will not make you any complexities and you will not spend any money when I arrive.
If you agree to help me I will give you this money back as soon as I get first salary in your country.
You will lose nothing. I will give you everything back.
You would take the decision but remember that now my future depends on your decision.
Probably my or our future is in your hands.
But I ask you to hurry up because we have too little time.
I hope very much that you have an opportunity to help me and you will appear the kindness. If you want to assist me you should know that my full name is Viktoriya Nikolaeva
First name Viktoriya
Last name Nikolaeva
Rent apartment address in Saint-Petersburg: 4-12, Avtovskaya, post
code: 198096,Saint-Petersburg, Russian
street,post code:
Use Western Union system ( this is an international system of money transfer. Offices are situated in every city. On the website you can find the closest office to you.
Use the rented apartment address in Saint-Petersburg in order I will be able to get money here.
I have got this information in bank also I will be able to get money very soon.
I was recommended to use Western Union because I have no bank account. I have only passport and this is enough to receive money.
You only need to tell me the MTCN number with the help of which I will be able to get sent money.
I assumed so many times our first meeting and these thoughts made my mood much more better.
But now I am very upset. I faced with complex and not clear rules laws. And I can do nothing and I need to obey.
I am waiting for your next letter but for this period of time I will worry very much.
I hope very much that you can understand me.
We will have much time to know each other better if you help me.
Waiting for your answer.
Best regards and care,
Viktoriya P.S In the letter I apply contract copies in Russian.
But I have tried to translate the contract text independently.
I hope, you can understand this text.
Also you can see and other documents which confirm my trip.
After me will employ, I should sign the certificate of the executed works «The Act about performance of works
Under the Contract ? 2456
The present Act forms the basis for carrying out of final settlements between the parties according to the Contract» Here contract transfer: The Contract 2456
For Employment abroad Saint-Petersburg
DATA. «Agency on employment Profpers ltd», in the name of director Mihajlov Dmitry Aleksandrovich operating on the basis of the Charter and the state license of Federal migratory service of Russia ? 20107210920, "Agency" called further, on the one hand, and Mr (Mrs.) Nikolaeva Viktoritya Viktorovna "Customer" called further, on the other hand, have concluded the present Contract as follows: ARTICLE 1. THE SUBJECT AND TREATY PROVISIONS
The customer charges, and the Agency incurs the obligations connected with rendering to the Customer of assistance in search of work and his employment abroad, according to his wishes and qualification. A. CONDITIONS OF THE CUSTOMER:
1. The country of prospective place of work: Denmark
2. The basic trade (the diploma, an operational experience): the designer, the diploma of the civil engineer, an operational experience more than 5 years
3. The adjacent (second) specialties confirmed with documents and an operational experience: the civil engineer
4. A salary minimum level: 1000 EUR
5. Term of the labor contract: 3 months
6. Payment of journey to the country of employment and back pays (the employer, the expert or the mixed variant): the expert
7. Residing conditions: rent of habitation with possibility of a choice from the given variants
8. Medical insurance (at the expense of the employer, the expert): at the expense of the expert with renewal possibility, depending on conditions of the employer B. DUTIES OF THE PARTIES:
1. With a view of successful realization of the present Contract, the Agency takes up obligations on the basis of the documents presented by the Customer (the resume, the diploma, the certificate, the work record card, the certificate, the passport, etc.) to spend exploratory talk with foreign employers or their representatives on a nominee of the Customer and to present to him (Customer) within 1 months from the moment of payment by the Customer of the advance payment provided by point
Item 1 of the given Contract not less than 10 offers on work abroad, proceeding from his desires stated in point And item 1 of the present Contract. 2. The customer within 3 days after signing of the present Contract transfers through bank into account Agencies or brings cash in cash desk advance payment in size _300 EUR_. The given means are used by Agency for compensation of the post-cable, etc. accompanying expenses connected with performance of the obligations, provided by point item 1 of the present Contract. 3. In case of default by Agency of the obligations provided by point item 1 of the present Contract, in stipulated in point item 1 is considered terms, the present Contract terminated, and advance payment completely comes back to the Customer within 5 days. 4. In case the customer for any reasons is intended to terminate ahead of schedule unilaterally the Contract or has given in Agency doubtful data on, the present Contract is considered terminated, and advance payment completely remains at the disposal of Agency. 5. The customer gives the consent to check of the data given to him and his persons through law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation. ARTICLE 2. THE ADDITIONAL PAID SERVICES RENDERED BY AGENCY TO THE CUSTOMER. 1. The help in drawing up and transfer of the resume of the Customer: requires
2. Manufacturing of copies and legalization when due hereunder the basic documents of the Customer (the certificate, the diploma, the qualifying certificate, the passport, etc.): requires
3. The official registration of papers, connected with necessity of acknowledgement of qualification of the Customer according to the international norms and rules: requires 4. Registration of exit documents (the passport, the entry visa, the air ticket, and other): requires
5. Medical testing, inoculations: requires
6. Foreign language courses: requires
7. Courses of improvement of qualification (Refresher courses) (training of the Customer according to requirements of the employer): does not require
8. Before leaving preparation: carrying out of consultations on internal political conditions, laws, customs and customs of host country: does not require
9. Assistance to the Customer on a trip to a work place: does not require
Placing of the nonresident Customer in hotels or in inhabited sector for preparation for departure.
Sending in the airport at departure for work Notes:
1. The customer independently chooses from listed above additional services his interested, and concludes with Agency Addition to the present Contract on their rendering or includes them at once in the Contract text.
2. Cost of services rendered by Agency is defined by the price-list, operating in Agency at the moment of Contract signing, taking into account really developing conjuncture. ARTICLE 3. CONTRACT PERIOD OF VALIDITY
1. The present Contract comes into force from the moment of his signing by the parties and operates till the moment of departure of the Customer to a work place abroad if points B.3 earlier have not come into force. Or B.4. Item 1 of the present Contract.
2. The contract is considered terminated in case of non-payment of the advance payment provided by point B.2. Item 1 of the present Contract.
3. Reschedule cancellation by Agency of the present Contract probably if the Customer has refused the vacancies offered him completely corresponding to requirements of point A item 1 of the present Contract. In this case payment for rendered to the Customer service Agency does not come back. ARTICLE 4. THE PROCEDURE OF PAYMENTS UNDER THE CONTRACT.
After signing or Contract vising between the Customer and the foreign employer confirming his employment abroad, the Customer within three bank days pays to Agency monetary compensation for the work performed by it according to conditions of the present Contract in size_400 EUR_. After product of the given calculations Agency and the Customer sign the Act about performance of the present Contract, and the parties cannot have to each other any additional financial claims. ARTICLE 5. SPECIAL CONDITIONS.
1. Questions at issue on which the parties will not come to the agreement, will be resolved in an order established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
2. All changes and additions are brought in the present Contract in consent the parties and made out by the separate additions signed by the parties.
3. The present Contract is made in two copies , and all copies have an identical validity. One copy is in Agency, another - at the Customer.
4. The agency does not bear responsibility for reschedule cancellation of the concluded individual labor Contract between the Customer and the foreign employer. Agency:
«Personnel Agency Profpers»,ltd.
Legal address: Ivan Chernyh's street, 31, the city of St.-Petersburg, Russia 198095
INN 2130014689 tel. +79531612604
(signature) Customer:
Second name Nikolaeva
First name Viktoriya
Middle name Viktorovna
Passport ____62?5512213_______________
(Whom and when it is given out)
Address: __36-9 Mira street, Asbest, 624260 Sverlovskaya oblast, Russian__
INN ____2410086321________________________
Telephone: ____-___________________
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Name: Natalie Fosshaug
Age: 28
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Age: 28
Name: Tatyana Anokhina
Age: 22
Name: Kristina Fedorova
Age: 28
Name: Victoria
Age: 31
Name: Michalina Magnus
Age: 34
Name: Yana Kuzminova
Age: 27
Name: Elena
Age: 29
Name: Tessy Michael
Age: 29
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