Scam Letter(s) from Rosemary Asomani to Gordon (Australia)

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Letter 1

hello this is Monica this are my pics i hope you like me as as your friend

Letter 2

Hello Gord sorry i left the chat before you send i should get you those details. Well i tried snapping the picture yesterday but i couldn't good self timer to snap it so i have told the daughter of the landlady to come and snap me so hope she comes. I will take naked pics for you. Love you.

BOX 69
ZIP CODE: 00233

Letter 3

hello Gord,
i need a very big promise from you that NO ONE IS GOING TO SEE MY NAKEDNESS EXCEPT YOU. i also got the Gold in my possession after i had given the money to the parent so i decided to take a picture with it so you will know. they are 4 in quantities with irrigular shape so i will take it to the court for proper measurement of the weight and the cost. please once again. don't let anyone see my nakedness. i love you soo much


Letter 4

Hello Gord,
where are you? I am very worried becaiuse I have not heard from you. What is it that you are not coming online. I want to talk to you before you go to bed. I miss you veery much.

Kiss and hugs

Letter 5

how are you this evening? I tried chating with you last night but couldn't find you and same this morning. You know i am always worried when i can't find you. I am worried. Please at least you should always send me some email informing me if you can't be online so that at least it will not keep me worried. What is it. Can you tell me what is going on? Talk to me. Contact me please. Contact me.

your love Mon



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