Scam Letter(s) from Elena Onycheva to Roger (USA)

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Letter 1

My love Roger!
I am happy to see your letter!!! My love, I am sorry I haven't time to write you much...
It was hard to get a minute to write you from this library... Here there is a computer which using for searching books... But I asked to allow me to use it in my purposes, and i am here and I can to write you my LOVE!!!
My dear, I am making medical tests for visa. It is necessary to be healthy to get visa. And therefore necessary to make a lot of medical documents...
It is very hard ) But all for our meeting!!! )
My dear I am sending you my photo ))) I hope you will like it!!!
It is Saturday today, I am just from meeting with my friend, I told you about she, she work in travel agency.
She told me that she found out that you talk with agency via emails. I hope they give you full information there.
My love, about kalinina 99, yes I checked this address, it is post office, and I know where is it.
And I already have visited this place, and they have western union branch. I found out how to get it there.
I will need passport, I must to know exact amount of sum, and your address to get it.
So my love, now I am ending, because workers of LIbrary ask me to end my deals on computer...
My dear I am going to home now, and I wish you to know I LOVE YOU ROGER! ! !
I hope you will like my photo )))
My photo is my message for you!!!

Letter 2

Hello Mr. Roger,
I already had conversation with Elena, we discussed yesterday various variants of flight. I understand your position on this question,
But you should understand our position, we are responsible for health and a life of our client abroad. Elena flies in the USA as the tourist.
Therefore about any payment from your side, speech should not be! She has addressed in our agency, and we should pay all, and we are responsible for a life and health,
In case of any problems, it we shall be responsible for everything, and not you!
Elena gave us a route which you have found for her flight.
But as we have understood, you want to save at your meeting, but in final you try to save on health of Elena,
Yesterday behind quiet conversation with her, we have explained it all to her.
It seems to me, we have found common language. I do not understand why you so worry. For phone calls we do not have enough good expert in the English language.
Therefore I suggest you to continue to use e-mail.
The visa is almost approved, as the secretary of embassy in e-mail informed us, last formality is necessary - and it is interview.
And only after interview, Elena will receive the visa approved with seales, and registered.
Actual the visa is approved at present time. There was a formality.
Concerning our variant of a way to a place of your meeting, we can give to you the following flight from Moscow to Myrtle Beach:
Airline - Aeroflot, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Air Lines
Moscow - Amsterdam - Myrtle Beach
Round trip it will cost - about 1350 dollars. All depends on date and time which the client will choose.
1350 dollars include gathering the airport, insurance.
Probably our variant of flight does not coincide with yours.
We hope to see your wishes.

Letter 3

Hello mr. Roger,
We understand, that you are responsible for health Elena, in the USA, this your moral opinion, you will carry only the moral answer for all troubles,
Legal, we answer, for health Elena in the USA. Since last year, laws have become tougher in our country in relation to travel agencys,
And we do not require any problems.
For these purposes we keep all your data which were given by Elena to us.
It also is good, that you liked a route which we could offer you. Also according to your desire we have checked up accessible flights up to destination Myrtle Beach,
Elena also has warned us, that she wishes to return from you prior to the beginning of New year.
And we can offer you the following flight:
Departure in the USA:
1. A start - Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, Monday on November, 21, 11:30 am
Arrival - Amsterdam, Monday on November, 21, 12:00 pm
Airline Aeroflot
2. A start - Amsterdam, Monday on November, 21, 4:55 pm
Arrival - Atlanta, state Georgia, Monday on November, 21, 8:30 pm
Airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
3. A start - Atlanta, state Georgia, Tuesday on November, 22, 8:30 am
Arrival - Myrtle Beach, state South Carolina, Tuesday on November, 22, 9:46 am,
Airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Return flight to Russia:
1. A start - Myrtle Beach, state South Carolina, Saturday on December, 24, 21:10 am
Arrival - Atlanta, state Georgia, Saturday on December, 24, 1:33 pm
Airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
2. A start - Atlanta, state Georgia, Saturday on December, 24, 5:25 pm
Arrival - Amsterdam, Saturday on December, 25, 8:15 am
Airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
3. A start - Amsterdam, Saturday on December, 25, 1:00 pm
Arrival - Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, Sunday on December, 25, 7:10 pm
Airline Aeroflot

Total price, in view of all taxes, 1359 dollars.
We hope that you will be arranged with the price for all travel. Also we shall wait for your opinions and wishes.

Letter 4

Hello my Love Roger!!!
I am sorry I couldn't write you on Saturday, and I have one opinion about library after visiting this place on weekend...
It work there one old stupid woman... I was so angry!!! Because she didn't allow me to use computer for few minutes...
she told me that they have a lot of works and computer is occupied... I saw that it was free!!!
I tried to explain it to her but this stupid woman told me that she doesn't want to discuss it... I didn't know what to do, and I thought that I will say she something bad...
But I was patient, and I gone from there.
But my love I was in agency, there asked me about dates when we wish to arrange flights for traveling, I told that I wish to fly to you before new year and I hope to meet it here with mother, I don't wish to leave her alone here for family holiday as Happy new year. I wished to check how it will be and how much.
They told to visit them on next day and they will prepare all information, I visited agency on Saturday and they told me that time for arriving it can be 21 November, and I will be able to return on 25 December and I will be in Seversk right before New year...
I have some information with me about this trip. But I don't know what to do, because if to buy tickets it is necessary to make it right now. Because I haven't too much...
Way to Moscow it will take near to two days, it mean that I must to go there on train 18 or 19 November, it mean that I will have four or five days before to pay for tickets.
And I am not sure what to do. My love what we will do?! Prices for tickets is very expensive...
And as I understand it is very expensive for you too... My love about visa, it is ready for interview, I just need to get start from here from agency, and they must to contact Moscow to warn that I will be there.
And I will go there and all will be ready! In agency even gave me address of internet cafe which I will use in Moscow to contact you.
I will live in hotel before to fly to you. I will need to have hotel room for time before to fly to you. for one or two nights.
As to me explained in agency it will be safer if I will be in Moscow before my departure to you before of 2 days.
It will mean that it won't be necessary for me to hurry up with it all. And with a calm mind I will finish all deals there and I will fly to you.
But I am sure what I must to do... I can't to plan anything, because as you understand I can't to pay for tickets... I don't have opportunity for it.
Anyway my love I need your opinion. I love you and hope that you will find what I must to do.
My love I couldn't sleep nice for this weekend, because I am full of thoughts about our meeting!!! And I fele it so closer with each day!!!
My dear I will write you from work and library (sometimes library) or from travel agency.
So I am sure thyat it won't be any problems with communicating. My dear what our plan from this point and what to do farther?!
I sit on my suitcases with clothes! I already have prepared it all. And I am ready for each day to go to you )
I check each day it all because I worried that I will forget here something, but it seems all is fine and I am really ready to fly to you !!! )
My mother is sending you a gift which I will keep in secret for this time, but you will see it when we will meet with you!!! )))
I am almost free of work right now, so don't worry about anything. All what I need is plan how we will do farther...
So what else I can to tell... hmm... I planned somethign about way and how much it will cost, I am ready to go to railway station to buy tickets to Moscow.
It is expensive but I will buy it. And you can don't worry about rail way.
So my love it seems all what I can to tell you right now,
I love you Roger!!!
I will wait for any messages from you. Now I am going to agency for any news there...
Your Elena



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