Letter(s) from Elena Vorona to Mark (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Mark.
I'm sorry that my reply has been such a long, but I was unable to reply to you previously. I hope you haven't forgotten me. How are you Mark?
I'm glad that you tell me your email.
This is my first experience of correspondence and I don't even know where to begin our acquaintance.
I think you're interesting people and we will be able to know one another better. I think you're a nice person.
I will send you your photo, I hope you like it. I'd like you to send more of their photos. I hope that you will respond to every letter and my reply to my questions.
I love the honesty and sincerity. and what would not be true, it is best to always speak the truth.
I will wait your emails look and hope you did me soon.
I am glad to get acquainted with you.
Your new friend Marina.

Letter 2

Hello Mark!
Mark I have received your letter and I am very glad. I wish to learn you better, but I do not know from what to begin. Send to me more than the photos that I could see with whom I I communicate. I hope, that I too was pleasant to you in the profile, differently you would not answer me.
My English is not so good also I hope, that you understand me well. I hope, that I can learn your language better that to you all was more clear.
Now I will speak a little about myself. As I to you have already told, my name Marina, but friends name me simply Mary. I was born on october 28th, 1981, now to me of 30 years. I when was not married and I do not have children. A city in which I live OMSK. From capital to be very far about 1500 km. I live with mum in one apartment.
I wish to tell to you about a soya to work. I work in one of restaurant of our city. The name Restaurant "Jumanji". I am the art director. I am responsible for conditions at restaurant, for meetings with our partners in work. I like the work, it is pleasant to me when visitors of restaurant leave happy and come to us again and it is all depends on me because I watch all it. I like to operate people and it is good at me it turns out.
Mark to me very interestingly that you would wish to learn about me??? It will be very pleasant to me to answer your questions. I hope, that you can tell to me even more about you because you are very interesting to me.
Tell to me, Mark. What to you like in women? What should be the woman? What character at her should be? I very much would wish to know your opinion concerning it.
I think that it enough. Now I will go to make a supper. I hope that I can soon receive the letter from you. In this letter I will send you a photo with me as I hope that you will send to me many the photos. I hope that I you like.
I will wait for you very much. Mark I hope that you will not forget to write to me.
I very much wait, I hope that will answer quickly.
Your new friend Marina

Letter 3

Hello Mark
Mark for me it is very pleasant to receive the letter from you. I hope that at you all well and you good mood. I hope, that my photos like you. Today I will send to you of even more photos.
How are you? How there has passed your day? What did you do today? At you the mood has exchanged when you have received the letter from me? I like you? I hope, not so it is a lot of questions.
You can send to me more than the photos because really it is very interesting to me to look at them. I hope, that I will receive them in the following letter.
Mark now I wish to tell more about myself. My growth 173 sm, weight nearby 60 kg. Mark you like to prepare? I simply adore to do it. My mum has learnt me to prepare. When I was small I watched mum on kitchen. To me all time was pleasant to help her when she prepares, now I can do it itself and it turns out is very tasty. What dishes it is pleasant to you? What usually you make for a breakfast? I very much love a Chinese cuisine, for example beaters.
I very much love comfort. It is pleasant to me, when it is pure and cosy. When I come home I always is glad, because at my place always cleanliness and an order. I hope, that at you as.
I very much appreciate in people kindness, honesty, sincerity and the good relation to other people.
Dear, I asked you about women. Now I will tell to you what men to me like. I love men which quiet, sincere and do not deceive. Which drink alcohol not much. Which man I and which loves me love. How you think, you can be him? Or not? I think that shortly we learn it. When we will know each other better.
I do not know when you read my letter, early in the morning or after work. I hope, when you read it it warms you and does your mood better.
Now I will go, that will meet the girlfriend for walk. I with impatience will wait for your letter. I will hope that I will receive answers to the questions and many your photos.

Letter 4

Bonjour my dear friend Mark!!
Mark how are you? How's your day? All that today was bad in my day, once lost, it remains only the good, after I got your letter. I am very glad that you have not forgotten about me and wrote me.
I am sorry that my answer was so long, the fact that I was very busy and I have not had time to turn my internet. Today I was able to do it and all is well, I'm so glad that I can write you this letter.
I hope that you will do well and you're in a good mood. I hope this weekend will be fine.
I want to tell you about my family more. I want to tell you about how I grew up, and who raised me. Brought up by my grandmother and mother.
Mother name Galina, my grandmother name Evgeniya. I live with my mother in apartment in our city. My grandmother lives in the village, it name Orlovka. On Father, I do not know, mother, and grandmother about it do not say. Mom weeps or goes away when I ask her about it.
So I do not know. I do not want that to my mother cry.
Mark my grandmother is very kind. I have lived it every summer and I liked. Her well. We used to often strolled together in the woods went swimming and went to pick berries. I want to explain to you why I I can not find the man of her dreams in their country. We have men, but many drink or beat their wives. But others have for her husband. So I decided to get acquainted with you. You like to drink a lot? Mark just tell me the truth. I hope not. I do not drink or smoke, only on holidays that I'm letting you drink a little wine. I'm not against that man would drink, but not much and not often. Mark I want to say right I do not like to scream and quarrel. I love to laugh and I wish that it would My favorite was always happy and never sad. And I'll do for this. I am always ready to kiss him, if it does him happy. I wish that we enjoyed with him our love, passion and tenderness. I hope that picture, which I now I am sending you like this. It shows me and my mom, but they are very old.
I will reap tomorrow.
I can not wait .......
Your Marina.

Letter 5

Hello my dear friend Mark!!
I am pleased to again receive your letter. I hope you have good day.
Are you all right? " I hope that your day goes as you planned.
Thank you my dear friend that told me about you and your family, it was very interesting to read and learn you better. I am very glad to see your pictures, you had a beautiful boy, but now is not worse, just got older.
Dear Mark, I want to know how you rest? As usual you are planning your weekend? Do you love spending time with friends or maybe relax at home? What movies do you prefer? If I was now close to you, do you think what the film most of us would like now? Do you like to dance? I would like to dance with you. Tell us what you love? Do you travel often? Mark and you were at sea? I was only once we have in Russia in Sochi! You know this city? This city will be Olympiad in 2014. I really liked it a rest. By the way there I was in the Dolphinarium.
And today, I'll send you photos of where I am with a dolphin. haha I love the water and sun. Water gives freshness on a hot day and a pleasure. It was very good, but still not enough of a loved one near.
Now, if we were more familiar, you would go with me? It would be unforgettable. Do you think the same?
Today we again have come my grandmother. And I'll cook for her tasty dish. Have I told you that I love to cook. My mother taught me to cook many dishes. Mark is a pity that you now can not try it, I know that you liked how I cook. Who knows, maybe you will have a chance to try my dishes in the future I am happy that I met you. I like you more and more, with you I can talk about everything. Your letters give me joy. Just do not forget to send me a picture! I look forward to your new letters.

Letter 6

Hello my Mark !!!!!!
I do not even know you like my picture, but I'm sending it to you.
Here it is. It was New Year's Eve, when I was little, but this toy gave my beloved mother! This toy is still preserved. Now me and did not know at that photo. If you want I can send you many photos of my childhood, they survived. I will send you some, I hope that you enjoy.
My dear friend why you called me ANA, maybe you're talking with another women??
I am sorry that my answer was so long, there was a problem with the internet and the only reason I could not write to you. I hope you understand me. I think that this problem no longer occurs and we can talk more because I'm curious to know you better. I like you very much.
I would like to learn from you about your friends. Mark do you have many friends? And this? Not just acquaintances. And people who you can trust around?? And they always give you advice on how it would hurt not. Who does not want you in pain. Which all help you. Mark I have only one real friend, with whom we can talk about everything. Her name is Tatyana. We grew up together with her and learned together, went together to the dance. Now she works as a teacher in school. She teaches English. We are with her well-studied English school. and yet I am sending you a photo with my girlfriend. Tatyana's left of me.
Mark and what are your friends? Do you have many real friends?
Tell the truth. And have a photo where you together? You can send it to me? Mark I'm really curious and I want to know everything about you. I guess I do many questions, I hope you're not offended by it. I already miss you and check mail. Suddenly comes your letter? I am waiting very much looking forward .....
Your Marina

Letter 7

Bonjour my dear Mark !!!!!!!
Mark when you woke up today, you got my greetings, which I asked me to tell the sun? It is to convey to you my greetings? He warmed you? I beg you to tell me. I'm so glad to receive your letter. I am glad that I'm interested in you.
I am very tired today. But the weariness has passed after I received your letter. Mark tell me about your work? What do doing? What are you doing? Can more? You work every day? I am every day but Saturday and Sunday I work less hours. but sometimes I rest in those days. and usually in the weekend I go to my grandmother. Mark I have a very good grandmother. She taught me everything. I know how to wash, iron, care of clothing, repair it, cook delicious food. Grandmother say that taught me the best. And I am very grateful for it. Mark would you like to try the pie, which we do grandmother? I am sure you would have liked. They are very tasty. Mark and what kind of dishes you would like, what would I prepare? Or learned cook?
Mark I am sending you new pictures. These photos were taken at my work. I think you would be interested to see where I work? " I hope you like them.
I do not know what time of day you just get a letter? Morning? Or the evening? I'll wait for your letter. I hope that you will answer as soon as you receive it.
Your sincere Marina.

Letter 8

Hello my dear Mark!!
I'm so happy to receive your letter again, which brings me much joy.
So it is important to me that you do not forget about me. I hope you have a good day.
Dear Mark, I want to ask you that now you think about our relationship. we know is not the first day and told a lot of other things. I'm glad all your letters, is pleased to recognize you more and more. I like you very much, but I still want to know you more. I never hide nothing from you. You are doing the same? You have no secrets from me? You're telling me all about yourself? I can tell you everything. I do not like to lie and do not like people who cheat.
From their earliest years, my grandfather and my mother taught me that I always told the truth and never lied, even when a lie is sweeter than the truth.
Now I like our relationship with you. I do not know that we will continue. Mark what we'll come in our relationship? Maybe we will have a lot of love, passion, tenderness, may be we want to be together for life, and maybe we will not succeed and will only be disappointed.
I do not want to think about the second, I hope that we will be the first thing we want to be together.
Mark I hope that you are always glad my letters and not get tired of my questions. I still want to know more about you. I'm glad all your words and I am glad that she had a chance to meet you.
I also look forward to your letter and believe that you will do it as soon as possible.

Letter 9

Hello lovely Mark!!!
Your letter brought back so much heat. Thank you lift my spirits. Ohh ... dear Mark say what you like about me? Only honestly =)
My dear, I hope that your holiday went well, sorry that we do not live nearby, I always gave you what would be a gift.
Today I want to talk to you on one very important theme for me! Mark I want to ask you about your past relationships. I want to know what you had before the girls and why you are no longer together? If you do not want to talk about it and you bring this pain, tell me about it. I do not want to hurt you to remember and we will not touch this topic.
I've told you about the men in our country and the majority only want sex and nothing more. to tell your friends after that he slept with the woman. I do not want that. important for me feelings and love. I was 20 years old when I was a guy whom I loved, but he and his parents moved to another country and more is not written to me. now been almost 10 years since I have not seen him.
Later I had another guy who said that he loved me and I believed him.
I thought that he said to me sincerely and honestly. but left her for another girl just because she was very rich. Now I'm even glad that we parted then, because he loves only money.
Still later, there were many guys, but I've already said that we in Russia drink a lot and I could not find her beloved man. I decided to wait. Now I met you. I like you very much. Do you understand me. I would like to hold you now, by the hand and feel your warmth, but unfortunately we are far from one another. but I feel the warmth of your lines in the letter.
I told you about their past relationship. Mark I hope that now you tell me in detail about their relationship.
Do you like romance? have you ever walked at night on the sandy shore?
I would like to walk with you in the stars.
I will wait your letter soon. Already miss your letter.
My mother and my grandmother send greetings and wish you best of the day!
I am sending you lots of sweet kisses. Mark if you think about them you need to feel it.
Your tender Marina!!

Letter 10

Hello my beloved man Mark!!!! My heart warms when I receive your letter. It's so nice to me, that I immediately feel better.
Mark I hope you like all the photos that I sent you. I try to send you as many photos and so I'll send it to you today. I hope that you'll enjoy it again. Mark with me all the good and the day was excellent. even at work was a lot of work and I thought it would be a very difficult day. but we are with all the staff have done everything to do quickly and I was not even tired. I was waiting, when will my working day and I can go home to see your new letter and reply to you on it. the day went very well, because I tried to think only of you.
thoughts of you help me and make my day very colorful. Mark and you think of me when you work? what do you think about us if we were together? Would you like to kiss me right now if I was next to you? I would love to feel the warmth of your lips. I know that this kiss would be a very gentle and I would remember it for life! I'd like to now walk with you. walk in the park and just keep each other's hand. I increasingly understand that you have become for me, dear man. Now I have a feeling that even before when I did not know you, like me something was missing. and now I think I missed you. your line, your understanding, your tenderness, that's all I really lacked. I am very glad that I met you.
I want to kiss you Mark, but I'm far away from you. so I just sent you a kiss.
I finish my letter and I will look forward to your reply. already beginning to miss your new letter.
Your and only for you, with love, Marina

Letter 11

Hello dear Mark!
what's new with you? your day going well? sorry that I did not close, I would like to bring you much joy and happiness. Every day when I check my mail, I worried that maybe you did not write and then my mood just drops. But when I look at my email and it is your letter on my face appears immediately smile and my heart beats stronger.
I want to tell you what happened to me that something is happening.
No, do not worry, I'm good. I would even say that now I feel even better than it was before. and I think that this is due to the fact that I am familiar with you. Mark I have a great desire now to fall into your strong arms and feel the beating of your heart. I want to feel the warmth of your body and your gentle lips. sorry I'm not an angel and I have no wings, so I could fly to you at least a few minutes to kiss you.
I told you that I have had bad experiences with men, and such a man as you I come across the first time. I feel that my life is changing. I'm in love with you. I've never experienced such feelings. You feel something too ? Mark your life is somehow changed after our acquaintance. I am all right with you, but I'm still not entirely sure in all our relations. That's why I want to know one another more.
I hope you understand me and you do not mind.
My mother and my grandmother again sends you greetings.
I'll wait for your letter with impatience. Mark I hope that you will not pull the answer. Tell me, what exactly do you feel me? I really want to know.
kiss ...
Your Marina

Letter 12

Hello my lovely man Mark !!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad that you understand my feelings, and I'm glad to know yours. Your letter again warmed my heart. And I'm glad that is familiar to you.
I'm sorry that my answer was so long, I had no internet all the time, this problem is due to the fact that the beginning of a new month.
When I do not get your letters, I feel lonely and as though nobody in this world there and I do not have to live. Your letters give me strength live, and I feel better. Mark what did you do last night?
Yesterday I watched a movie together with my mother. I do not watch it carefully. I was thinking about us. And mom asked to give her a massage, Mark you like massage? Mama says that after my massage to her easily, and she feels better. As though it has had new strength. I studied massage at the special courses. I'm doing very good massage, and I think that you would too much. Mark you would like, what I would do you massage? I would like to feel like your strong and gentle hands do to me massage, you do it to me? I would love to try it.
Mark I am sending you my most gentle and sweet kisses, and I I hope that they warm you and your heart, and you feel better. You looked at the sky? I saw stars? I am sending you so much kisses, how many stars in the sky. With each star, and if you look at the night sky, they will begin to sparkle for you, sending my kisses.
I hope that my photo you like, and she, along with my kisses brings you joy and love.
Mark I will sleep, and dream of you. Maybe we'll meet in our dreams?
I hope that I see our meeting.
Your gentle and tender Marina

Letter 13

Hello my sweet my lovely man Mark!!!
I'm glad to see again your letter. I am happy that you exist to me. I adore you and want to feel you.
My dear I'm sorry that my online are so long, but the fact is that I have a problem with the internet, but now everything is fine and I am very pleased that now I can write you a letter because I know what you expect it.
Mark I miss you, and I want to be with you and only you. You looked yesterday at the stars? You got my kisses? I remembered the story of that when a person is born, it appears the new star, and when dies, a star falls. One star - one life. I looked the sky and look for our stars. I am very interested in what happens When two people love one to another are together? Mark do you think? I think that they are united. And become larger and brighter. I hope that my written English you know and understand my feelings.
My lovely Mark, I was so good tonight! I saw you in my dreams. It was elegant. When I woke up I was a sea of emotions from my sleep. we met with you on the street, we did not know but everyone was thinking about something else that he knew his whole life. you asked me that I had dinner with you. We went to a restaurant. We sat there and chatted. I was happy with you. When we left the restaurant was dark and you would like to accompany me. we do not want to be separated. We walked for a long time and went to the bridge, we decided to stay on it. We looked at the stars and just looked at the water which reflected the bright star. it was all so romantic. We did not even notice, as we hugged each other and reached out to each other closer and then we kissed. DEAR, It was perfect! We continued to kiss for a long time I was in heaven from happiness.
Mark do you often see dreams of us? I ask you always tell them.
dear all these dreams, you want to become a reality? I want this!
many kisses for you. you send them to me the same way tomorrow? I'll wait ...
Your tender Marina!!!

Letter 14

Hello my lovely, my dear Mark!!
I am very glad again to read your letter. I'm glad that you are with me and we became so close.
I was hoping to get your kisses, but surely you do not have time to send them to me, I'll wait for them tomorrow to look.
My dear your poem pierced my heart, I was very pleased. Thank you, you made me happier. what a pity you're not with me.
Mark day I came home from work and just lay on the couch to rest, but I did not see how I fell asleep. I slept only an hour and woke up from that as if someone kisses me and I dreamed it was you. but when I woke up, you were not there and I was sad.
dear Mark I've known them long enough and I'm glad that I know you.
but I do not know your country and others. I want to know what people think about me your loved ones? when we met, do you think they will treat that we're going together? they would not be against it? tell me.
Mark my mother and my grandmother always ask me about you and about our relationship. they are happy for us. They see how I shine from your letters. and how happy I am that I am familiar with you. my mom and grandmother every time I passed on to ask you their good wishes and good luck to every day. I again send you their wishes now. My mother and grandmother, asking that they might give you? What gift do you want?
Mark I was very happy and the happiness you give me you. Mark do you want to be my man? I want to be your women, and I want to feel your love, your passion, your smile, your tenderness and your joy.
Now I'm almost completely sure that I have found the man with whom I want to be together. I'm talking about you my Mark. Between us a great distance, but I think that it will not be a problem for us and we will be together. That only I still think of as your loved ones would react to our relationship with you?
I miss ... I will wait your letter soon.
Your and only your lovely Marina!

Letter 15

Bonjour my dear and gentle man Mark !!!!!
Mark I'm bored and waiting for your letter, I am happy to receive your letter today. I would be very upset if you did not write me.
I think that you already start to get offended because I am writing to you very little and rarely. Only once in several days, I'm sorry, but I always write to you when I can. I hope you understand me. My internet was not working all the time, I do not know why, but today I can write you a letter and it makes me very happy.
Mark all my friends and family say that I changed very much. They surprised me and my happiness. And I want to thank you for that You make me happy. Thank you Mark. When I read your heartfelt letters, I feel fine during the day and I see beautiful dreams.
Mark I thought a lot about our meeting. What do you think about it?
How happen? What will we do? I think about it constantly. Of my dream to me like one. In this dream, I go out of their aircraft and I see you. I do not know what it looks like the airport, because he never flying, but I'm sure that I know you when I get out of the plane. We run toward each other, I see the flowers in your hands. I go up, and you give them to me. I'm in your arms, we enjoy our kisses. You pick me up, and we continue to kiss.
We go to your home, and there we prepare a wonderful dinner for two. I cook light meals, we're having dinner, by candlelight, under the slow music and talk about everything. Then we become a single whole in the dance, we dance and go slowly bedroom. There we go to bed and undressing one another. Our love, our passion, our desire to become a single whole, and we burns in love, and enjoy the passion and tenderness.
Mark do you think, how will we meet? How will it be? What we we do?
I really want to know your opinion. I'll look forward to your letters, and I hope that you tell me about his desire.
I LOVE YOU !!!!!
Your and only your loving and gentle Marina.

Letter 16

Bonjour my dear and gentle man Mark !!!!!
My dear, I am very glad to see everything that you wrote to me, especially to see the photo that you have done for us. I hope that someday we will be able to make this picture in reality.
I do not know how to describe what happens. I already told you about it. Yesterday, we talked to mom about you. I told her that I I can not live without you, and I want to see you. Mom said she was pleased me.
She is glad that I met the man of my dreams. And I asked her I go to you or not. She said what she thought and said that I must go to you and not to suffer and to suffer alone here. I'll be with you. I not want to wait. I WANT TO YOU !!!!!!!!!
I love you Mark !!!!!!!!!!!
My dear Mark, I think of you throughout my day when I wake up, when I work when I go lightly when I'm asleep, I dream to find you there with me.
Every day, every hour, every minute I'm only thinking about you. . All this time I think about you and I want to be with you forever. I have a dream that would be our luck was with us forever. I do not need anything except your love and I want to be in your arms forever. I do not need. Nothing but of your love. I want to kiss you, feel your kisses, enjoy our passion and love. Mark I just want to hold you the hand and walk down the street that we were together. FOR ME IT IS THE MOST HIGHLIGHTS !!!!!!!
I want to wake up in your arms, I want to wake up from your kiss, I want to see your happy eyes. I want to meet you home, do you massage, cooking delicious food and enjoy our love !!!!!!! I want to lie on a beach near you, what would the sun, water and you're with me. And I could kiss you. I WANT TO YOU !!!!!!!!! I'll do whatever our luck was with us for ever !!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO BE WITH YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark I will do everything that we with you were happy. What would I do not had to do, I'll do anything, anything to be with you. What would all what we're dreaming, it became a reality. Soon, our dreams will become reality. We will be together. I'll go and find out all possible ways on how and when I come to see you. Tell me about your closest airport. I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!
Mark I will be with you. With you forever.
I promise you, I'll do whatever I do have to do.
Yours and only yours a loving and gentle Marina.

Letter 17

Forgive Mark. Forgive me Mark I beg you, do not be angry at me. I do not know what to say. I do not know what to say. I feel very bad, sorry .................. I do not know where to start, I do not know what to say to you. I promise you Yesterday, I was coming, and that all our dreams will come true. I am want it. I want to be with you, and I want to make a reality of all our dreams.
I do not want anything, just you and your love. I want to be with you forever.
I have no words. In my eyes filled with tears. I feel very bad, because I promised you and I can not do it. I went to Travel agency and learned the cost of travel. I have a little heart did not stop when I found out the cost. Mark trip is very expensive for me. I do not know how to do it and how do I come to you. I promised I would come, but it turns out, so I do not I can do it.
Mark I am very ashamed of you. I thought that the trip is not so expensive. But when I learned what to do, then I was in shock. I learned what to do, what documents to execute and learn the approximate cost of all this. This is a very big money. Forgive me, Mark, I beg you to forgive me ..............
I am far from you and I can not come, I can not make you happy, I can not give you my affection and love. I do not have much money, and I have no idea where I can find them.
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!
Mark I want to be with you, and even then that between us the distance does not frighten me. I ask you only one thing. Do not leave me. Not leave me alone. I want to be with you, I do not know how to promise, but I beg you not to leave me. I met you, I understand what you exactly the man to whom I want be forever. And I do not want to lose you, the man of her dreams. Forgive me, forgive me, but I can not be with you now. I beg you, understand me.
Mark sorry, sincerely and with respect and love,
Yours and only yours forever Marina.

Letter 18

Hello my lovely man and my sun Mark!!!!!!!!
Mark i am happy to receive your letter. I miss you and I'd like us to be together forever. I love you with all my heart and I am glad that this - the barrier that stands before us not destroy our love. I love you Mark!!!!!!
You are my life Mark!!!! You are mine and I'm ready to give all my love, all I feel. I cried when I realized that I can not come to you.
I have not slept all night. I woke up today with tears in my eyes.
They are tears that because I can not be with you. Mark you are my prince, you are a man of my dreams and I will give everything to be happy. Mark are you the one that I think throughout the day, you're the one I dream that I desire. I want to feel your passion, your love, your tenderness.
I am sure that I love you.
I do not know what to do. But I am happy that you have not left me alone and love in my heart warms me. I do not know what to do, but I will do everything in my power so that we can meet. I am ready to give everything for you.
I love you Mark!!!!
Your and only your Marina

Letter 19

Hello my love Mark!
My dear Mark I am sorry that my answer was so long, but I did not have access to the Internet because of bad weather. I could not get your letter, but I'm very glad that today I write you this letter. I hope you're not too worried, because I can not leave you. I hope that more such problems do not recur. I will wait your letter with impatience. Very miss you.
How you Today? How are you doing??? I have very good news for you. I was very happy when I heard it. Mark, Today I spoke with my uncle, he said that would help me with a trip to the UK, that is to you. My uncle told me that he would take all the financial side of themselves. I have not talked to you about it, but I have an uncle who lived in the UK as well as you, but I long ago had not seen him. He came to visit us when I was 10 years and more I have not seen him.
My uncle asked me if they can trust you, because it is a very large sum of money. He told me that now there are many scams on the internet and I must be careful. But I told my uncle that I can trust you 100%. My dear I actually can trust you? I told my uncle that I trust you and you are very good man. I told him that perhaps you're my future husband. I explained everything to my uncle and he said that will help us to meet. My uncle talked a lot about trust, because he is very worried. I think I can trust you.
My uncle said that at first he will give money to you, then you give money to me. He explained this by saying that it would be much easier to transfer money to you first, and then you'll pass them to me. Because I do not have a bank account, and from the place where he now lives the city is too far to send me money through "Western Union". My love I hope you understand what I want to explain to you.
My uncle said that he would need the information your bank account to be able to give you money. Do you have a bank account?
My love Send me your bank details and address. My uncle said that he needed only in those details:
1. Your name of the account
2. Account number
3. Sort Code
4. Bank name
My love you will help make our dream come true? My love I hope you all understood correctly and do everything well. My Dear Mark I hope very much you. I trust you, please dont deceiving me.
My love, I hope that in my next letter I will be able to see that what I'm telling you now. My uncle said that the amount he would say after the hand over the money, but I think that this amount is approximately $ 2000. He handed me the money so I could make foreign papers and buy a ticket.
My love I hope you can reply me soon, because I'll be waiting anxiously for your letter. I love you
Only your Marina!

Letter 20

My dear Mark I'm waiting for your letter, I hope that you will do well.
Know what I think of you, I hope that you will answer me soon.
Miss you.
your Marina