Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Zinchenko to Larry (USA)

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Letter 1

I am a young lady and my name Is Katya.
I want to find a nice real man who can make me happy and who i can make happy. I dream of devotedness and love. I believe unconditional love exists.
Loyalty, understanding, care is what i can give. The same i wish to get! Ilike enjoy life but together it will be better!
Please tell me about yourself, i am curious to know.
Have a nice day, take care, Katya
me looking every day.jpg
kiss you!

Letter 2

Hello, Larry!
It is great to start our acquaintance in the Internet! Nice to meet you.. My name is Katya:)!!!
I believe nowadays Internet gives us such a great opportunity to make our huge world smaller and to meet people from all over the world. I am new in the Internet and it was so amazing for me to discover such an opportunity. Do you agree with me??
Well i think i need to give you a clue of who i am, ok:)
I want to ask you to tell me about yourself as it will help us to get to know each other better and letter by letter portion by portion we will have an idea which persons we are.
Anyway, I was born in 1979. December,5th Ukraine and still live here.
I live in a small town in the east of Ukraine, called Bryanka.
It is coal mining town although many coal mines were closed and does not work anymore:( I rent a small flat here.
I have never travelled abroad to the western countries, been to Russia only, but it is not considered like foreign country here.
I am about 170 cm and 54-55 kg.
I grew up with my mom only. Unfortunately my father left us when i was little kid and my mom did her best to grow me up and i am very greatful to her as she learnt me so many things. i have family values and respect to people. If you are interested to learn more about my childhood and my little family (I am the only child) Just ask and i will tell you ok:)
I love nature and sports, i enjoy jogging in the nature.
I have graduated from college and have a profession of cloths designer, i like drawing and working out cloths from my childhood, always sewed all cloths for my dolls and then for myself being a teenager which helped a lot to my mom as we never lived in prosperity. It was difficult for my mom to provide a good life for the two of us especially during the 90 ies when Soviet union fell.
Unfortunately after finishing the college, it was and still is very hard to find a good, well paid job and i was lucky to work on my profession on local knitting factory, but i have always been dreaming to become a fashion designer or at least a good designer and to have my own shop with my cloths. I try to participate in local contests with my works. It is my work, my passion and my hobby.
tell me please about your work, your passion hobbies??
I started my search in the Internet with the hope of finding a true man who will see my inner beauty and will love me for who i am and i am ready to make everything for my future man, i want to make him happy!
perhaps you have asleep with my long letter!!!
I will wait for your reply, Katya
PS, almost forgot i attach my photos where you can see better how i look like, can you please send me your photos??

Letter 3

Hello, Larry!
How is your day? What have you been up to?
My day is great as usually, i meet every day with the smile on my face. I am an optimist and i always see a half full of water glass rather than a half emtpy one. What about you? Are you an optimist?
I am eager to learn a lot about you. What do you think of me?
Are you excited getting to know me? As for me I am excited and happy.
I want to learn more and more! What are your likes and dislikes? What food do you like??
To answer these questions for you, i enjoy simple food, as i stated i live in a modest way and cant afford many things, but i love cooking a lot and i try to work out new dishes from the products i have, Surely i love Ukrainian borsch, which is our national soup! Have you ever tried it? mmmm very tasty! I love it. Also i enjoy cooking meat, fish, vegetables! What is your favorite dish? I will never leave you hungry hahaha! As for drinks i like water, juices and if alcohol, then white wine. I drink socially.And you,Larry? To be honest i do not like men who drink a lot.
My likes and dislikes are also simple. I enjoy romance, i like reading books(detectives, history and fairy tales) magazines (fashion), i like when people dressed nice(this is surely connected with my work and hobby and passion- cloths design). I like being in the nature, love water, sea, lakes and rivers, i adore sunbathing and swimming, what about you? I want to learn how to fish:) So if you can, share experience!Perhaps when we meet? I like when home is clean, cosy and tidy and dislike mess in the house. I like sports, love jogging and gymnastics, dances. Enjoy slow dances, salsa and disco. I am very sporty, even at my age, hahaha!!! You know many women when they are thirty have some extra weight and do not look after themselves. I enjoy to be feminine and being a woman and lady love to take care of myself and love some things for women like bijouterie,lingerie.Try to design dresses for myself on my own.
What i dislike is rude people, untidy people, people who look into your eyes, smile to you and lie. I am very simple and straight forward woman, i always tell what i think, some people do not like this, but i believe the bitter truth is much better than sweet lie! as sooner or later lie will be known! This is why i want to assure you that i am honest from the beggining and i hope you are too. I am serious in my search and my intentions are clear and transparent.
Oh i just noticed how long my letter is, uppsss do not want to make you fall asleep... this is why better finish it and will go home..
I will be waiting for your letter impatiantly, take care, Katya
PS will attach some pics for you, please share yours as well, hope you like them:):):)

Letter 4

hello, Larry!
thank you for your email and pics, wonderful pics!
It is such a great pleasure for me to receive your email. I could not fall asleep yesterday! I am very excited about our meeting in the internet and i am eager to learn the next chapter of our book which we write together right now, the book is called our life and i hope you agree why i chose such idioms.
I'd like to think that our exchange of letters is providing a much needed confirmation for you that I am not a person who plays games or plays with a person's feeling or emotions,and I sincerely hope you are the same way. I think life is too short to be wasting time in relationships playing emotional games with a person's heart, don't you agree? It is so pointless and it only ends up hurting the other person; I just don't understand why some people do it.
I think and believe that trust, respect, love, and compromise, and looking towards the future. All these elements are necessary to be present in a great, long-lasting relationship. I want you to know that I don't take relationships lightly, and when I enter one, it is with the intent of being with that person for the rest of days. I hope this statement doesn't scare you - I guess it's just the kind of person I am - when I meet the right person, I want to be with him forever.
I need a person in my life that needs to give love as much as receive it. I think you are capable of satisfying this need but I think we can only know if it is possible with our meeting. Like you, I value honesty and sincerity in a relationship. I want to share something with you that I feel is my private information, but since we need to be honest with each other, I will tell you. I want a relationship in which we share everything and there is an abundant love between us.
In our relationship, I want us to be so passionate about the love we share that we will exhibit a unbridled passion so great it is like a wild encounter each time we share our intimate time together. I would like to find a man so much in love that every time we make love it is like the first time. Breathless, hungry, driven, aggressive, highly emotional, sweaty, uninhibited, all at once. Do you understand my meaning? This type of relationship can only happen between people who trust each other completely. I need to be able to trust you completely, and I know you want the same of me. I want us both to be very happy. I hope you share my opinion, please tell me about it and i will gladly read, ok:)
I wish to tell you more as well as ask you, i feel that we have this special connection, so called chemistry and it is very interesting for me to communicate with you, but for this time i need to close, i need to hurry up home as have many things to do for the next working day, i need to prepare some designs of women tshirt. My town is very small and is considered to be depressive and right now it is absolutely impossible to find any job here unfortunately, this is why i need to be ready for work as i cant risk with this job, even it is so low paid but it is the only way for me to exist here. Sorry to bother you with this stuff:( But i am honest with you and i want you to know that i do not pretend to be someone i am not, as i have stated in my previous letters i want my man to love me for who i am.
So better to go and be prepared for work, i send you kisses, yours Katya
PS photos for you are attached please send me yours!

Letter 5

Hello, my Dear Larry!
My day is brighter when i receive your email! Thank you for maing my day! How are you? i hope everything is good? Tell me about your daily life? Please share your photos.
The process of exchanging mails is very absorbing and definitely i enjoy so much and you? You have a nice talent to write and it is very interesting and easy for me to read your mails. I think this is what people call chemistry or compatible people. Taken into accountour letters and what we have already learnt from each other we do have some things in common Sure it is a bit early to tell whether we are soul mates but i am convinced that provided that we proceed in our correspondence like we did up to this moment we will learn this in the nearest future, i know now one thing we both search for the same, we have the same goal of being here and we are lucky to be destined to meet like this. Surely we will need at some point to set up a real meeting which will help us a lot? Do you agree???
My day is fine but could be better! Yesterday, i heard from co workers that our kinitting factory where i work and its owners will be decreasing the quantity of workers and everyone afraids to loose their jobs and including me. As I was lucky to find the job which i like even if it is not exactly what i want, i have shared my dream about the working field with you, but anyway, it is too difficult, to be honest almost impossible to find a job here, and i am afraid to loose this one, but i hope very much that everything will be fine. My job is low paid, but in my town Bryanka, you are lucky to have even this. So this news about dicreasing made me a bit sad. I need to be the best coworker so i am not fired from this position. I need this job a lot!
I would like to ask you one question, May i? If you were granted one wish, what would it be and why?
As for me, Larry , if i had one wish, then it will be to find a partner/soul mate with similar interests, goals, wants and needs that I can rely on and would rely on me, that I can trust to do things right and would trust that I can do things right, someone who has it together, uninhibited by straightforwardness, who is beyond playing games, that is protective, faithful, easy going, hard working, trusting and compassionate, someone who knows that they deserve to be happy and that can make me happy, that I can appreciate and who will appreciate me, that would be my best friend and give me a life full of fun, passion and romance. Why? Because I have the same to offer and need that in my life!
I will send you some of my photos, I hope you will like them:) I made a kiss photo for you and i hope you like it:) Can you make me the same? Have a nice evening, take care, kiss, Katya with care

Letter 6

Hello, Larry!
I am in good mood today as i have got your reply.
Definitely we have a very special connection between you and me and i am very happy about this and what do you think of this?
You know, i have a heart full of love and kindness and i dont have anyone to give this to. I feel myself so lonely coming back home.
Everything i have is my passion - designing of cloths, yes i love it but work is not everything! Everyone in this world should meet his or her own half or soulmate, and i am afraid of this. I am afraid to get burnt! I see that you are a very nice man and i am very attracted to you in a very special way and what about you? You know when i get your letters and see even your name in my email box, my heart skipps like i am a teenager, i am afraid so much that it is different for you.
Please share your feelings and dreams. As we agreed to be always open, transparent and honest with you, right now i am sharing my feeling from our correspondence, i so much enjoy it. i always wait for your letter and with the help of them i do not feel so lonely.
I want to be a nice woman for my man, you if you want this. I want to be the most beautiful and the most desirable woman. I want to foreseen every wish of my future man. I want to meet him with a smile on my face, bath full of bubbles and nice hot supper on the table. I want to share romance with my man and passionate night. I dream of this, i want this a lot. I wish my dream to come true faster.
My man will be on top always for me, i want him to be proud of me!
I will give him all my love and all my passion. Is this what you want?
Larry, I dreamt about meeting, i was arriving in some unknown place, i guess it was an airport or railway station and i felt myself a bit tired after farely long trip, but then when i come out, you meet me and we, without unttering even a word, understand everything and simple kiss.. It was so deliscious, so real, i woke up and was a bit sad , that the dream finished.. i wish to sleep longer, but it was time to get up and go to work. i wish to stay longer in bed but cant risk of being late for work and getting fired as i will not be able to find any mean for living here:(
Perhaps you share my dream??? Please tell me...
Re: Thinking about the future - hope you are looking forward too :)
I will close now but i send you my pics, please share yours and i will wait for your letter impatiently, kisses, your Katya

Letter 7

Hello, Dear Larry!
My dear It is a big pleasure for me to receive your email.
Judging from our correspondence we started building nice relationships. I believe we have been given a very good chance.
Now my days are bright with your presence in it and i am happy!
I am grateful to you for making me glad about this, i have been feeling so lonely really. Yet i think we should learn each other more a bit , i hope you agree with me.
Unfortunatetly today i came across the problem, my savings which i used for using internet cafe where i write you my emails and receive yours and send you pics, finished. and I have no possibility to pay for the internet cafe anymore. I am very sad about this, my day is bad, because of this, i dont know what to do, but i know one thing, i do not want to loose you when i have just found you.
What shall we do?? To be able to use internet cafe, i need about 150 usd and it is huge money for me now and as i told you savings are over, i have been saving those sum i used for three months, and i hope you can help to solve this problem, i hope you are serious about me and you wont leave me in this difficult situation.
I will wait for your reply, i send you kisses, yours Katya

Letter 8

Hello, my Honey Larry!
I am so happy you care about me as much as i care about you.
I need you and since i met you i can not see my life without you.
Honey Which details do you mean?
Sorry i can not write you long email until the internet is paid for!
Love, kisses, yours Katya with care

Letter 9

Hello, my Dear Larry!
Oh honey thank you so much for your wish to support and solve this problem, i hate to think of loosing you when we have just found each other!
Larry, i loved your pics!
Thank you for your wish to assist me. I appreciate this a lot.
I am sorry it happened like this but i hope that you are as serious about me as i am serious about you.
Here is the information you need:
Katya Zinchenko, Ukraine, Bryanka,94100.
Please inform me when you send money, i will wait for your information, i send you kisses, yours Katya

Letter 10

hello, Larry!
thank you for your help, I have received it.
I am so grateful to you for your great help and for your care and understanding! I am so happy to stay in touch with you as you are the most wonderful am I could ever met and I am very happy to meet you and I want the only one thing to be with you and to know what real happiness is because I am sure that with you I will get to know a real happiness.
You, Larry, are the most wonderful and the best man as for me in the world. I know nobody's perfect and I am not an exception of this rule but for me you are the best creature in this world as I feel that we were born for each other and I care about our relations a lot. I imagine us in the field together and we enjoy being free and light like batterflies!
I would like to underline how it is important for me and appreciate by me because this is our the best chance to stay in touch and this is very dear as for me cause I am very interested in getting to know you better and to stay in touch till the bright moment of our meeting!
I was thinking about you all the time and I feel that we have a lot of things in common and that trust is the thing that you can't get at once but with time you can win it if you worthwhile of this. Do you agree with me.
You know, Larry I love a lot of things to share with you and I am dreaming about our time together.... I will not let my imagination to fly too much and I will write you about my interest in you and my hope that you will write me much more and soon you will feel completely comfortable with me and I am with you so we will write to each other openly and honestly sharing all our dear thoughts and dreams and we will develop our relations for the future meeting and we will see if we have a nice chance to get married in the soon future and to have a wonderful family that we are dreaming now to have one day.
Thank you so much for caring of me and I would felt not very comfortable being dependent on you but I believe in our love and I know that you are doing this for me as for your wife so i am very happy about your help.
I am finishing my letter and I hope to hear from you very soon with all your questions that I will be happy to answer.
Love and Kisses

Letter 11

Hello, my Dear Larry!
Thank you for your emails and wonderful pics!
Honey During the weekend internet cafe is closed and i cant receive your email or send you mine:( Sorry! I wish i had pc at home but i need to use internet cafe.
Dear larry, I am truly sorry about your past ex[arience with the girl!
My dear I ams erious about you and me and i have told you about this in one of the emails while we corresponded. You can be sure about it.
Like you i want serious relationships.
Honey I was in relationships and i was cheated i know how it hurts to be cheated and i would never wish anyone to feel through what i went:(
It was terrible, i healed my wounds and started my search.
Like yo i met a bad man who made an awful proposition to me, he seeked sex but i told i want only serious relationships and i do not believe in sex witjhout relationships and he was angry at me, but i have told him from the very beginning about my wish to find a nice true man.
Larry, work is quite hectic, i have plenty of job but there are not many orders and boss is always angry:(
As for my mom, because i have too much job i do not see her very often and grandad lives quite far away and we rarely meet, but when i have the chance i do my best to go and help him, they know about me and you.
Dear Larry,you know I think that life can be cruel to some people but beautiful to others. The best thing you can do in life is just take it as it is and find the best way out of a bad situation. Most of all I like when I can make close people happy, then I also feel very happy.
And I think it's very important for me in this life. I also like being with the one that I love, doing things with him, trying to make sure he is happy. I think that I am patient and I am tender, my friends consider me a good person and I hope that they are right. I like to make good things. I like to help people. And try to use every opportunity to do it. You know it's very difficult to tell good things about yourself. I don't like at all when people don't want to tell the truth, when they try to lie to each other. I think that all relations have to be built on trust. So I don't like at all when people don't trust each other. I also do not like people who try to use me.
Sometimes I can be angry at someone and can say not very good things to another person, of course I understand that he/she is not the reason of my anger, but sometimes I can't do anything with me. But I'm very happy when everything is Ok and everybody feels good. I am happy when I think of how it will be with you in my life. I'm thinking of you. I look forward to the time when you keep me warm with your embrace.Whenever I read your letters I feel a wonderfully warm glow inside me and I feel ready to take on the world. Sometimes, Larry, I wonder if I am worthy of all your kind and tender words. The confidence and trust you show in me make me feel a truly happy and special woman. Thank you so much! Hope we will finally have a chance to be together. I am sure that we are waiting for something good and special and our patience will soon be rewarded. Your magic has entered my life and made it so much more complete and special. All I feel I need to make life perfect is to finally be with you. I still find it totally remarkable that we have found each other and that our relationship has developed so well despite the distance and all of the obstacles in our way. Perhaps it is because we have had to work hard to overcome things and also that we have talked through our letters that we have become so close. I think that because we have used the letters to explore our thoughts and feelings that we have had a chance to let our relationship develop and mature in a positive way that any earlier meeting would not have allowed. I hope you think the same way.
Take care, yours Katya

Letter 12

Hello, my Dear Larry!
I hope your day is great and you enjoy it. I have missed you.
oh honey yesterday was tiring day for me and when i came home i simply went to the shower and then into the bed to sleep, i overslept today a bit and i hurried to work so i am not late:(
Here we have very strict rules if i am caught for being late i can get a fine from the salary:( this is not good at all:(
I dont know why, but i feel very tired yesterday, but i am ok now.
got and good sleep and again full of optimism and strength!
How are you? What are you up to??
Dear Larry, We're there for each other through the highest and the lowest times, applauding success, and easing the pain of defeat; sharing the magic of each other's dreams...and working together to make them come true. We realize that things won't always go our way, and when we give in a little more than we'd like it's not a defeat but an investment--and we know that in choosing to share of lives sometimes we'll have to give up a little more of gain so much more together!! You're my best friend--I can trust you to show me patience when the world is too demanding, acceptance when others are judgmental, loyal support when other turn away. I wish that you could know what strength I draw from the closeness we have found...the trust I feel when I talk with you, the comfort and the happiness I will know when I am finally with you.
Dear Larry, I want to meet you, I believe the best time when it is proper with work it will be in the begging of Next year in January, is it ok? the ending of the year is always very hectic time and i believe our first meeting should be very very well organized:) and I do not want to be at work, if it is a week then we need to be all the week together!
Honey What do you mean?? I send you plenty of kisses, yours Katya

Letter 13

Hello, Dear Larry!
Oh honey thank you so so much for your amazingly wonderful emails!
I am so flattered honey and oh i was surprised in a good way about your real gift to make stories like the one you sent me, It is very easy to read it although English is not my native language, but i feel a wave of warmth and delight reading the story and your first email too!
it is really great, it is hard to put all my emotions and feelings and my impression into words as i feel a great lack of English words!
Larry,How are you? What this day brought you? i hope only good things honey?
As for me, my work is finished for today but i got some things to think about at home and will do this in the evening, perhaps i will get some inspiration after your email as i am always so high after reciving your letters, honey! Thank you for this, i will never be tired to tell you this:):)
Dear Larry, you can always speak with me about everything and i will be devoted and good listener and if i can give you a piece of advice i will and i will be glad if you can listen to me understand and advice too.
Thank you for being gentle and oh wonderful with me.
I would love you to stroke my hair and just to enjoy the peace.
Honey surely we can make a plan and also dream about our meeting!
My perfect meeting:) Well to be honest i don't know why, actually i know, really perfect meeting for me would be in Late April and the beginning of May, the nature will be very beautiful here and also You arrive in Kiev, at this time Chestnut trees will be in blossom and Kiev is famous for its chestnut blossom!
Everything will be green and fresh air, during winter it is cold here and in autumn it is gray all around. and all the dirty things are everywhere.
But if not to take into account this, sure perfect will be to stay in Kiev and then meet with my mom, grandad, we can visit him also, be he is quite old now and unfortunately do not feel so good himself, and then we could go to some nice place, western part of Ukraine is also beautiful! Something like this, but this is first plan which occurred to me, but there can arrive many little good details:)
Honey i need to close, it is quite late here and i will need to go home and it will take me for about half of an hour, and because we changed the clock one hour back it is already dark here and to be honest quite scary to walk!
Anyway, i send you love and kisses, yours Katya

Letter 14

Hello, my Dearest Larry!
I am very happy to receive your wonderful email!
My dear I hope your day is good? I want to send you plenty of smiles and warm hugs to you. It is colder today! Actually i am not in the happiest mood right now, i am sorry to tell you about this, but we should share all the things together, right? So i am sharing!
Your email of course cheered me up, but in general, i feel very lonely today and this is why quite sad. moreover it is quite hectic day at work and i am with headache:(:(
Again, Larry, i only today noticed that week is almost over and weekend again here. I did not plan the weekend. I watched the ads in the town about new cartoon in the next town to mine small cinema, i wish i could go to that cartoon, oh i dont know whether i am right to put it correctly into english but "Puss in boots". I like that cat from Shrek!
Sometimes i so much want to a kid, i know chilhood will never return, but once i remember me and my mom went to some cartoon, i dont remember what cartoon it was but i was so happy then! Do you like cartoons, if yes which ones honey Larry??
well i will close now and will go home for a sleep, i send you many many kisses, honey i send you all my love and care, yours Katya

Letter 15

Hello, my Precious Larry!
I am so happy to be able to werite you this email!
Honey I hope your day is great and you enjoy it???
I am very happy to have news from you!
Larry, you shoudl write novels, you are so gifted and i so much liked your story about our meeting and date! Wow, you should really think of writing something! Larry, yes I believe The second week is good;) , Dearest Larry,as for me my weekend was quite boring and usual, just as usually honey i managed to do many domestic things, it was quite hard to boil the water only and to bring into the bath tube hot water and then to wash with my hands, so by the Saturday evening i felt myseklf tired, but in general, it was good days because i slept more than usually and relaxed. I wish we wre together, I wish i could be hold by your stronng arms, i wish to kiss you all over and i wish honey to be kissed all over by you! Oh honey I have so many wishes:):) hahah:) But i am sure they will come true! this is what i am dreaming about and moreover if ou dream about the same together we will achieve our best:):)
Honey Larry, Today my day was quite long and busy and i need to close;(
Honey iam sending you plenty of kisses, and my love, you are always in my heart, yours Katya

Letter 16

Hello, My sweet romantic Larry!
I hope my letter will find you in your best spirits!
I am happy to write you an emaiL! How was your day? Was it good? My dear as for mine it was ok, just a normal day and this also makes me happy!
Dear Larry, i hope to have a week off and to meet you, but more about this i will be able to tell you only in the end of the year!
It got cold here very very abruptly, At night we had 12 degrees below0, can you imagine, but during the day time it is about 5 degrees or something like this, but again frost! What is the weather like there now??
Honey Larry, I wish I didn't have to miss you. If only you could be with me always. I know I could never be any happier. But then again, I know that the day will come when I will be able to spend my every waking moment with you. I even miss you when I am sleeping!How is that Larry?
I got a dream about our meeting last night and it was so real and so warm!
Please come to my dream tonight! Love, your Katya

Letter 17

Hello, Dear Larry!
Oh thank you so much for your warm romantic loving email!
You have brought my spirits so high!
Honey Larry, I hope my letter arrives to you and finds you in your best conditions! I miss you and i am very happy to read your email!
You give me so much warmth, i am so greatful!
Oh honey today we have the first snow, can you imagine! I do not remember for a long time the first snow to be so early for some years and today when i woke up and come to the window with the cup of coffee i saw white snow!!! For some moments i felt myself a little kid because of the joy of the snow. Being a kid, i realkly enjoyed winter and i liked sledging and also ice skating! Sometimes i wish i were a kid, i would wear something warm and nice, go for a walk and would make some snowballs;) Just imagine you and me who forget about our age making and playing snow balls:) How much fun it can be:)
This first snow gave me some positive moments and i would love to share it with you honey!
What this day brought you?? Please share! I send you many many kisses, yours Katya

Letter 18

hello, my Dear Larry!
I believe we are getting closer and closer in our relationships!
I am very happy about this!
Again honey The week has ran away so fast and weekends is here!
my precious I hope your weekend will be fine and you enjoy it.
I know that together we will enjoy it much better buit also i always think and try to bear it in my heart and mind that soon we will be together and we will do so many nice things together!
you know i could not fall asleep yesterday and was dreaming about you and me, i dreamt about making passionate love to you! Oh honey i got so.... so excited about this.. Honey You are my world now and i am waiting for your kisses and your touches.. your emails and you can share your dreams about you and me, ok:)
I also could almost see it like in reality you and me waking up in the same bed and our bodies are intertwined and we are so in tune after hot passionate night, my head is on your shoulder and i could simply feel your heartbeat and your breath! I miss you, i wanted to share with you all my thoughts and feelings! honey i want to send you my love and kisses, i will close now, wish you to have a good weekend and think of me and i am going to think of you, love, yours Katya

Letter 19

Hello, my Dear Larry!
I have missed you so much and i am very happy to send you my email!
I so much want your week is good! I hope it will be as i wish for this so much! Thank you for telling me about your weekend.
As for me my weekend was ok, i so much wanted to relax a bit and i did this because i felt myself a bit tired by the end of last week and gladly i really enjoyed sleeping some more time in the morning on Saturday! It was really wonderful! It is cold here, the snow is almost gone but i watched news and they told it will be snowing again! Looks this year winter came one month earlier, absolutely the opposite what we had last year when we were waiting for the winter it came in its full blossom only in January!
Larry, the phone is blocked for the debt and it is necessary to pay the debt before using it.
Larry to be honest The surprise is good, but i would prefer to make all this organized, because what if i am away and you make such a long way:) I believe as i told you our first meeting should be well planned, if you lived near, say, next to mine, it could be but i do not think when we live so far away from each other!
So i was sleeping quite late and really enjoyed the morning with cup of coffee!
I was dreaming about you and me, our life together! I want this so much and always think of this! I am grateful that we have found each other:)
Larry,I went to the market to busy some food and rthen cooked soup with chicken and salad, as usually washed cloths! I was watching a nice romantic movie at night! it was wonderful, i dreamt how we will cuddle on the sofa and watch some nice movie! I feel that i miss you so so much honey!
My dear Larry I will close now, but i will wait for your reply, love, yours Katya

Letter 20

hello, Dear Larry! I hope my letter will find you in your best spirits! I am very happy to receive news from you and i hope so much you are doing fine! Larry, my way home is quite long from internet cafe and usually it is in the evening! My day was ok today and i enjoyed it, I came home and really enjoyed the evening, reading a nice book, but at some point i realized that i really read the same page for several times and i dont understand it at all, because i was thinking of you! I was thinking what are you doing tonight, what exactly you do at the same time, what do you watch and what do you enjoy, whether you walk now, or may be reading something or may be you talk to someone and i tried to imagine you how you are in your life, in your surrounding, what you wear and what you eat or something... I really miss you,Larry! I really need you! Sorry today i feel myself lonely and perhaps this email is not the happiest of mine, but i feel like i feel and i share my feelings with you! I feel love and tenderness and i feel myself nice and happy when i receive your emails. My dear I send you many many kisses, yours Katya

Letter 21

Hello, my Dear Larry!
thank you so much for your wonderful emails, for your warm loving words, they are so important for me and so dear to my heart!
Larry thank you so much for your care and love, i am thankful to you from the bottom of my heart!
How is your day?? What are you up to? oh honey Yesterday was quite terrible evening for me. I came home in the evening, everything was ok, and i decided when i came to have a shower and rest, was tired and did not want to do anything. Just relaxation which a shower can give was the only desire in that moment, i started having shower i was thinking of you i was dreaming i had a dreamy mood and it was so great... I washed myself and i was in all in shower gel, i imagine you and me having shower together, you massaging me with your strong hands, i closed my eyes because of wonderful desire and wonderful satsfaction of your body next to mine and we are in shower gel and bubbles, i massage you all over, cm by sm evry cm of your body and you do the same, you start washing my hair and i feel your excitement and you feel mine we both wanted to make love so much after all the love games in the shower... i had wonderful dream like this while i was washing myself and right when i was all in shower gel, the water stopped... can you imagine my condition, oh it was terrible! I did not know what to do.. i had no water any more, everything i had poured on myself in the shower and that one i bolied for myself should be mixed with some cold water to get right temperature and i could not mix the water because there was no cold water! oh it was terrible, i just used the towel, i did not have any way out... my wonderful dream about you and me was absolutely spoiled... and i could not wash myself....
It appeared the water was turned off, it is necessary to pay the bill.... It is terrible honey!
This is my evening... what about yours?? I am sending you many many kisses Katya

Letter 22

Hello,Dear Larry!
thank you for your letter! i hope you are doing fine!
I want my mail to find you in your best spirits!
Miss you honey so much and happy to share my mail, my love, my everything with you!
Are you ok?? What's new??
My dear Larry My weekend was ok, but quite tiring, again, the second day of this week, i need to stay very late at work, because we need to finish the order! oh i can not wait this working week to finish to be honest! i so much want to sleep honey... and also i so much want you... What plans for the weekend?? As for me i did not plan anything, the only nightmare for me is to finish everything at work before weekend, because if i and some of my colleagues wont finish the boss will be very angry and i even afraid of him and what to wait .. Oh i am scared to think of this, this is why i am working odd hours!!!
My honey Larry I will close now, need to run back! I did not even have any dinner! I love you, you are always in my mind, i send you all my kisses all over you, yours Katya

Letter 23

Hello, my Dear Larry!
Thank you so much for your wonderful email and so warm thoughts about me and you!
I hope your weekend was wonderful:) What have you been up to? I hope you really enjoyed it.
i have missed you a lot honey, and my weekend was quite usuall, nothing interesting:(
Larry,I have missed you a lot and i was thinking of you a lot as well.
Dearest Larry,I'm proud of you, I feel very proud you won my heart, I am proud of what we have created: a beautiful bond of love without conditions, without barriers, fears, where love prevails trust in others, it is our a covenant of love so deep and clear. I know that Lake Baikal is characterized by a freshwater lake, deep water and very transparent. I have the feeling that our love is like that lake: Large, deep, transparent.
Sweetheart Larry, your letter has left a taste so nice and so pleasant feeling and love that I have enjoyed all day and still enjoy it so far. You're a wonderful man. It is you who make me happy, it is you who make my heart beat very fast from excitement and passion to you, my love! Thanks for being with me my love, please understand, thanks for the happiness you have given me. I am a whole woman and that's because you're with me. I am so happy to tell you this.
My dear Larry new week has started and i want to wish you a wonderful week, without any problems and only with nice moments and happy! I love you, yours Katya

Letter 24

hello, my Honey Larry!
I send you plenty of smiles to you this day so when you get an email from you you could feel my love, my passion, devotion and smiles from me! I love you and i am so happy to tell you this today!:):):)
My day is fine, Larry, nothing special, busy with work a bit, perhaps this is why i will need to keep this email short, but honey, i hope your day is better:) Please tell me about it, ok:):)
Today i thought after i come home after work, i will cook something nice:) Perhaps some salad, i want to cook some light and easy to make, oh no today no i will not do, tomorow, as i wanted to ask some of the receipes of you:) Can you please tell me honey:) Something you can make fast and with food which is not very expensive do you have such??? I will be curious to get a receipt from you and cook then:):)
Well honey I send you all my love, i am thinking of you, love you, yours Katya

Letter 25

Hello, my Dera Larry!
Honey Happy Wednesday for you:) Thank you for your wonderful emails and news! I so much want my email to make you happy:)
My honey Larry i hope you work is ok and you found out more about that language you shoukd use:) Sorry i dont know anything about this.
Larry honey as for soup sounds delicious and i also like chicken soup and i cook it almost like you told, but only never heard it can be freezen to be honest is it good after it is frozen? But sounds really nice, cause you can cook, freeze and then eat for the whole week!
Every moment of the day I'm with you, every moment of the day inspires me so that my heart feels connected to yours. Every moment of the day is special, because you're special. I love you like I had never felt that I could love with this intensity. Every day I need more of you, every moment of the next few days will be more intense until we can be together. I am yours in heart and soul. You made my life becomes so intense and beautiful that I do not want to miss a second of my life in angel, in fear. You are my angel. The angel than a human being, sensitive like me, want to have him.
Never leave you alone,Larry, never leave any worry or fear that invades your soul, never let a frown on your face. I've never felt so happy as I am now, thanks to you my love. I am so greatful to you, honey!
So i will need to close right now because i need to go to the shop to buy some of the products and cook something:) as all the food i cooked on weekend finished:( and i was hungry in the morning:(:(
Well i send you plenty of kisses,love, yours Katya

Letter 26

Larry, Honey I love you, sorry i dont feel good myself.. very weak and i wanted to send you at least short email! i am thinking of you, love, yours Katya

Letter 27

Hello, my Precious Larry!
my love I miss you and i hope you are fine!
My love Larry internet account is off and i hope you can help to refill it so we can correspond until we meet! Love you, yours Katya



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