Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia to Roberto (Spain)
Letter 1

How are you, Rodrigo?
Wow, you can't even imagine how happy I am! It is the first time when I have decided to try such way of communication. I even was not sure,
if you would write me. But in the depth of my heart I was hopping. So, I think I should tell you a bit about myself. I want you to know that I am really serrious about finding a beloved man.
I am Natasha, but all my friends and relatives call me Nata. I was born on April, 25, 1982. I am a usual girl from provincial city, but now I live in Lugansk. It is one of regional centres of Ukraine. Here, I study at the Commercial College and live in the dormitary of this College.
I study by correspondence, that's why I also want to find a job,
because I think that parents can't always help their children. Now I am on probation period in one big shop of elite clothes. My salary is very low, but it is better than nothing. I like to look at all these clothes and dream that one day I'll be able to buy at least one thing for me. Actually, I like my job despite the salary.
Sometimes I go to visit my parents, as I have told you they live in provincial city far from Lugansk. I can't go to them very often,
because I am very busy now and the ticket there is not very cheap. I also have a sister, Ann. She is 14. She goes to school and dreams to be a model. When I was in her age I had the same dream, but now I understand that it is not real. I love my parents very much and want them to have happy old age. I think that in a big city as Lugansk I have more possibilities to find a good job to help them and my sister. But here in the big city there are also a lot men who doesn't respect women. I couldn't find my beloved man here, that's why I decided to try this way. I have heared that men in your country are very kind and have open heart. I also have open heart and want to give it to a good person, who will love and respect me. Maybe you will be this man?
I should also say to you that I don't know English, that's why I use a very good translating agency. I really hope that it is not a problem for you. You see, I understand that now it is a shame not to know English,
but if I don't know it, it doesn't mean that I am bad person, am I? I want to have a family. I am sure I'll be loving and careful wife.
I also want you to tell me more about yourself, your life. I really belive that we can find a lot of common. I send you a photo of me. I hope you'll like it. Unfortunately, I can't send you 10, because I don't have a camera and I don't have a lot of photos. I really like your photo and I'll be glad to see your photos again.
I want you to know that I'll wait for your next letter impartiently,
Your Nata
Letter 2

Hope you have a good mood, Rodrigo!
So, I think it is a little progress, I mean our communication. But we shouldn't stop on this, OK? I want us to know each other as good as possible. I am sure you have the same goal, am I?
As for agency, you are absolutely right.
You know, when I have received your letter first, something in my heart told me that I can trust this person. I agree that it is early to talk about something serious like family, but I hope that it can also be. Maybe I am quick a bit, but I want you to know that I have only good intentions and feelings about you. I want to believe that this feeling is mutual.
I want you to be yourself with me, OK? I don't need a prince, I am not a child, and I understand that there is no idial person. Every person has his adventages and disadventages, and if you like and respect this person you should also respect all his qualities. I have such opinion.
Have you another?
So, tell me about your dream, I mean not such dream as to be happy, to have family, children, house near the sea or something like this. I want to know if you have any unrealizable dream?
You know, I have such dream. I dream to have a toy country. When I was a child, I liked toys very much, but my parents couldn't afford to buy me a lot of them, I understood that all this cost money. So, I decided to make toys myself. I was just sewing them. And you know, later all my room was full of different toys. And now I like toys very much. All my friends even don't ask me what to present. They know that the best present for me is a toy. I can seem you a child, no, I just like toys, it is my hobby. And, you know, everybody is a child in his soul, isn't he? I think this should be, a piece of childhood should be always with us, because it is the best period in our life.
Dear, if you want to know something you can always ask. OK? I really feel that this is the start of something good.
I am already waiting for your letter,
Your Nata
Letter 3

I was waiting for your letter, Rodrigo!
You can't even imagine how happy I am to receive every your letter.
With every your replay you are becoming a part of my life. I really like to read everything you write me. Every your word is dear for me.
Thanks for your words abput my photos, but I am not a model, I am usual girl.
I want to tell you my dream. You know, yesterday in the evening I watched the film about love on TV. It was wonderful love story with happy end, then I was thinking about you and about us?! In the morning I didn't want to wake up. I had a great dream. This dream was about you and our happy future. I understand that you can say it is rather stupid. But, who knows maybe our story will become love story with the happy end? I think that everything is possible. And this everything depends on us and on our wish. I think people build their life and happiness themselves. They need just a little of fortune, they need just to believe. It is said that first you should believe in yourself and then other people will believe in you. Do you agree with this?
Dear, today I had rather unpleasant case at work. One Lady was going to buy some clothes, and when she wanted to pay, she began to cry that her purse was stolen. The director of our shop didn't know what to do,
because our shop is rather prestige one and we have a lot of clients.
So, they were talking for a long time and the director gave that Lady everything she wanted to buy without money. Everything was OK, till that time our director decided to minus the sum of that clothes from our salary. Can you imagine that? What could we do? Nothing......
Nobody wants to lose his job. Unpleasant, yes?
Ok, I don't want to talk about this any more. Tell me how are you? What news do you have for me? I also want to ask you something and receive an honest answer: Are you thinking about me, about us and maybe about our future? I really want you to be honest with me. OK?
I also want to know, if my letters make you so happy as yours do to me?
I also hope you will like this my photo,
Your Nata
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