Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Urakova to Buddy (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my new and very much the distant friend!!! How are you? I am very glad that We have started correspondence with you. Because it really gives for me The big chance that I can find the friend and can be beloved. But We can understand it only when we shall know about each other much. Therefore I very much want to write in this letter as more useful Information for you. I hope that you can understand my letters? It Not a problem for you? Inform me?!!! I know English a little. I for a long time Tried to search the man for correspondence on the Internet and did Registration on many dating site, but I could not receive the answer from Men from these sites. It were always the big difficulties or they Asked to pay money. I know that many women from Russia, which Dream to find beloved on the Internet.
I want to tell to you about that that I live in the city of Cheboksary, it is good the city, he is in the Volga region region Russia in republic Chuvashia. The population of our city about 500000 person.
I think that you Have a question for me: why I did not marry Russian to the man? I I shall be glad the answer to him. I had several years ago boyfriend, I Very much loved him and the family with him wanted to create. But he of saws many ***** And sometimes even beat me. But I suffered these insults. But then we not Could be more together and have left, he lives with the girl, which ***** together with him drinks. I very much do not like when the man drinks a lot of *****, It is very bad. I do not drink and I do not smoke. I heard much on To TV,
from books and from people that men from other countries very much They are good also can appreciate and respect women. Therefore at me has appeared Dream to find beloved outside Russia!!! I shall be happy To allow love, dream care, caress good and kind the man!!!!
I want to write to you about myself. I already spoke you my name is Anastasia, To me 27 years old. My birthday on July, 24, 1979. Inform me Exact date of your birth?!!! I shall be glad to know it! My growth 170 Centimeter, my weight of 52 kgs. As you saw my hair on Photos blonde also I have average length. My constitution good and I think that my figure is fine. Excuse me for such impudence:))). I I work in shop of perfumery as the seller. I sometimes have access to The Internet in shop but if we shall be correspondence frequently (I very much I shall be It is glad!!!) that probably I shall use also the Internet of cafe.
I I shall find out about it soon!!! I hope, that you could learn much About me from this letter!!! I to write diligence is as much as possible My data!!! I shall be glad if you will write more about yourselves and it is possible To the family and that as well as where do you live. It will be very interesting To me!!!! I shall finish this letter today!!!!! I hope to see Your answer as soon as it will be possible!!! Your newfriend Anastia.
P.S. I hope, that have liked you my picture
Letter 2

Hi dear! Now I'm at work and I have small break. That is having not rummaged and simply there is a free time. There is an audit of the goods. So there is each month. Before us with girls to give out wages,
check presence of the goods. Sometimes it happens, that money less than should be, and sometimes on the contrary. But so less often,
there is no money more often. I don't know, from what it occurs. It maybe a mistake, and maybe, someone is not pure on a hand. And if it's less than goods, than money our collective divides the sum of shortage into all fifty-fifty. So we work. But will finish talk about work,
it's boring. I want to tell to you, that to me the age of my future husband is not so important either he is rich or poorer. All this has no for me great value. The most important for me that the husband was kind, tender and also we had mutual understanding among themselves because it is very important!!! I very much would like that we saw all high qualities each other and really had love and strong feelings. I want to tell to you a little about my family. I live in an apartment from 2 rooms. We live with mum and my senior brother, to it now 40 years and he works as the driver. My mum on pension, I the daddy has died in 1990. my mum worked in militia earlier, and the daddy was the doctor. I have finished economic faculty and have received higher education, but it is a problem in our city to have work the economist and consequently I work as the seller. My city is about 1200 kilometers from Moscow. If it's fair, I don't believe in friendship between man and woman. If man is friends with woman, on some reason,
he usually want to oversleep with she. Or he loves her, but she is indifferent to him, also he is necessary to be content with friendship. I think so Men such ridiculous! And if the woman is beautiful, very beautiful, she may make all with the man, what she want. I'm not beautiful, I know it. Maybe slightly I'm nice, but no more. But my dream is those. I want, that somebody have estimated me for my personal qualities, instead of for my appearance. Tell me about yourself, OK? What you expect from our dialogue? What you like, and what unlike? Tell me about your country, about your customs and habits. Some people speaks, that people in your country lonely and closed and they have few present friends. Is it truth? Tell me about your house, please. Is where you live beautifully? At on now good weather. What is the weather at you? Audit will now be finished, and I'll go to a trading counter. To serve buyers. And what razor you use?
your Anastasia. P.S. I hope, that you not exhaustion this long letter:))). I very much diligence that it was interesting to you!!!
Letter 3

Hi lovely!!! I am grateful to you again for that that you have not forgotten me. Lovely I is very glad that I like you it is very healthy, lovely I hope that you understand that it is serious things the question is our further life and all depends on us as we shall live and that we shall do all only in our hands and I hope that we can operate it correctly. You really like me, I shall always try to open to you the feelings, desires and ideas, it will be pleasant for me if you will know all about me and me as it would be desirable to know all about you, I even shall tell to you more, since this moment if you want I shall not hold from you not what secrets, but I as want to receive reciprocity. The reciprocity is the keystone to success in the future in home life it very much, very important. To me it will be valid very pleasantly if you will speak all about yourself and will not hold from me secrets, I want really serious. Firm attitudes, I can promise you that if we shall be in a place I shall try to hold fidelity before you. To tell the truth as far as I remember myself I always I differed that that the true person, I do not forget the friends and I do not leave them in a trouble, to this I was learned with a life if I was not such person many of my friends would turn away from me but they have not made it I mean was true him and I shall continue to be true as I think many of my friends would go on much for that to help me, as would go even on extreme measures to help my best friends. In Russia always survived the strongest or that to whom many help. Russia is the large country where everyone is ready to drown Another for the sake of that to get out itself on top and it is not correct, if people always tried to help on the contrary each other I think that all on would be much better, I do not know what to occur in other countries, but on how many I know., How I read and how many I heard in other countries a life on much better, to take for example Norway, it is the good country where people live amicably and help each other, whether not so? Or for example to take the United States of America, it is the big country at the majority of men living there in a head of the girl, ***, men of Anather love beautiful girls and ***, I do not want to offend Anather people and I shall not do it, I not against *** because at Anather people everything is all right though the majority of men think of *** it do not prevent them to live and do well the work and on this they are fine. I simply want to find rest to me this vanity I has bothered do not want to spend half of life in searches of love, I only want to live and see the world and to learn people, to find new friends. I think on it I shall stop to speak about people, Lovely tell as you? How has passed your day? What good you have had time to make for last day ?? Today to me there has come the girlfriend and has brought 2 tickets on musical Nother Dam De Pari and she has suggested to descend in a place with it, I have with the great pleasure agreed to descend with it and I have not regretted, it was is very healthy, my desire as soon as I shall see you in a reality I I want to go with you on theatres, I want to visit various musicals and I want to do all this with you, I always dreamed to go to such places as theatre or a musical with the favourite person and I hope that you will not be against and it will be pleasant for you. Lovely I hope that I have not tired you with the letter, I simply try to express you that that at me in a head that you understood me better, I hope that next time when I shall check e-mail I again I can to take pleasure in your letter. I kiss you very softly and gently in lips and I shall dream of you and to think of us ?
Yours faithfully Anastasia
Letter 4

Hello my Dear! With impatience waited your letter. Tell to me, what weather at you? What mood? What for feelings at you on soul? What you think of me? Forgive, that it is too many questions. I would like to learn you more and more. For me the friendship very much means. The friendship is communication between people which pulls together people. The friendship does people by relatives to each other. They have one blood, therefore friendship, it not simply conversation with each other and an exchange of any ideas or experiences. The friendship is an exchange of souls, an exchange of feelings. The love she is very similar to friendship, but is much stronger. The love does two people by a single whole. If the person is jealous loved or regrets to him of something is not love. For me attitudes with the person very much mean. And for you? What people mean for you? When people begin to love you how you concern to them? Once again ask to forgive me for a heap of questions. I not so like, when to me ask much. dear you have things which you irritate? I do not like, when the person is *****. I very badly treat harmful habits. I do not understand, what for someone sells drugs, you see it ruins many people. Unless money cost human lifes? I never use alcoholic drinks and I do not smoke. I want, that my children were healthy. I so want to have children. I think, that human attitudes should not depend on money. Only the love may give a high-grade marriage. You with me agree dear? I do not have present friend. At me is familiar and fellow workers, but they never will go on victims for the sake of me. They only can sympathize with me if the help will be necessary for me or I shall be in a trouble. I can trust only to mum. I know, that she will help me always. She will make everything, that will be in her forces. And now, I hope, at me very good friend dear has appeared still. Write to me necessarily.
Letter 5

Hi loved!!! How you week end? I hope that you will not be against if I shall name you loved? I am very happy to read again your letter, my heart is overflown with pleasure when I again can read your letter.
Lovely since that moment as we began to write each other I feel that I have changed in the best party, I began to think of you much. Every time I very much worry as at us will be farther, I am really in love with you, I want that you named me the girl then I would be happier.
Today I again saw the girlfriend and I have noticed that she and is happy for me and envies me not much. Whether I have asked her really she envies me and she has told yes that she envies me a little, I have asked her that she has ceased to envy me and if she as wants to find the love not here in Russia simply she should go and establish the questionnaire on a site of acquaintance. Lena so call my girlfriend has told that she is afraid to make it a little, I have asked her what exactly she she is afraid has told that she does not know that she will write to the person with whom she to get acquainted, I have told to it that she should write that that she thinks, what will be feelings to the that person and she has told to me that she will think of it. I am really very happy that I have got acquainted with you lovely this biggest happiness in my life lately.. Today I have gone have walked on shops, I love walks on shops, I always dreamed to find good work and to go shopping behind purchases, but I am sure that it soon to happen in my life. First of all if I shall come to live in your country I want to find work, it is not important for me on how many this work the main thing will be difficult that money to family sufficed me and I shall try for this purpose every time when I receive your letter and I read it at me at once in a head many emotions and feelings climb, I do not sit for a long time thinking what to write to you I write this letter at once not spending long time in reflection because my feelings are very strong to you and on this at me does not arise problems with that what to write to you. Lovely I as want to ask you, whether to you clearly that I write all to you? I understand that while we cannot understand each other on 100 but I think that when we shall be in a place and will pass a few time we can understand each other well. Lovely you when or wanted to teach Russian? Earlier I as taught Russian at school, I learned schoolboys from 5 up to 8 classes and on this I would like when I shall arrive to you to teach lessons of Russian, certainly if you not against? I would be simply glad to learn you to Russian because then we necessarily shall arrive to Russia to take a walk and I I shall show you beautiful a place. I as would like that when I shall arrive to you you have shown me the city and the most beautiful places. I very much like to look new places, I like to look various cities. Earlier when at me the guy it frequently was carried me on different cities at him there there were business meetings and I was very happy to look at these new beautiful places.
Loved tell and what your character? Whether quiet you the person?
Under your letters I understand that you good, kind, the person who can always listen, you the good student I really cannot believe that such good person is in love with me, you are in love with me? Whether really I like you? As to me, you really like me, I with the great pleasure would carry out near to you a lot of time and it there would be the biggest pleasure for me. You really love children? Your dream how many you would want to have children? Earlier I always dreamed to have 2 children, I wanted the boy and the girl. I always had weakness to a male I like strong people, courageous. In the childhood I frequently looked films where the man rescueed the girl and it very much was pleasant to me, I always had dream that when with me that that will take place, God forbid certainly strong the man will come and will rescue me certainly now all this it seems childishness but earlier it seemed to me simply remarkable. Sometimes I would like to return that that from the last life, and that that to me simply is to be forgotten on always. Loved I really hope that you not when will not give me in insult and will care of me and to respect me. I as will care of you and to respect you always, I promise you lovely. I loved on it shall finish the letter to you, certainly I can write and more but I think that you will be tired to read it but if you want that I you wrote you letters even more only tell to me about it and I will write to you letters even more than earlier I promise I shall dream of you today and I shall wait for that moment when I again can go in to the girlfriend to check up the mail. I embrace you very gently and I give you a sweet kiss with love Anastasia
Letter 6

Hello my lovely! How - you today??? Today in the street there is a strong rain! I could reach a taxi up to Cafe of the Internet to write to you this letter as it is important for me! I Do not know, that to me occur, but I, all time think only of you! It Very curious to me to know about all of you. I cannot transfer those Words through the Internet, which I to you, to want to tell! I very much to Want to continue our acquaintance actually. I for a long time do not like to Game during time and meetings will be better to study to us The friend the friend is better! I shall speak today with mum about you. I nevertheless have made Do not speak her which have met the person in the Internet. But now I think,
That the moment has arrived to speak her about us with you! I also shall be Go to ask the boss, that it has given me a holiday from work in a number The future. I think, against which it will be not as I, two years had are not present Holiday. The holiday simply was not necessary for me as I at all have not made Have time for my private life! Well, now I should go. Have told, it Such rainy weather will last some days. Do not worry, that I shall write to you Every day. Kiss you and embraces! Yours Anastasia
Letter 7

How are you Today my Sweet heart? I today for a long time could not fall asleep, as me all tormented ideas about you and about our first meeting. Today I do not work. I am glad, that I shall be soon capable to arrive to you. I went to transport campaign to learn, what documents to me need to be issued and in what term. To me have told,
that I need to make out the visa, foreign the passport and the insurance document, and also the medical inquiry. I all over again was very much afflicted, as to me have told, that 2 months is required to legalize these papers as it will be necessary to give inquiry in embassy for reception of the visa, and now the big turns! Then it is necessary to wait approval of the visa. The passport for travel abroad will be ready in one week after payment. I informed about it to the mum. She did not begin to waste time all for nothing. We with her went to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I am very grateful to her, as she has solved my problem with reception of the visa. I have written the application on reception of the visa and they at once have made inquiry in embassy directly! Now I shall be capable to receive the tourist visa for one month without any problems! My visa will be open for 30 days. To me her to make out during two weeks. I now do not need to wait for 2 months. Only 2 weeks and the visa will be at me! Also I have met with approval from fund of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for reception of the discount of 50 PERCENT at purchase of air tickets! Now it is a little about sad. Not all so is smooth as me it would be desirable. There were problems with payment of documents and the ticket. I need to pay till July, 27. To me need 720 euro to capture all cost of my documents and the ticket plus transport campaign keeps the commission for rendering of services and for speed of official registration of papers, and also an insurance sheet on 150 euro. I yesterday have received my wage payment 100 euro. Some accumulation. Also my mum has given me all money which at her were in a coin box. For me it is a pity nothing to her. But all the same it is not enough money to capture all charges of my travel! I now everywhere to try to borrow money, but everywhere was refused. It me very much to afflict as my happiness was so close. I have thought and have decided to write to you about this problem as I know, that you to not give up to me and I think, that will be capable to help me as I all to make,
that was in my forces and even little bit more! Certainly it is not convenient for me to ask you about such help and in other situation I would not ask you about it, now I do not have more other output. I was always fair with you and to want, that you trusted me, as the trust always stands on the first place in relations. It is required to me 430 euro. Please transfer me this money today or tomorrow. I know,
that there is a fast way of transfer of money between the countries.
Systems of monetary transfers western union and money gram. You can use any of these monetary systems. Their addresses in my city. 1)
URITSKOGO, 12. CHEBOKSARY, 428032. RUSSIAN FEDERATION. For transfer of money to you it is required my nameplate data. My full name:
Anastasia Urakova. My address: Cheboksary sity. Street: Nikolaeva 12-45. Russia.
I was necessary to return you all this money when there will be at me such opportunity. I do not like to be the debtor. Nevertheless I am very happy what to find you! By the way what weather at you in the near future will be? Forgive if I to write, something not so. I should go now home. I shall wait for your letter today! More Love and more kisses! Your Anastasia
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