Scam letter(s) from Eugenia Nelson to Pablo (USA)

Letter 1
hello dear,
i hope you will like this picture on my,they will keep you warm and happy till the day we will meet,take acre of yourself and be Good
Letter 2
i soo sad i went off line that way ma love,am already missing you so i will stay here till you get back.this is my western Union info dear.hope you send it soon ma love.
Linda smith
western union Ghana Accra.
Letter 3
you can forget about his whole thing dear ,since there is no trust i dont think this will work between as ,you are some body i trusted and almost came ma whole heart to,we talk on cam so we could see each other ,you saw me but i never did yet i trusted and gave you ma heart,but hear you are calling me names and dont seem to trust me,i should have seen it coming .i dont think i can go on with his anymore am really sorry about that.
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