Scam letter(s) from Natalia Bodrenko to John (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello John, Thank you for your message. I hope my reply will do a great deal in making your spirit bright. You give the impression of genuine real man.
Well, it is not easy to write about self cause you want to be incredible but still remain humble. I regard myself as well-educated, mature lady with romantic passionate temper.
I have a good heart, good values, sense of tact and style, a beautiful soul, strong character and personality: smart, independent, compassionate, loyal, romantic, feminine, loving, good sense of humor. I love to laugh, but can be serious when needed. I am delicate, tender and sensual. I do my best to continue to grow and deepen. My job is quite challenging. I have a lot of self-esteem and am proud of my femininity and beauty, and keep up my physical appearance. I am active mentally and physically. A very good listener. I like outdoors and cosy home. I want to travel more and see the world. I am looking for a man ready to create relationships where there are no boundaries set...yet we know our limits and there is a kind of love that transcends spoken words...the freedom to give each other space to develop. I want my lover to be interested in my personality and not because I own a stunning body and pretty face. My dream man is open minded, sophisticated, reliable, capable to enjoy pleasures of love, who knows what he wants in life. Let me know whether you are interested in live talk. I can forward you my phone number. With best wishes, Take care, Nataly
Letter 2
Hello John, Here is my direct line +38 098 0210843. I will be able to talk tonight after 6 o`clock Ukrainian time. With best regards,
Letter 3
Hello John, Tonight I can talk after 6pm Ukrainian time. Nataly
Letter 4

To use skype will cost money for me. Cause I do not have internet at home. If u do not mind let us talk via cell for now. I hope the connection will b better next time. O.K.?
Letter 5
Let’s communicate a little by email at first)
OK Where do you use internet? In internet cafe? Work?
Sometimes at work, sometimes in the internet cafe.

In your profile it’s written you are a student? I am What do you study?
I study medicine, and I work at the hospital. Why are you searching for a man from abroad?
I am not searching for a man from abroad. It does not metter whrere a man will be from. I am searching for my life partner, capable to start serious relationships Nataly
Letter 6
Hi John, I will forgive you for now. The best way to create serious relationships is trust. I registered with this dating site a short time ago. And I am not familiar with the base of your suspicions. Of course I heard something about dishonest men and women in the Internet. But I have nothing to do with them, and I was never suspected in dishonesty. I have very busy life helping people at work, and have no time to play games. I am not obliged to you. And I will not allow anyone to control me. I hope you understand, and we are friends. We can meet in Kiev. And yes, I will need to make arrangements. It would be lovely to meet, but if you think that you are not ready I will understand. I send you more pictures and hope to receive more of yours. Take good care of yourself, Nataly
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