Letter(s) from Dinara Akhmedzyanova to Brian (UK)

Letter 1

Hi my sweet heart!!!
I love you!!!!

Dear i will try to send to you of a copy of documents to begin with I will send a contract copy!!!

Sweet I understand your condition I I feel the same to me it seems that soon I shall go mad.
Pleasure mine, lovely my, sweet mine as you might think such that I can to deceive you.
I love you as never and nobody loved.
It is the truth I never would deceive you. You my charm.
I shall live only for you.
To me any more 18 years to play games.
I so long searched for the happiness and at last I have found it(him) in your person.
Please do not speak that you do not trust me.
It so will wound my gentle heart.
I am ready for you on anything you like.
You want that I have somehow proved to you that I speak the truth.
These your words as a knife are stuck into my heart.
But if you want it I shall prove to you it.

I was there only once when was small.
Your support is necessary for me and you do not trust me though I understand you.
And I have not understood one more thing how many you want to me to send and when.

Letter 2

Hello my loved Brian!

Loved, I have just come from the airport and to me have told that I can reduce the visa twice, Only on it it is necessary to pay 200 pounds. I have these 200 pounds if I reduce the visa twice I will need to have with itself only 1000 pounds . Dear, how many at you is money to help me? I hope that you can find these 1000 pounds and when I will arrive to you I at once I will give you this money.
And if I reduce the visa, I will be at you in the country only 1 month, I think that one month, it is not enough for us. But all the same, it demands a situation. And for one month I think that we with you will be in time much.

Loved if I do not make the decision to reduce the visa for three days my documents after an arrival in your country I will are destroyed.
And if I cancel the trip that my documents too will destroy also I will lose money. It means that there is only one exit, it to arrive to you to a city having on hands these 1000 pounds. I know that at us with you a situation where there is only one exit.

I think that you understand me. You are expensive to me and I love you, but with you it is necessary to us it is necessary to accept this exit and to find these 1000 pounds.
Dear, write me the answer. Whether you can send to me these 1000 pounds? And what answer will be definitive? I will wait for your letter. Dinara