Scam letter(s) from Julia to Ed (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi! How are you?
I understand that you do not know me and that my message you received unexpectedly but I beg you take me seriously and read my letter.
I am a lonely girl and I would like to find a man with whom I could to build a serious relationship.
I was alone for a long time and I really do not have near a man.
Recently arrived to visit us, our friend. She met her once with a man on the Internet, he was from Germany and she flew to him when they decided that they have a chance to build relationships.
She said that in other countries, men are much better than in our country.
And men say that the RU girl is better than in another country.
So I decided to get acquainted with a man from another country, I have found in the city agency that connect single people.
I filled out the questionnaire, paid, and after a while I gave your Mail Box.
I do not know how and what they're picking up, but sincerely hope that we will approach each other.
Here is my mailbox, you can write on it:
I would now like to tell you a little about yourself.
My name is Yuliya. I live in Russian Federation, the city of Saint-Petersburg. I'm twenty six years old already very very soon I will be twenty seven years old.
I have a university degree and I have been working for several years.
I enjoy nature, animals, music, movies, sports, in general, I have many different hobbies. I mean a healthy lifestyle.
I have a great work and loved by their parents.
For the life of me is kind, honest, understanding, loyal, hardworking, I know a lot of things, I am able and proud of it.
In a man to me does not matter the age, appearance, too, does not matter, the most important thing that a man had the most important qualities as honesty, loyalty and mutual understanding.
I will be glad if you answer my message. We thank you for reading my letter.
I'll look forward to when you write.
Letter 2
I am very glad that have received your letter, and you have interested me.
Recently I was in agency of acquaintances in which to me a distance yours email.
I was glad to learn that you have written to me to the answer and have copied yours email.
You have written me the first letter on an e-mail of agency from which I cannot communicate with you, but my present E-mail address: Now write to me only on this e-mail.
It will be very pleasant to me to get acquainted with you on closer.
To begin with I would like to tell a little about myself and after to ask you some questions.
Certainly that you already know that about me, but I will tell even more.
As you already know my name Yuliya. I live in Russia, in city Saint-Petersburg.
I do not have children, and I when was not married. I am lonely and I search for the man for serious relations.
I most of all like dark blue colour. And you?
I work for myself in a city as the doctor, I treat animals. I live together with mum and the father.
I was born on December, 15th, 1984, in the same city.
At first I have left school in the city. Then I have entered the institute Veterinary Biology, there I have graduated.
I studied as the veterinary surgeon to treat animals. Since the childhood I very much liked animals and I always helped them, fed up and cared of them. About those animals which did not have a house.
Unfortunately, at my father the allergy to wool and consequently to me was not possible to get the animals.
When I have started to mature, I have understood that many animals need medical aid.
And consequently I became the veterinary surgeon.
In the childhood I had many hobbies. I was engaged in swimming, dances, gymnastics.
You have the best friends? Friends which were always true to you and supported you?
I have 2 best girlfriends of whom I am completely assured, which when will not bring me.
We live with them in one house, and are familiar from the diapers.)
I would like to ask you where do you live, in what city?
I think that I could see a place where do you live on a card.) it would be very interesting to see it.
Whether there are at you children?
Where you work? When your day a birth? And whether there are at you animals? What animals are pleasant to you?
I think that to begin with will suffice, we will not hurry up. I will be very glad to learn you better.
Also I will be glad to see your photos.
I wait your answer.
Yours faithfully Yuliya.
Letter 3
Hi. It is pleasant to me to see that you have written to me.
Today my day passes not badly. On work all is good. How at you on work?
Every day I begin with that that I take a shower, and I have breakfast. Then I go for work.
And only towards evening I come back home.
I wanted to ask about your native. Whether there are at you brothers and sisters? How many it of years?
Where they work? You live with them?
I do not have brothers and sisters. Mine mum and the father, on pension. To mum 63 years. And the father 64 years.
I live with mum and the father in one apartment. But certainly we live in different rooms.
My relations with parents always good, they have given me excellent education and I am grateful to them.
It would be very interesting to me to learn about your native. And about your relations with them.
You seem to me the handsome man who can interest me.
I will be glad to receive your letter again. Yours faithfully Yuliya.
Letter 4

Hello. How mood? How are you?
I to see glad again your letter. To me it is pleasant that you have written to me.
I think that else early to see each other without clothes.
So I can't send you the photo in bikini,
But if further we have relations, all will be possible!
Send me please your photos from an everyday life.
Today I went for work and saw failure. At us in a city the such happens.
It is very a pity to me of those people which have accidents.
We have problems with transport movement, I heard that who that even buys the rights.
And I at all don't like it.
How there at you with transport movement? You often have failures?
Today in my city good weather. How is the weather there at you?
Today I was very tired on work, and the head a little is ill me.
I want to sleep and feel better. I can be helped only by a good dream.
I wanted to ask what food to you it is pleasant? What do you like to eat?
I like different food. I have a small hobby, it to prepare various dishes.
For all life I have prepared many different dishes, and I have a good experience.
When I prepare houses for parents, or for visitors, all like it.
You know how to cook? You like it?
It is pleasant to me to learn about you more and more.
I with impatience will wait your answer. Yuliya.
Letter 5
Hi dear. It is pleasant to see that you have written to me.
I thought of you and waited for your letter.
Today the head a little is ill me and I haven't slept. How you feel?
Yesterday we went to cafe, its name «Be Happy». We had a good time.
We at first sat only the female company, and then at my friends guys have come.
And when music they has played have gone to dance. I haven't gone, because I don't have man, I am lonely. It is difficult to be lonely when at all whom to present the heat and caress.
But with me remained to sit my friend as it too doesn't have man.
We sat and talked. Then when music has ended, girlfriends have joined us back,
And their guys have departed, as we wanted to sit and communicate only female collective.
I have told it about that that have got acquainted with you. I have a little told about you, and have told that you very much are pleasant to me.
They asked on you more and more. Speak that I knowingly have decided to write to you.
They have told that are glad for that that in my life there was such man as you.
It was pleasant to me to hear it from girlfriends, after all they always tell me only truth.
In general late at night we were already going to leave, and their guys have taken all of us home as in the street it was already dark and terrible. And in my city it is terrible to go on dark streets of one.
While we were in cafe, I thought of you. Thought of that as it would be cheerful if you were with me.
I think that we could spend time with you cheerfully.
How you spend today? How is the weather there at you?
I with impatience will wait your answer. Yours faithfully Yuliya.
Letter 6
HI dear
It was very pleasant to me to receive your letter again.
Every day I start to get used more and more to you and to your letters.
Today in the street cold weather. How is the weather there at you?
Today I didn't work for me there was a day off. I have well slept also a head isn't ill any more.
When I have woken up I have heard laughter and conversation. I have risen and have gone to other room.
In it my mum, the father and my friend sat.
When I have seen it, I very much was delighted and have fast run to it.
We have embraced, have greeted also I has started to ask, when it has arrived.
The matter is that my friend is more than year has got acquainted with the man from other country back.
They as communicated on correspondence and once have decided to meet.
He has invited her to itself(himself) home, and after a while it has departed to it.
I was very happy for them. But since then we communicated a little.
Because at it new life there has begun. We with girlfriends were always very glad for it.
She has told to me about her life in other country, about that that when it has arrived to it they have started to live together,
Began to learn more and more every day each other. And in some months they had a wedding.
Now they want that they had a child. Also plan to make it in the near future.
I am really very glad for it. She has told that has arrived only today early in the morning.
Hasn't warned because wanted to make a surprise. But unfortunately already soon it departs back.
And today she calls me to herself home, there where now there live her parents a little to have a rest and talk about life.
I have told to it, to mum and the father about that that I have got acquainted with you, I have told it about that what you the man.
And after that they have told that are glad that we have got acquainted with you, and wish our of good luck.
It was valid to me to hear very pleasantly it from the parents and the girlfriend.
Dear, I think that would be remarkable if at us with you in the future too that that has turned out.
But give, of that we will not think beforehand, I consider that time will show and will let to all of us know.
On it I will finish the letter, and I will wait your answer. Sincerely Yuliya.
Letter 7
Hello dear. How your day? How your mood? I hope that at you all perfectly.
I wanted to tell to you that, we haven't bad spent time at the girlfriend. We sat, talked and drank tea.
But unfortunately in the morning it has departed as well as should.
Basically we remembered that was earlier. How we spent the time.
I have left from it late when it was already dark. It was very terrible to me to go one.
But I am normally cunning to the house and right after that as have taken a shower, I have gone to bed.
But today my day is very bad. It would not be desirable to begin with it the letter. I have woken up early in the morning and have as usual started to gather for work.
When I have come for work there already there was my chief with the architect. I have asked that they there do.
The chief has looked at me, and has told that unfortunately it is necessary to take down this building where I work.
He has told that they have thought up the new project of a planetarium. I have asked it as now my work and where people which already will go now have got used to my services.
He in the answer has told that in a city is a lot of veterinary, and that if they will clean this not to whom isn't becomes worse.
He has told that is a pity to it. And it has dismissed me, and two more girls which too worked together with me.
I am very strongly upset, I absolutely don't have mood.
Now I remained without work. And I don't know what now to do. I will search for work,
But in my city not too simply to find work approaching for me.
I at all don't know as to tell to the parents about that that I remained without work.
Forgive for that that I speak to you about the problems, to me really it is very bad now, your support is necessary to me.
Well it is fine, we will not speak about the bad.
How your affairs on work? I hope that at you on work all perfectly.
I will write to you more tomorrow. I hope that my mood becomes better.
Sincerely Yuliya
Letter 8
My dear. How are you? How your mood? How you feel?
Today my day hasn't justified my hopes.
I have risen early in the morning, descended in a shower, have made a breakfast, attempted, have ***** coffee.
Today I have learned that people for work are required to carry newspapers and various announcements.
There pay very little, but such work is better, than not to work at all. Especially I the hardworking person.
I have gone to learn into the work account. When I have come there, I hoped that now I will have at least any work, but they have told that this place is already occupied also other empty seats isn't present.
Whether I have asked there are vacancies for other works, and they have told that now very many people need work and they have suggested me to rise in turn in their agency on employment.
I have agreed also they asked to wait some time. They have told that probably I should wait month, and can and more.
My mood is spoiled by this news. But I try not to be upset and behave strongly in hands.
I so wouldn't like to speak about it to parents, didn't want to upset them, but I had to tell as is.
Today I will try to go to bed on earlier because was very tired to go all the day.
But you know, in my today's dark bottom there is a bright, joyful stain, this your letter.
I am always very glad to receive your letters, it as bright beams of the sun in my bottom.
Tell to me please your phone number on which I could call you and we could talk to you.
I would be very glad to hear your voice. And you?)
Dear as your day today? Than you were engaged? How your affairs with work? All is good?
I with impatience will wait your answer. Sincerely Yuliya
Letter 9
Hello my dear. How do you feel? How is the weather at you today?
My mood is perfectly in order, weather in my city cold.
I am glad that you again have written to me. Dear I in general am very glad that we have got acquainted.
So it is pleasant to me to receive your letters. You the handsome man, me very pleasant to communicate with you.
Dear I have to you very serious question! You would like that we have met? You would like that we were together?
I think that we should be together every day better to learn each other for more serious relations. What do you think of it?
When I think of you, to me becomes so well that I at all do not know as to describe these feelings.
I would like that you were a number, I so would like to see you in the real world.
I would like to take a walk with you under the night star sky, after all it so is romantic.
In me such feeling which I cannot transfer words at all.
You very much are pleasant to me, you really good man, and me seem that you that for whom I searched.
I began to think in increasing frequency of you, lately my thoughts almost only about you.
I talked to parents into the account us and they speak that are glad for us.
I have told it more about you, and have told that at me any feelings start to appear to you.
They have told that hope for that that at us with you something will turn out.
And after these words in me as if something has turned over, to me became so pleasantly that parents support us.
Still they asked to transfer to you hello …
Today my day very boring as I remained without work, all the day I was engaged in domesticities.
How was your day? What plans at you for today?
I with impatience will wait your answer. Sincerely yours Yuliya.
Letter 10
Hi my dear. Darling, how are you? How do you feel?
I am glad that you too want to meet me. I have learned that in my city there is a good agency in which I could address into the trip account to you.
Give me please the information where I should fly. Also the airport name.
Dear I very much would like to be with you. It would be interesting to me with such man as you.
I very much would like to look in your eyes and to try to express the feelings to you.
Dear today at me such good mood, I so am glad that you too want to meet me.
Today I think to tell about it to the parents, I think they will be glad to learn it.
I wanted to come today home on earlier to make a supper.
Than you are going to be engaged or than you were engaged today?
I with impatience will wait your answer. Sincerely yours Yuliya.

Letter 11
Hello my darling. I was so is glad to receive your letter again! How your day today?
I do not think that tickets here will cost 1400 dollars, I think that less.
But anyway I have some sum and I think that she should suffice on tickets.
Dear today my mood excellent. I went to agency and have paid him for documents.
They have told that I have come to them in 5 working days, whether also they will already tell my documents are ready or still it is necessary to wait.
I have solved that I will pay in him for tickets when at me documents will be already ready.
I so am glad that all moves ahead, I feel that we already soon will together.
Dear when I read your letters, at me the impression is made that you are seriously adjusted under the relation to me. I'm right?
I hope to arrive to you and to try to build with you serious relations.
I hope that at all of us will turn out. I trust in love at first sight, and I hope that it will occur when we will see for the first time each other.
Dear as you represent our first meeting? What do you think of it? What will we do when I will arrive to you?
Dear now I am going to go to meet girlfriends, they called me to walk, I feel they again will ask me about us with you.)
I with impatience will wait your answer. Sincerely yours Yuliya.
Letter 12
Hi my darling! As it is pleasant to receive your letter. Your letter does my day better.
Dear today I have woken up early in the morning. I have begun the day as usual and then I have got two big bags where I will put things.)
Tell to me please your home address. And that suddenly I will arrive to you, and you can't meet me. And then I on an extreme measure will know where I need to come.
The dream dreamed me. In this dream we with you were together! You represent? It was so remarkably.
As if we stand with you at any airport where it is a lot of people and is very noisy.
But we with you don't notice whom and only we go to each other on a meeting.
Our eyes start to shine with happiness that we together, and here we embrace and we kiss each other.
Then you take me on hands and speak «My honey, at last we together!»
Around all has disappeared, we have closed eyes and your gentle lips have concerned mine.
But then I have woken up, from for that that someone has strongly left in a huff when came home …
To me was so it is a pity that my dream has ended on it, I would like to see continuation.)
By the way it my father has come, he simply went to buy some bread in shop.)
Darling, and I dreamed sometime to you? If yes, that we with you did in the sleep?
Today I should descend with mum in shop, we should buy some products home.
I always help the parents if they about something ask me.
Darling, what you are going to do today? What plans at you for the evening?
I so hope that already soon we will together, and we will embody all our treasured dreams and desires.)
Darling, what clothing size at you and footwear? I would like to bring to you some gift.)
Dear, on it I will finish the letter and I will wait your answer. Sincerely yours Yuliya!
Letter 13
Darling! Hello! How to you it was slept today? How your state of health? You're ok?
Understand, I simply worry for you when you don't write to me. I am not angry.)
To me it was very well slept, I have slept. I feel perfectly.)
Yesterday as I also wanted, I have made the domesticities, and also have put in a bag still some things.)
Tomorrow I already should go to agency to learn about documents and my tickets to you.
Dear, I will write you the detailed information on my arrival to you tomorrow.
I so am glad that our meeting day after day comes nearer! I so will be glad that already soon we to see each other!
Dear, at me excellent mood, I would like to dance for pleasure!)
So … it will be necessary to take an e-mail from my friends that if what to write to them when I I will be at you still.
Darling, you would be doesn't mind if I have used your computer when I will be at you?
I hope that you will be don't mind, therefore I promised to keep in contact with friends.
Deara I with impatience wait for our first meeting. So it would be desirable to look as soon as possible in your eyes, to hold you by the hand, to go open-air and to speak about what we will want and how many we will want.
Darling, I with impatience will already wait your following letter. Tomorrow after I descend in agency I will write to you.
Yours Yuliya!
Letter 14
Good day my darling. I was glad to see that you have written to me.
Today my day goes not badly, and I have for you a good news.
As I also spoke to you I descended in agency. All has passed not badly, except for one.
All right, I will begin from the very beginning. Whether when I have come there I have asked my documents are ready.
They have told that all is already ready and now I can buy the ticket. I long chose the ticket,
All of them very expensive to me, but nevertheless I have chosen one of them.
Here the information on that when and where I should arrive to you:
Departure from the airport – Moscow of the Sheremetyevo
Date of a departure – on December, 16th
Time of a departure – 07:35PM
Flight of a departure – LO5676
Arrival in the airport – Winnipeg Intl Arpt
Date of an arrival – on December, 18th
Time of an arrival – 00:29AM
Flight of an arrival – LO4121
Now my documents are ready also the ticket is bought. To me have told that that I did not know.
It appears to me it is necessary to arrive to Moscow, in Embassy. I should leave to Moscow on December, 11th,
And already in Moscow I should be on December, 12th. There in Moscow I should descend in Embassy and after that I should be in Moscow some days to my departure.
I should remove a hotel accommodation because I do not have anybody the acquaintance in Moscow.
The problem consists in that that I have spent all last money for the ticket, and I still had only copecks.
Me does not suffice on a trip to Moscow and on that to remove a hotel accommodation, only 520 dollars.
Dear, I asked this sum all friends, at native, but nobody could help me.
Therefore I have decided to address for the help to you, all that does not suffice me 520 dollars, I think you could help me this sum?
You can not worry for money when I will arrive to you, I will try to earn this sum and I will give you all.
The matter is that I thought that the ticket will be cheaper and I still have money, but I have spent all last savings.
Only it is necessary to operate as soon as possible because already soon I should go to Moscow.
Dear, I hope that we already very soon will together. I want to appear as soon as possible in your hands.
I hope that already soon all our dreams and desires will come true, and our new joint life at last will begin.
Now I need to help for mum to wash windows. I with impatience will wait your answer.
Sincerely yours Yuliya.
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