Scam letter(s) from Galina Snopkova to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, my dear Michael!! Hope your day is going good???? I hope also that my letter will make it even better:))) I like to make people smiling!!! My name is Olya or Olchik, I am a nice, funny red-haired girl from Ukraine:))) I am very cheerful and optimistic. I like to give a lot of energy to people and not to take it for myself from others!!! I have a wonderful boy, his name is Sasha, he is 2 years old and he is my treasure!!!! I hope you like kids???? Because I am looking not only for a good husband for me but also for a great father for my son!!!!
Hope my Sasha is not a problem for you??? Hope you are not afraid of getting married a woman with a kid???? I truly hope so because I am interested in you and want to keep our contact. Tell me more about yourself if you are interested!!!! Your life, your character, your interests, your family, friends, everything!!! And surely send a lot of photos!!! As for me I promise to send you as many photos as I have!!! I truly hope that you will write me back, I am not afraid of getting married a foreigner, I am ready to relocate and I believe that distance is not a problem nowadays as there are a lot of fast airplanes which can bring you easily to any place in the world and distance has to be measured not in KM like before but in hours which separates us!! Are you agree?? For example 6 hours sounds much better than 6000 km, yes?:)) So if distance is not a problem for you too please write me back as soon as you can!!! I am waiting very impatiently!!! Write me here:
Kisses for you!!!!!!! Olchik.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Michael!!! How are you doing there?? Do you know how much I am happy to get your reply???? I didn't know if you were interested in me or not and worried about it a lot but here you are!!! Thank you for your attention! Very nice photos!! I like them!!! Can you tell me more about yourself??? Please!!!! I want to know everything!!! You have a cute dog! I adore dogs! Thank you for your words about my son! How is your work going? Hope ok??? You live in the USA??? I will try to find it on the map! I have never been to but would be happy to visit!!!
Please tell me more about it!!! Fist of all I want to tell you that I am here not for endless letters and correspondence. I an a girl of actions and I need a real meeting and person and not only nice words and photos!!! Surely we need to get to know each other better through correspondence at first to decide if we can be a match or not but then we have to start planning our meeting!!!! Hope you are agree with me in it. So I live in Ukraine, Donetsk region, Yasinovataya town, I am a country girl, I like nature and animals and I like swimming at the local river in summer!!!! You surely know already about my little boy Sasha???? He is a real angel and so playful!!! He is two years old. He will be three on the 9th of February. And my Birthday is on the 25th of January. I am 27 years old now. I bring up my son alone as my ex as most of men here is not interested in marriage and he refused to marry me after I got pregnant:((( But is ok I don't regret about him any more, thanks God I have my family and they help me a lot with my son! As for my family I have a lot of relatives!!! I have my mom, my granny, my aunt and two cousin sisters!!!! I live together with my mom and granny. We are a very united family and I love them a lot!!! You can see them on the photos:)) As for my job now I am unemployed I stay at home with my son but soon I will need to look for a job as money which I get from the government for my kid are miserable, I get 40$ per month for my son can you imagine it??? I am an accountant by profession and in the past I worked at the local sawmill but now I am not sure if I can get a job there so I have to look for some other thing. I guess enough for today???? Please answer me as soon as you can and I will write you more immediately!!! Kiss you!!!! I am very interested in you and will be waiting for your answer. Olchik.
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