Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Dozhdikova to Philip (United Kingdom)

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Letter 1

Hello my love Philip!
I'm sorry that I have not written you sooner. I was a bit busy preparing a trip to you. I received information from you to make money and I got the money that you sent me to buy a ticket. So all is well now, my love. As soon as I got money I went to buy ticket to you. But here I was expecting one more unpleasant news. I am very sad now. And I do not even know what to do. That's why I have not written you sooner. I thought that I should do. But I still did not come up. My manager has received information to me. It turns out that I come to you to carry «entrance money». You ever heard about it my dear? I will need to carry «entrance money». «Entrance money» - this is money that confirm the solvency of the tourist. This amount of money required as evidence to confirm that I am really going to England as a tourist, but not for illegal activities (such as prostitution, drug trafficking, and so on). So many people are entering Britain for illegal work. So now to enter the country I need to carry a sum of money amounting to ? 2,000. I only need to show at the Embassy of the fact that I am carrying this amount of money. Then I will come to your country and be close to you. I do not need to spend that money. They will always be with me until the arrival in England. And I will not need to spend it. My dear, we must decide what to do now. We must find this money from somewhere. Can you help me with this? I can not even buy a ticket now because it does not make sense. I will not be allowed in your country as a tourist. Do you understand me? Please write me soon.
Darling I am so tired for these few days. But I know that my efforts are to be next to you. Every night I think of only one. I am thinking about to fall asleep in your arms, my dear. I imagine after a long day as we sit together and enjoy the film. I think it is a real joy for me.
I'll wait for your answer my dear.



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