Scam letter(s) from Jennifer Packerson to Mark (England)

Letter 1
Hello Honey , Here are the details for the solicitor in Malaysia whom you need to contact.
Name : Barrister Saidi Ibrahim
Telephone # +60166759008
Email and phone him to check his email , that you are my fiance and i have asked you to handle the sale of the property situated Ref # 36-3 Jalan puteri 2/1 Bandar puteri 47100 Puchong Selangor Darul Ehsan, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Ask him to tell you what are the first step/legal process to be taken honey ok ..Hugs...Kisses
Yours Ever,
Letter 2
Suit 1745 Jalan putari
Selangor Malaysia
+60166759008 Attn Mr Mark, I have acknowledge your email and i have all information required for the full processing of your papper works... change of ownership and Swarn court affidavit of the property in your name, this process will take at list 48 hours/working days ...that is If we follow due process. I have just recieved the property documentations from your fiance Miss Jenifer packerson who have just arrived here in malaysia,I have started working on your documents which I will be presenting to the Court , this will happen as soon as you make the payment for the processing of the paper works. To speed up this process you have to pay for the fees and other protocal which i will go through for the paper works...which is approxmately. RM 18,571 Malaysia money In British pounds 2,600 ..... As it is a very big property/Company and has to go through a lot of protocals to be sold successfully,the whole documents needed for the immidiate sale of the property will be ready withen 48 hours , two working days... and I will forward it to the buyers immidiatelly for the onward remmitance of your payment to your nominated Bank account in the United Kingdom,Sir for now the highest bider for the property is $1.7 United States dollars Let me know if this payment can be made this week for the paper works today via Bank transfer i have my associate in the UK that will forward our company account details to you for the transfer, if you ready to make payment now phone me after reading this email for the Acct details , so that i can proceed with your papper works immidiatly,I advice you do this as quickly as posible as , you and your fiance got only 21 days to get this sorted out or the property will be taken over by the Malaysia government as it has been locked up for years now...Just to let you know I am a very busy man and I have other things doing but left them becuase of the urgency of this transaction/ sale of your property as miss Jennifer need to meet you as soon as possible ,which she have decleard to me and i deeply respect her feelings.As i understand the fact that miss jennifer is wanting to round up this business as soon as posible .and i will do everything withen my capasity to make sure this property is sold withen a week after pappes works is completed..Thank you for your co-operation and understanding ..have a great day.

Suit 1745 Jalan putari
Selangor Malaysia
Letter 3
Attn Mr Mark , I have in receipt of your email and i will start by answering your questions , you asked if that was the only payment that is to be made? well from my end and point of view yes that is the only payment that needs to be sorted out for a smooth sale of the property,and the money can not be deducted from a money that has not yet been paid which is the payment from the sale of the property , as i need the physical cash RM 18,571 to process this papers in Court , I have not yet talked about my chamber fees because I know after the sale of the property you and your fiance will reward me greatly so I am doing this with out my fees been paid, just a favor... but the 2600 British pounds is very much needed to pay for court duties and signature/court Staps from the office of the Attorney general which is the high level protocol I talked about in my first email to you. Regards the change of ownership , The documents of the property have Miss Jennifer late father name on them and that needs to be changed before the property can be sold here in Malaysia , It can be changed to Miss Jennifer name or who so ever she nominates but it definitely will go through the same process , so there is no difference weather its in your name or her's in this case she have nominated you as her trusted beneficiary which i hope you do appreciate as i would say you are a very lucky man to have such a beautiful lady that can trust you with such a huge gravity if i was in your shoes i will do this without asking any further questions but I think I understand your curiosity. Sir about the highest bid involved at the moment the Chinese are interested in the property and willing to make payment just as soon as we present the documents for the property which we are about to sort out now , you will get more information's about them when this papers are sorted and if possible make contact with them to discuss price if you don't want me to do that for you , but i will advice you 1.7 million is a good price for the property . As soon as I sort the papers thy will make contact with me to know how you want your payment made via either via .. cheque / Bank transfer or cash.
If you are accepting cash then will arrange a International deplomat whom is going to deliver the cash with out any problems to your destination. if you want it by cheque you have to forward me your Bank address or residential address for that but if you want it by Bank transfer then your account details will be needed for that . You can make the payment to my associate In the UK , we do have associate in the Europe and the Americas, that we work with when it comes to International Laws... here are the details you need for the payment.
You can make the payment to my associate In the UK , we do have associate in the Europe and the Americas, that we work with when it comes to International Laws... here are the details you need for the payment.
Bank Account # 17246583
Sort Code # 090132
Bank Name Santander
Name of Account , Craig Davie
You can make an online Bank transfer today to avoid delays as I am trying to help you people getting this sorted out as soon as possible , you have only got just two more weeks now and if you don't get the paper works sorted now it will be very complicated and you people might stand the risk of loosing that property. Sir I urge you to sort this out latest by tomorrow so that i can at list sort out the paper works which is the most important thing at the moment.Thank you for your co-operation and understanding and in this matter have a great day. Yours At Law, Barrister Saidi Ibrahim .ESQ
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