Letter(s) from Maria Shapkina to Bart (USA)
Letter 1
Hello stranger. Do You have the name? It would be great if You told me it. How are You? It is good thing the on-line dating sites. I think that it is good thing for find a good person for be the friend and someday may be find a husband. It is main thing because I started to looks a good guy in the Internet, I think that You looks like that guy. I hope that You are have the time to send me the letter. Have You? Because it is need too much time to search some person in the dating site. I want to You better. But before it I should to tell You about myself. interesting? I do not know what to tell You in the first. My name is Darya, I am 26 years old. And I am still not married. I think that I should not hurry up, But it is not mean that I should not fine that guy, who will be my second half and my favourite man. ((: I live in apartment with my mother and my brotherly brother lives with us temporarily. My daddy was the militarian, he has died, when i was 10 years . The brother has replaced to me the daddy. It always cared of me. So I have habit that the favorite man care about me. (o: But now I have not it, and miss without the person who could care about me and make me happy. And what about your family? Tell me something about it. Ot is interesting for me what are You like more then another thing, I like the ice-cream, and I like it much, I like the vanilla ice-cream with a nuts, and I am glad that I am still have a nice figure and keep it in a good form. You can to look it on my photos. And it would be nice if You send me some of yours, that I could be print out. You can to ask me everything that You want and I will answer You. And now is my turn to asks (: How looks the woman of your dream? And what is her character? Do You want that the woman of your dream be wife? (((: Did You have the wife? I will be waiting your letter. Your friend Darya.
Letter 2
Hello new friend. I do not know as at you business and as you feel yourself. Why do not you answer my letter? Was not yor poisoned my picture? I know, that men appreciate only appearance, instead of soul.
I hope that at you was not simple time for the answer. I hope soon to receive your answer when there will be time. I do not know why you do not write. Maybe on the Internet a malfunction and my letter it is not has reached you. Maybe you simply do not wish to write to me. Tell to me please. Otherwise it will be unpleasant to me. Successful day Your Darya.
Letter 3
Hello Bart!!! Thank You for the message. I understand that You probably haven't photos to send me now. But it would be great to receive some of it sometimes. Bart, You want to know where I live. I live not close to You. I live in the Russia. I think I should to tell it to You sooner. Why I didn't told to You sooner? I think it is not very important for where You live. I believe that You can to find your second half in the another side of Earth. And the main thing it is to find your soul mate. Bart, are You angry on me? I live in Russia. In the small city Zelenodolsk. It is not big city, just about 100000 peoples lives in it. You can to find it in the Internet, I think. The nearest big city it is Kazan city. It will not problem for You to find it. Bart, what do You think about me now? I don't know if You are still want to know me. I wrote on the dating city in the first that I am from Russia, but I can't to contact anybody, I just can to see anothers. And It is strange that some men, from the dating service have been wrote to me worse thing, just because I am from Russia. And I have been made the decision to write that I am from US. I hope You don't think about me in the wrong way. You know, I want to a serious relationship. And for it we should know about the character and many of another things. About my work: I work in small firm. I am working the accountant. I have finished Economic university. I like my work.
My work demands attentiveness. What about You? May be it is give to my character attentive to another persons, with their troubles and happiness. Bart, I have a good humor too, I think that it is important to have a sense of humor. Because without it is so heavy to live. ((:
I think that I kind, polite and the tender girl. I like the good conversation, but I don't talk a lot and for empty things. Bart, so, what is your character? Do You like the cleanliness in the home and at dress? I am very cleanliness. I clean my home 1-2 times at week, I don't want that my mother clean the apartment. She is 51 years old, and I think that I should care about she, like she cared about me before it. My mother like to cooking. And She prepare so tasty meals and she like too cake, I think You would be enjoy her bakes. My mother has learned be to cooking and I cooks when I have a time, and I like it much. I think that it is a good for the wife. I think that the main thing for me it is find a good person for long happy life, all women dream about it, I suppose. To find the good guy and be happy with him it is more main then career, not success is some activities, just to love and be lovely, it is simple and it is not easy. Bart, what do You dream about? Do You wan to be success or be the big boss, or just want a simple family happy? ((: I am sorry if it is sound silly. But it is a important for me. I will wait your new e-mail. Your friend Darya.
Letter 4

Bart, hello!!! How are You today? I hope You are fine. I am sorry, that I did not write to you yesterday, but I yesterday I had problem with Internet. Therefore I could not receive your letters and write to you yesterday. I am glad to receive your letter, it is great that our corresponding is proceed. I like that we knows each other better, and I think that we can to understand each other. And it is important for me. Your letters makes my mood better, I enjoy reading your messages.
((: Bart, thank You for the questions, I will try to answer on all of it. It is show respect to the person when asks on their questions. And I hope that I give You the respect in such way. (: The age is nothing for me. Age is only figures. The main thing that the men had a young soul. It is very pleasant learning to you every day more and more, it is very pleasant for me. It is very pleasant to have conversation with you. I always thought, that adult men have more life experience.
Therefore I never think, that the age is a problem. it is nothing the main for me. I hope, that you true understand me. Bart I want to send You another photos, and I hope that You will like it. On this picture are my kitty Marysya and my the best girlfriend Elena. Do You have a lot of friends, or one and the best? I have the one best friend, if be more correctly girlfriend, her name is Alina, she like the sister for me. Bart, You know I always wants the sister, and my girlfriend stayed the sister for me. I like my family, we have the good close attitudes.
We with it already many years are friends. I am very glad, that I have such girlfriend as Elena. On other picture I with my the favorite kitty. Her name is Marysya. A good name the truth? I very strongly love animals, especially cats. And you love animals? My family is my mother, my brother and my girlfriend. Do You have the closest attitudes in your family? Where are they working? My mother don't works, she is housekeeper. My brother is driver, I like when we are meet all together, we likes to going on the nature and have a picnic.
I like fishing with my brother on the summer, and the winter we like to ski when we have a free time. Bart, it is important for me to have the close man, that can to care about me. I had the boyfriend in the last year, but we was so different persons, I think that it is impossible to build the relation just only on the sex. It is necessary to have the shared the interests and need to understand each other. I think that the man should to care about woman and need to know how to address with the woman. And for man is important to find the lovely, honest woman who can to returns the care that he give her. Bart, do You think so? Have a nice day, your Darya.
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