Scam letter(s) from Celina Sinnathurai to Arash (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Steven, How are you doing, I guess you had a lovely weekend? Sorry for the late reply, I had problem with my internet connection. Thanks for your compliment towards for my photos. All I want is a man that will love me with all his heart, and I promise to love him in return, I really need a last long relationship with the man of my dream. I strongly believe you will be the man of my dream after I saw your photos. I really see you as hard working man and lovely. As regards your questions, I have been to USA once before, I went to the city of Boston. I don't have any plans for now to come to visit USA, except you invite me to come over. I will feel excited running your business with you, I want to be happy with the man of my dream. I would like to see the photos of Rug Gallery, kindly send it to my email. I have not made plans for Christmas yet. I would have love to meet you in USA, but I am very busy now with my fashion business because of the Christmas season. I guess we can meet during New year, what do you think? I am now, I waited for you to come online today so that we can have a nice chat, but I didn't see you. I just hope you are doing good. I have sent you my photos. Take very good care of your self for me
I hope to see you soon online my dear. Cheers,
Letter 2
Hi Steven, I am glad to hear from you, I was beginning to get worried because I have not heard back from you. I always come online via yahoo messenger, but I don't always see you online. I really want us to have a romantic video chat, and talk more about our life style. I will advise you to try and come online so that we can discuss about my arrival to the States, you know my coming to the States will be expensive and It's going to cost me money. I don't have much money now with me, I just invested some money into my fashion business here. Honey, so tell me how is the weather over there now? I strongly believe is cold and snow falling now, I can't wait to see you and lay in your arms forever. It will be a good New Year for us to be together. I hope to see you soon online so that I will have to make arrangement for my arrival. Much love, Sarah..
Letter 3
Hi Honey, Here is my sexy photo.
Much love,
Letter 4

Hi my sweet Steven, How are you doing, I guess you had a lovely night rest. I dreamt of us last night, you were kissing me passionately and making love to me. Below is my bank account info you will use to transfer the $10,000 today as you said. As soon as you transfer the money to my account today, kindly send me the transfer receipt of the $10,000 for reference to my bank, make sure the transfer receipt of the $10,000 is attach to my email. Attach is the my sexy photo I snap for you this morning when I woke up, I guess you will like it.
Name: Sarah Larson
Acct: 10134688
S/code 160048.
Address: no 2 elgin avenue harrow road london
post code:w9 3qr
RBS Bank. I hope to read from you soon sweet heart. Much love, Sarah..
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