Scam letter(s) from Stella Cole to George (USA)

Letter 1

larry how are you doing today larry i really want to tell you this larry i have got the plane ticket and i will be with you next week becos my flait will pick up on sunday and i will get to your place on monday larry i really want you to be the same man you are and i will like to meet you well and your family i really want you to keep your promise i hate a man who will lie to me when i get to you i really want to know what is going to happen becos i dont want any problem from your place and i dont you to make me sad i really need a man who will take good care of me. well i want you to know that i always dream about you but i can just tell you that so i dont want you to take me as a mad person well all what i wasnt is love and carering. larry there is something i wanna let you know larry i have used all the money i have with me here for my plane ticket and i need to pay for my hotel bills here so i can not be hold down here becos is the only bill that can hold me here if i do pay it there is anything else again larry i need to pay the bill anytime from now till sarturday before i move on sunday larry i will like you to help me with the money ok the money is 450 dollars any amount you have dont worried just send it so i can pay the bill ok and i will like to talk with you one on one so i can gie you the flait number on sunday when is time to live ok LARRY if u want to send the money just send it to me through western union money transfer LARRY this is my info with me name ok. NAME STELLA COLE ADRESS, 32 ALLEN AVENUE . STATE, LAGOS CITY, IKEJA, COUNTRY, NIGERIA, ZIPCODE,23401. LARRY that is it LARRY i will be very happy to here from you ok
THANKS LARRY KEEP MY LOVE FOR ME talk with you soon ok talk with you soon.
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