Letter(s) from Jennifer Rose to Aaron (USA)

Letter 1

Aaron I have been feeling weak and not feeling too ok ..I had a slight fall during bath and i haven't been myself ever since then..Things here aren't working as expected and I'm feeling a lot of pressure staying in this damn country already..Cant wait to be relocated

Please Aaron, i really need you to do me a little favor right now and i will be glad if you can do this for me..My period is hear and this time it's coming with cramps so I'm already feeling a lot of pain all over my body..I need to see a Doctor as soon as possible and pay some bills so i don't know if you will be kind enough to lend me 350 dollars and as soon as i get my inheritance money from the bank over here and come to you i will give it back to you..I promise..

I'm already feeling a lot of pressure living abroad and i must tell you that this will be my last visit oversea..I will never travel out to somewhere i don't know again for no reason anymore..I don't want you to get mad at me but i feel a lot of attraction towards you and that's why i was scared to tell you my problems. I will be hoping to relocate to you soon ..