Letter(s) from Jennifer Faye to Ken (USA)

Letter 1

How are you doing,thanks for the message,I will like to tell you more about me and will love to know more about you also, I am New to this online thing and I am giving it a try to see how it works, I hope you are a serious person, i don,t want my heart to be played with,I am Jenifer rose by name,I am 27 years old and 5.7 tall. I am single and without no kids, I was born and raised up in Nigeria , but I am a dominican republic by origin and a Nigerian by birth, I have lived in Australia for 3 years and I am presently in Nigeria because my mum just died,I hope to make it back to Australia hopefully next weekend, I want you to undetstand that I filled my profile at the dating site before I left for my mum Burial in Nigeria, I hope me being in Nigeria is not a problem to you,I have a bachelor degree from the University of Lagos in Nigeria in art and painting, I have one brother and he is Chad by name ,the reason I am single is because my ex slept with my best friend and got me rip of my money and that sucks, but i had to let go of that and start a New life and that is why I am giving the online dating thing a try, I am a funloving lady and love to try New thing , I love reading, writing poem and listening to music as hobbies,my favorite color is pink and blue, my favorite music is gospel and r&b, my favorite movie is romantic movie, i love swimming, do you have siblings , what is your favourite colour, what is your favorite movie and song. i hope you will still love to talk to me even though I am in Nigeria presently.I will send you more pictures later and i will be glad if you can send more pictures of you in next email...Stay Bless

Letter 2

Dear i want you to know that Jenifer Barnes Faye is my Name..Okay.. Rose is just a nickname and the name of the Flower i Like most,i hope you understand now....western union money transfer is better and here is my information below.

Name............. Jenifer Barnes Faye

I want you to know i will be with you through think and thin and i promise you that i will make you the happiest man in the world.. i want you to know that i have already made a Vow of
myself and God that i will always be Honest to you till eternity and thanks so much for the caring heart you have for me and i will always love you till eternity and make you the happiest man in the world..My Love as soon as you get the money send i want you to email me with western union information that you used to get the money send so that i can be able to pick the money up here...I love you and i will be looking forward to read from you..

Yours Future

Letter 3

Darling my night was not to good due to the pain and i feel weak,i wish am there with you so you can cuddle me,i will be glad if you can help me with the fund before the 23 of this month Darling,Well,to start off i would not have ever thought i would meet someone over the internet,being that normaly it is not hard for me to find someone to talk to.However,over the time that i have known you i really have enjoyed every word every phrase every sentence that has came from you.It sent a feeling through me that i have never felt before.Being said / you truly are a special person to me.The more that i communicate with you the more i am attracted to you the more i want to see you the more i want to be with you,makes me feel good inside.I feel that the distance from us seeing one another right now only makes me more ravished,axious,excited and ready to be with you.When i do see you ! I want to kiss you in a long soft,passionate, caring,& loving way,along with stroking my fingers through your body sending chills all through out your body.Just to show you how true it is...i Can't wait to meet you
Loves Jenifer

Letter 4

Darling i live on ForaAgoro St here,i want you to know that i borrowed the 450 from my landlord here and his with my passport now hope to get it back on the 23 when you send it to me and return to meet you in person..i miss you so much..How are you doing today? i wish am there with you but i need to take a nap now the medicine is making feel dizzy..Take Care Dearest

Letter 5

i dont think you know what you are talking about and you most be a fool for thinking about tring to use you for money because i want to spend time and we be with you when am back to Australia...being broke dosn't mean am poor....i see no future in us if you dont trust me,trust is the key to a successful relationship without trust the relationship will colaps...am tring to build something that will satnd on a solid rock and you just blew it Ken and am so disapointed in you...

Letter 6

Darling i wish i have a camera here but i dont,i am sending you the picture i took before coming down to nigeria,thanks so much for putting a smile on my face,i really cant wait to meet you in person and to make you the happiest man on earth..do you want kids? how many do you want? and what will you name them? I love you because you make me look forward to each day. You're my
everything, a dream come true. There are no words to express what I feel for you. There are no songs as beautiful as the music that fills my soul when I chat with you. There are no roses as lovely as your smile. Nothing moves me like you do. There are no days brighter than the days I spend chating with you. You're my light in the darkness.There could never be words strong enough to express my love for you. I love you with my body, soul, and mind. You're my everything.