Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Maklakova to Priscila (USA)

Letter 1
How are you?? My name is Nastya! I look up a second half! I often journey, draw.
Reply me email on Good-bye, Nastya.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend.
I got your letter today. Thank you for your answer. My name Anastasya. Together with the letter I send you my photos.
I want to ask you to be honest. Now online dating is popular in the whole world.
It does not matter what distance separates the us.
We can talk here and get to know each other. Do you agree? Please send me your photos. I am sure that you have a beautiful smile.
View your pictures will help me get to know you and your life.
My first time writing a letter to the man ... Do not laugh at me. I am sociable girl, but I'm used to communicate the reality.
I like to see the human face during a conversation and see emotions. I hope that now, smile on your face and you have a good mood.
I have a college education. I'm working. My work gives me a good income.
I have never been married. I am one. Certainly in the past, I had a relationship with a man.
My last relationship ended with a man two years ago. Now I have a feeling of loneliness. A lot of my friends already have families.
I also dream of a family.
I hope you read my letter. Tomorrow I'm waiting for your new letter. Ask me questions and I will answer you. Ok?
I live in Russia. Anastasya
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