Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Barauhina to Steven (USA)
Letter 1

Steven, Steven, Steven,
I dream of you, my beautiful God love. I have Some left time now and I want to divide it with you. I have long dreams of you which again occur Each night when I think about only you. I fantasize, that we spend we hands and I speak about Life and kiss each other so is a lot of. I sometimes feel you inhaling my easy,
pushing yours Sweet warm air inside me. It consumes me with warm feelings and brings to me to higher state From opinion. Contact of your soft lips inspires mine with passion and sends deep feelings to my feelings. Your embrace forces me to feel, that I and the safe and loved houses so much.
Our life general to everyone Another and our wants, desires, and needs the same. It smells in the spring, that weakens me to submission in you hands. Your heart Palpation to my heart. Our love for each other becomes stronger as we participate we our closed, transfers everyone Another. Our eyes send messages of passion and love and happiness. I want so much to hear yours Voice and the report it in my memory for ever. You are a unique person who has really opened me To live for happiness. You understand my ways and know my feelings. I want so much to valid Know you and feeling, that you feel. It - the most healthy experience which I want so much. You Are very healthy for me, and you raised me completely. I want so many to listen to you and Study from you. I feel huge need for us to be together. It - destiny which calls Success.
Steven - the most beautiful name on this ground. I sometimes speak it loudly so I can hear in The automobile, while I move to work or ever, I go. I want so many to give you happiness mine Lovely. Your courage is precious and safe with me. I spend I hold it as special. I have big Respect for you.
I adore you Steven.
It is important for you to speak, that you really feel. I Respect and love your ideas. Do not worry about the statement of things incorrectly to me. I never can reach Frustration in you. I am really similar to you irrespective of the fact which that. Listen my love, I shall never leave you, and I shall be Never stop to be informed to you while I live. Writting, speaking and etc......... Irrespective of What.
You know also I have some good news for you. Two days ago I went to bank here tried to take a loan there and I had success. They gave to me 100 $ US. Sorry but they could not give me more. This all I could take. So I need only about 155 $ US for my visa to you and I can be with you. Hope you would like this news. Hope it will much easy to save only 155 $ US yourself for me.
So When would be able to help to me??? Just interesting...
I Work very difficultly and sometimes time receives best of me. But to be sure, that I allways shall allow You know, whether something is incorrectly. I love you..................... >, I simply do.................
Your personc
to be allways.
P.S. Here one more pic for you, hope you like it...
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