Scam Letter(s) from Irina Bavykina to Ed (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello Dear!!
I have received your answer and I am really pleased to get it.
I start writing you. Probably you are surprised how I found you on the Internet.
I wanted to try to strike up acquaintance through the Internet!
I am a little excited and do not know what to write to you but I shall try. Also I hope that you can understand me and will reply to me.
Write t me about yourself, tell to me where you live etc. What’s your job? What do you like an don’t?
It seems very strange but in Russia not every person knows how to use the Internet.
It would be very interesting for me to contact you and get to know you better as I have no friends from other countries at all. You seem a very kind and interesting person.
In this letter I send you a photo. In future I hope to get your photos too.
I am pleased to see your letter. It is very pleasant. I shall try to answer your letters every day.
In each letter I shall try to tell more about myself and my life.
So, my name is Yuliya - my relatives and friends call me. But name Yulka is caring and I like when they call me like this.
You know that I am from Russia. I was born in the city of Serov
It is a small city and I love it. My date of Birth is on December , 7 1981. I live with my daddy and my stepmother.
Mum died 10 years ago in a car accident. It was a big suffering for me as I was only 19 years, when mum left me, but I remember her very well deep in my heart. When I go to church I always pray for her. My daddy now lives with another woman, and we live all together in one apartment, I every day I watch them how they trust and love each other and I am not mad on my stepmother.
When mum died daddy was very lost in his life and that woman helped him to get out of this hole. And they are happy now. One year ago we bought an apartment as we for a long time we have been saving money and still paying the credit for it. Therefore I cannot afford myself to buy now a computer and a phone.
But mum wanted a new apartment very much and consequently we have carried out her dream, though with big efforts.
Excuse me if I seem boring to you but I write about myself and the life.
I am single and I have no children. I am 165 sm. high, Weight - 58 kg. I do not smoke, and I do not use drugs. I do not drink alcohol Being on a holiday, I can drink a glass of white wine.
I love children and animals. My friends say that I am very strong Individuality. I have many friends. They are my colleagues from work.
I work as an actress! I worked in the Academic theatre in Moscow, and tried myself as the Ballerina. But in the greater degree, I acted in an opera.
So now I am in the city, and I work at the local theatre.
I had to leave f Moscow because it was very expensive to live there and besides my daddy was ill, so I decided to come back home. I send you pictures from my performances.
I hope that you can send me your pictures too.
I shall be glad to see you very much and to know about you more.
Last year I travelled much, and I was in France, and Sweden, Germany, England , Spain.
It was a tourist round, and I travelled with my girlfriend, and we travelled across Europe during 7 days.
It was great and now I get acquainted with you.
I liked mentality of foreign people.
Also I can tell you that you are very pleasant and delicate and appreciablly differ from the Russian men.
You could have asked me why I search for the man from other country?
And why I am not yet married? I can answer this Question.
I am already 30, and I could have a family of my own.
First, after death of my mum, I simply could not think of it.
Because I had to study, and work simultaneously.
My daddy suffered a lot because of this loss and could not work. I had really hard time in my life.
And just now, my life is normalized and I want to create my own family.
But I have a choice to choose the man who will respect me and love.
And it does not matter whether it will be my husband from my country, or from other country.
But now, I write to you.
In my past there were of course good memories, this Good family, loving parents.
But what waits me in future? And I do not see the positive moments.
Economic development of my country is very bad. Many people have no work.
Young people who work in the factory do not receive money and they start to make nonsenses, to drink alcohol. Many men try to be gangsters.
And it is one more reason, that I would like to meet a sincere man, and without harmful habits even if he is from other country.
I do not want to live with the gangster.
Men have stopped to respect women. It can seem strange, but men any more do not do a congratulation to women.
I think that men from other countries are more valid to women.
I want to begin the relation with such a man who will have positive opinion of me.
I reflected above it very much during long time and I want to be confident.
I think that our dialogue will take place, and even in future we can meet.
I hope from deep in my heart that my letter did not frighten you?
In fact I am very cheerful and cheerful person.
I try all to tell to you that you had small representation about me.
I shall be pleased to see your new letter and I shall wait.
It seems to me that we shall be good friends!!!
Your kind friend Yuliya !!!

Letter 2

Many thanks for your answer, it is very pleasant for me to get it. Now I understand that you are interested in me.
I only ask you not to hasten our relation to continue to develop . Do you agree?
I hope I do not ask you much, I only ask you to be sincere and sensual to me.
So that I could learn more about you and can glance in your heart.
And in future I can promise you I can visit you. Ok?
It is a pity I cannot frequently write to you cause I have no computer at home and I really should wait for the end of work and only then go to write to
you. It makes me very sad because I really want to continue writing to you frequently, and every day as soon as I have an opportunity.
For me it will be certainly pleasant to speak with you on phone, and to hear your voice.
But unfortunately we have not settled the phone yet cause my family has recently moved to a new flat .
And my daddy saved money during long years, and I also helped him and consequently, I could not buy a phone and a computer. But it in future I plan to January do it.
But as soon as I get my salary I go to the post office and I try to call you.
So I am in the Internet cafe now.
Everything will be interesting for me, what you will tell me about yourself in future? It will be very pleasant for me to read your letters. I was
thinking of you this night, and could not fall asleep.
in my first letter I have told a little about myself, and in future letters I shall try to tell about myself a little too. I will speak and write to ou in English. I studied English since 6 and now can easily speak it.
But so I think and it seems to me that I know English well. But I did not practice my language,and I talked only to the teacher. So now you are the first who sees my English. What do you think? Was I bad in English?
Though when I travelled with the girlfriend to Europe I had some dialogue with people.
But in the greater degree I communicated there only with my girlfriend as it was very interesting for us to look cities and sights there.
I wanted to say about my daddy who cared of me for a long time but now it’s time to start my own life, but in Russia there is hardly such a person who can become my husband. I have decided to find a good person from other country. Many people leave Russia for the distant countries and live happily there. I hope that in future I will ba able to do it. Tell me your ideas about this. Now I will tel you about my day, I get up at 6-30, I go to sleep at 23-00, work 8 hours, 2 times a week I go on aerobics, it helps me much to keep fit. I like to go in for sports. Every day I do cleaning of an apartment, also prepare food. My mum taught me how to cook. I love various styles in music, classics, jazz. I like reading books much, I love detectives, and love novels. I like good cars, bit I don’t drive myself though in my future I can learn it.
Do you have a car?
My friends often call me Yulka so you can call me like this too.
I very a vigorous person and like to learn new in a life. I am not an idler, I am hardworking person.
I have two cousins who live in Siberia, Russia . I am very kind and gentle, I have a sence of humour, and ready to give all my heart to my partner.
So do you travel much? Did you travell to Russia?
! And for me it is very pleasant to write to you! I to trust that mine email not to bother you! I to send you the photos! I will trust that it is pleasant to you today! I will come to receive soon again from you email and and to write to you I dream of love and caring of a man.
I would give him all my love and tenderness in turn. I think my letter was pleasant.
I get used to you and to your letters, and every day I want to communicate with you.
Now it is time for me to go, I look forward to your letter.
and miss you…
Your kind friend Yuliya!!!

Letter 3

Dear, I am very pleased to receive your letter and I write to you the answer with great pleasure. I miss you very much and I think of you much. So how are you???How at at you weather?? What do you
Today on November, 29th! And it winter right at the beginning! And already it is a lot of snow! And to become every day all a frost and is more cool! I very much love this season because when a lot of snow to me becomes so see good and pleasant from that that I can so a lot of snow! And for me it is pleasant when I can have pleasant walk on skis! In winter park! And you to be able to ski
My daddy is still sick, and still is in hospital. And I visit him every day in hospital, and I speak with him, and I told him about you today.
I worry about him a lot but when I told him about you he listened to me with interest. Sorry I could not reply to your letter immediately but I thought of you very much and every day. But I really had no even a free minute to come and write to you a short letter. So do not take offence ok... If I could, I assure you I would write to you every day. Please, understand me ok. Doctor sais daddy can lose his kidney and I worry of it. My stepmother worries too and we were really busy these days. But I hope that all will be good, and daddy Gets Better and I promise you, that as soon as he recovers I shall be completely yours and I shall always write to you. As I very much miss you, and I think of you very much. It would be very good, if I have bought mobile phone, but now I cannot buy. And I think, that is necessary to wait till January , And then I can buy a phone, and then I can call you, and you will know my number phone. I dream to hear your voice... I ask you, write me your home address so that I could write to you the hand-written letter. I think, that it will be pleasant for you if I can write to you in my handwriting, and you will see my words.
I want to tell to you more about me. At once I regret about it, that I write with mistakes, as there is an important rehearsal today. Tomorrow there will be a concert devoted to the Rural the industries.
I could give you the invitation card if you were here... I adore my work, and I dance well. And I think, that in family, the woman should also work. And only when a child appears, it is possible to have rest and to be with the child in a house. I dream about this. I only think that all difficulties will soon end and I can think of my own family, my husband.. So now I write to you, and I want to feel your feelings to me. In the evening I shall come home tired and I shall take a shower, and I shall go to bed. Yes, if I do not dream of you, I cannot fall asleep. I am so glad I have acquainted with such a charming man .
I have told my girlfriends about you. Girlfriends have told to transfer you Congratulations.
the daddy hi has told to you and the man when will offend speaks that true, will be Offend my beauty.
So you should promise my daddy that you will care of me. He is of good opinion about you as I have told him, and I am serious in my feelings to you. I do not want to play a game, I want to meet you in future and create strong family. May be it seems I speak nonsenses to you. But I like to be always sincere. I very much love summer, both hot weather.
And this time I go to sunbathe and bathe in water... In Winter I go for skiing. Sometimes I go with girlfriends, and we go to dance, I love fast music and Very much I like to dance, I think everybody likes to dance. I like nature and go far in a wood, and I like to collect mushrooms.... Each letter which I write to you - pleasure for me.
What do you like to eat? Also, what do you do with friends in your free time? If I am in a bad mood or I am sick, I sit at home, and I read books. But recently, I do not like to go to walk with girlfriends or to have fun... I feel that I have fallen in love... And I sit at home and I miss. Though I am tired of problems . I hope, that in future we can meet each other and you can show me your feelings which you have to me. Because I think, that in our relations, clearness, only our meeting will have... Only then we shall have all answers. From your letters I start to understand that you are a reliable and kind man. I hope it is in a real life, you seem completely such a person as in the letter or it is even better. As I fall in love with your letters very much. You are very similar to me. I am confident that I am happy that I have such good a friend as YOU!!! I will look forward to news from you!!! I shall go now.
And I shall think of you. Yours Yuliya
My Home adress
First name Yuliya
Last name Bushmanova
Yralskya street , 12 apt 6
City Serov , - 624980
Country RUSSIA

Letter 4

Hi my Love!!!
I hope that you are well today? I could not fall Asleep and was thinking and dreaming about you
Therefore I have come to the Internet cafe early now. I want to write to you, and I want to speak about my feelings to you... It is serious for me, and I ask you, to be very serious to me. You are very good and kind man. And consequently I got used to you last days.. While I work or rest only I think of you. When I am at home, when I am on work, any time... I do not know what is going on with me, but it is unequivocal, that I have rearrangement in an organism, and is especially in my heart... You ask, I am in love? I can answer you, that I have feelings to you, and it very much prevents me now. As I have uncertainty, and I do not know what you think of me.
Therefore, I want to know your answer. What do you feel about us , what do you think? You understand, that we did not see each other, and I cannot speak definitely that we can have mutual attachment. But I can tell confidently that you are very close to my heart and each time when I see your letter and your picture I am very happy and my heart is pleased very much. I every minute think of you. and now I want to find out, what do you think of our future?
Do you think we will have future together? I ask it to calm my heart as I thought about this last days. If you give me the answer I shall know what you think. And if you have feeling to me I shall be very glad. And I shall plan travel to you in future as it will have the purpose that our hearts will be together. As only our meeting can define an outcome of our relations. If you don’t wish to have relations and be friends, tell me at once not break my heart then. As I have fallen in love with you now, and I want to continue my relation to you. And I do not want my heart to be broken. I want to know your feeling to me now. I also ask you to trust me. As I am already a good friend now we can give chance to each other and I shall never break your heart. Only ask your heart and give me the answer.
I am sad that we are not together now. You know, I have sincere feeling of my heart. Sometimes I think that I am lunatic as I feel you close to me. I feel your strong hands on my body, and I imagine how we make love with you. And after our nights of passion, we would be in our bed, and enjoy each other,only kissing. I already want to tell, I LOVE YOU!!! But it is too fast, and it is not possible to fall in love with the person after several letters but I believe you, and I believe in your sincere heart... And I shall be the happiest girl in the world if you are mine !!! You should understand I love you as you are, how you have described yourself in letters!!! And consequently I want our meeting in future. You should understand what real love means!!! And I want to check up feelings, and all our first meeting can show it!!! You have spilled a drop of love on my heart and it passionately develops in a big love. I only thank destiny I have acquainted with you. And I really want to give you my heart. But only I ask you to address with it softly. I enter the Internet cafe with Expectation of your letter. When I see your letter I at once start smiling. it it is difficult to explain it. We are on distance of 1000 miles but my feelings to you are so strong. It is not a simple feeling. This understanding of each other on distance. And I want to trust in it. And I want to know that you also think as well as I..
I want that we were a single whole. Sometimes I am afraid that as soon as I enter the Internet - cafe and I shall not see there your letter it seems to me the day is not wright. It will be difficult for me to be without you. you think of me frequently?????
Will you write to me? Excuse me if I seem silly now... I only have told you that I feel towards you. I shall go now. I should visit daddy in hospital. And then go on rehearsal.
But you will be always with me. As I think about you always.
I wait for your letters every day.
Yours Yuliya!!!! KISS YOU !!!

Letter 5

Hi My Lovely!!!
I miss you very much!!! I allow to you my kisses, and sweet kisses!!!
At this time I only think of you, I close eyes and I start to kiss you.
It is pleasant and caring to think of it. You are a very unique person whom I have been dreaming all life.
And I am confident that in reality you are very sincere. So today I have arrived to write to you and read your letter. You know that I wait for your letters every day, and dream reading your sweet words to me.
But sometimes it happens very difficult to enters the Internet cafe.
So I can not write to you every day thought it would be great if you write to me every day.
I shall be very happy if I see your letters. You are very fine for me.
And I only gently dream of you, and about our future together. I always shall be sincere with you as my heart already belongs to you. And as it is known,
that you have found that unique key to my heart.
I am very pleased on the one hand but sad on the other as my daddy is seriously sick. But health of daddy is very important for me.
And it compels me to experience very much. And I write to you now.
I only want you to be with me at this difficult time and write to me.
And I want to tell you about all my sufferings. In life I am very cheerful and very much like to smile.
But now I cannot smile and it is because of my daddy. Only you and ideas about you do not let me cry and be broken in life. You became for me the big hope concerning love and happiness.
I very much idolize you. I love you very much. We are familiar with you, all in some days.
But you already became for me very much the close person. And I am confident that in future we can be successful enough together. Doctors make the worse decision. Also are afraid for his kidneys.
I shall know more ambassador of his survey and it will be already tomorrow.
Tomorrow doctors will tell me about results of survey. I very much ask the God that everything will be good.
And I pray you have accepted together with me all my sufferings and consequently I have come to write to you.
I ask you to forgive me if I ignore your words to me and I do not answer a question.
But today I only want to tell to you as to me it is bad. And I would like to be with you this day.
In your hands, and consolations.....
But daddy is sick and now in hospital and now I very much worry because of him.
And I only ask for patience. As soon as I know that everything is good, we can discuss any things. Now I only want to tell you that you are close to me, and helps now that I write to you and I speak with you.
I only think that you really wait to meet me closer in future.
Also I desire to give me a kiss at the airport and to embrace me. I think of it.
I hope that with daddy everything will be good. I very much cried yesterday. Lovely, write to me.
I very much want to feel your support.
To me it is very awful because of the daddy. I love you.
And I shall dream from you, and I shall try to calm down.
Yours always Yuliya!

Letter 6

Hi my love!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter, and I in heart am very happy. But I very sad actually.My daddy is still very bad, yesterday he had an operation, and only today in the morning I have calmed down a little. Excuse me I could not write to you earlier as I had no time to go the Internet cafe.
But I thought of you!!! And I missed you very much.
You know I very much envy my past because several days ago I was a very happy woman. When I at all did not know, that such to mountain and excitements, I did not know that such vital difficulties and sufferings of the close relative. Yes Love, now I see, and I confidently can tell, hat in a life happens changes, and there are sufferings.
Though i know life consists of not only good things but bad ones and i expereinces both.
Now I suffer because of love to you and I suffer because of daddy now. I pass these difficulties independently and I feel that I cannot sustain it. I am very much tired. But now I have went to the Internet cafe as I wanted to find your letter. And I am very glad i did. You help me a lot, and give me hope in my life. I know that is difficult to fall in love with the person for a short time interval and have big warm feelings of love, even never having met. But I cannot use my heart to lie to you. And I cannot allow also that between us there was only a game.
And I have very serious relations to you and my intentions are sincere. I love you and I can tell you it. And now I understand it is very close because you write to me and I feel your support and it means for me much. But you know that our meeting will solve all!!! And when we can meet for the first time we can see our relations. And we shall be happy... So I think. It is now important for us that we have met. And consequently I have decided that as soon as daddy recovers I shall arrive at once to you. You know that I already travelled to Europe and usa and I have visa and so I can arrive to your city too... And it will be a miracle when we can meet for the first time... Because I think of it too. I can visit you and I can be with you during 10 days and then I shall come back to Russia. But I think that 10 days will be enough for our first meeting. And it can change all our life if we decide to stay together. But before we should wait our meeting...
And now I only wait that operation is successful for daddy and he will recover. I cried very much on Saturday and Sunday and I wanted that you were with me.
daddy is a good man and allowed me to go to meet you. daddy never taught me to to lie and to use other's feelings. daddy always told me that I should be first of all sincere. And only then I can find true love. And I have open feelings to you now. And I can speak with you about any things of a life. But I ask you never offend me. And I always shall be sympathizing you. I think that our acquaintance is more than an attribute on destiny and I really want to love you.
You calm me and anxiety of my daddy. And I only thank you. And when he recovers I shall have a lot of time for you, during life. I should be with daddy now, I only wanted to be with the close person for me. And I have arrived to write to you. I want you to trust me always and trust the future.
I studied as works Yahoo messnger today! I also think that we with you can choose day and try to conduct conversation? Mine Yahoo Id polar_lights81
Honey, I shall go now. I should be with daddy. I shall write to you later.
speak with you now and to express my feelings to you. It became easy for me now. I feel you became my close person to whom I can always trust. Write to me. Yours always Yuliya

Letter 7

Hi my lovely! Good evening.
Excuse me that I did not reply you quickly. My daddy is still very bad and doctors have told that he need an urgent operation to change his kidney. Therefore I devote all time to my dady in the hospital.
I ask God why all these sufferings happen to me??? When I have got acquainted with you i felt happy with you and I understand I must go through all this and I want daddy to be healthy. After death of mum he cared of me and now I shall be very much afflicted in life if daddy will die. Lovely, I do not want to involve you in our problems of family but now I have no other way and I want you to try to help me. Much money is necessary for the operation,change of a kidney costs a lot and our family cannot find all money.
Lovely, I do not want to ask you money because I shall not allow myself to ask your money.
I really do not want to burden you. I love you. But I only want you to try to help me with one important thing. Since early morning I have been trying to borrow money in the banks, and tried to receive money. But our family cannot take money from bank because daddy one year ago has received the credit, for purchase of an apartment.
It is the apartment in which I live now and consequently I cannot take again the credit, our family should extinguish the old credit. So then in a father's notebook I have found the address of my daddy's uncle . He is grandfather's brother,he lives more than 25 years in USA, in Callisburg TX. Daddy told me about him but I never saw him.
I have sent to him an urgent telegram and have told that daddy needs the operation to change kidney and he has responded to me, both has written not only the letter but also sent me e-mail.
He said he would help and will ba able to send me 3000 dollars , for operation of daddy.
But after our correspondence it turned out uncle cannot send money to me directly because I cannot open an account here in bank and besides my passport was stolen in the bus.
The uncle tried to search for other ways and wanted to send me money through western union but it does not work in India . Yes, uncle now is on business trip in India as he works in a petroleum industry from Usa .
Lovely, you to see I have big problems now and I only ask you to try to help me. I hope you understand that my daddy is everything in my life.
Uncle has told that he can operate his money in Usa, being in India, he can operate his American account from India.
He offered to send money who lives in the and whom I can trust and I have told my uncle about you. I hope that you are not against.
I only hope for your sincerity and help. If you cannot help me I shall understand you.
So do you have the bank account? Uncle has told that if you have the account the uncle can transfer you of money from his account to yours. You will not have charges uncle will pay all to you.
You only should help me and daddy. Uncle has told that should know your information of the account and so can transfer you the money.
And then you receive money from the account and will send money to me.
I have already found out in bank here that you can send me money through western union office .
It is bank system transfer of money and it is very cheap and fast. Ed, excuse me that I entangle you in it but you will really not have problems with it.
Uncle has told that he is the federal employee and will care of confidentiality.
I only ask you and I beg you because it is very important for me to help daddy.
The uncle has told that you only will be the intermediary. As now, we have no other way to receive money for operation of daddy. And after that I shall respect you and like and I shall be very much obliged to you.
If you agree to help me uncle has told to me that will require this information from you:
account number
Bank name
Holder name
Excuse me that I do not answer on your letter and only write about the problem of family. I really think of you.
But now daddy is really bad, also requires your help. I very much ask you to understand me and to help me at an opportunity. If you require a life in to help I shall sincerely help you too. And more everything will be grateful to you for daddy.
I shall wait for your letter.
answer me immediately.
Yours Forever Yuliya



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