Scam letter(s) from Shela Rae to Frank (Netherlands)

Letter 1
i m not in your life to cause harm,hurt or break your heart.......this is my passport, myself in office and tomorrow i will make sure i get a webcam fix for me ....after that you can decide for yourself .....and you can also continue seeing me as a man talking to you after watching me on webcam frank. just clear your mind a be a man.
Letter 2
Honey ..i just check you can also send this money on the internet through western union money transfer or get a bank which have western union money transfer, so i think you need try which best for you so send this money and i will get there here after you been able to send me the 10digit called mtcn numberE .. this mtcn number is what i will be asked to give before i get this money here .. I hope you understand what i mean and below is my address to send this money.
Name:EEEEEE Lisa Mends
Address: EE 947 Achimota Kingsby street
Code:EEEEEEEE 00233
County:EEEEE Ghana
Letter 3
pls is this frank veltman in the Netherlands? if yes then my name is Ivy IntsifulE a friend to Lisa Mends she told me you are her new boyfriendE and i even helped her with a webcam yesterday just to talk to you in the evening. yes today is her birthday i dont know if you know about it. we went out to one of the restaurants in town called (spicy bites) just to have meal and drink but after taking the a soft drink she started complaining about stomach ache after some few minutes....i had to rushed her to Achimota Hospital on admission now..we later found out that the drinks had expired.....she cant not send you email herself so she gave me your email address to tell you this.
EEEEE yes this what has happened now as im talking to you. she is still on admission..this is my email and you can contact me on incase you want to tell her something. thank you. sorry to tell you this
Ivy a friend of Lisa byee for now
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