Letter(s) from Victoria Bochkareva to Davide (Italy)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend, the mysterious!

How are you? how do you feel? For some reason, I am sure that my letter to you is not new, and you can see it every day, but I beg you, my friend tell me email and I'll tell more about yourself. I saw your email on a dating site Be2.com, I thought long and finally decided to write you this letter. you really looking for its second half and did not want to live alone?
I like you love was injured and could not find a good man, I want to meet good, kind, sympathetic character ..
Do you like these girls like me? I will send you an email with pictures, so you can see me and understand who you now write that letter. I ask for more, I want to know you and want to know how old you are? What's your name? where you live, at least a city or country. because I have no idea What is your name, where you are and what you live .. I am very interested in it, is not it? You want to know me and be friends with me?
My friend, I am very excited to begin our first communion, but I hope that I'll be like me and you are interested in his letter.
Now I have no dating be2, because it's difficult for me to sit there and I can not do this often, so I deleted my profile from the site and please reply me on my e-mail address, right? I am writing to you with a working e-mail and I want you to answer me at my personal e-mail address


Now I'll look forward to your response and your photo, your little story about myself ..
Your new friend, Viktoriya.

Letter 2

I'm sorry that I did not answer you immediately! I had a lot of work. I wrote to you with a working address. Now I'll write you from this email!
If you honestly, I did not expect today to see your reply letter to me. I thought that I would not be interested in you and you write to me. Now the Internet is very much different SPAM and we are all afraid to answer the unknown letters. Me as many letters come, sometimes I even wonder where are all these letters? Personally, I do not pay attention to such messages and just delete them. I am very glad that you do not have, too, because if you would delete my email then I will not be writing this letter to you. Am I not right? So I want to say thank you for what you are interested in me and of course a special thank you for your letter.
I can not wait now to begin with you dialogue, but the problem is that I am at work. I am busy and I have now is not much time for writing to you. No, I do not think I'm lazy to write you a lot. Is not the case. Check your mail and saw your letter, I now just wanted to immediately thank you for your letter of reply, but another more long letter I will write you later, ok. Half an hour later I'll have a break at work and at this time I'll write you another letter longer. Of course I'll tell you about myself, because you have to have the first idea of ??what I am out of myself and how I live in this life. Be a little patient and I get back to you.
Once again I want to tell you that I am glad that you wrote to me.

Sincerely Viktoriya

Letter 3

Hey, so again I am writing to you - Viktoriya. Today I wrote to you was, but it was only a short message. Please excuse me for my first message, unfortunately I was very busy at work then, and so could not write you much. Sorry!

So where to start my first story about myself, I do not know. This communication online new for me and I'm even a little embarrassed. Never before had such a dialogue, but I feel that online dating is very interesting.

Well, follow the rules of ethics and will start my story about himself to the point.

My name is. As you already know my name Viktoriya. I am 28 years old. I'm pretty educated woman, with good performance and with a good sense of humor. I do not drink (I admit, sometimes only on holidays), I do not smoke and never used drugs. I mention drugs now, because now is a terrible time that many women get caught up in drugs. Personally, I was strictly brought up by my parents, so I do not use a child anything that would harm my health.

By nationality I am Russian and I live in a huge metropolis Moscow. This is in Russia, if you do not know. At a sign from the horoscope I scorpion. I am calm, balanced, and all this cheerful woman. I must now describe myself as a princess, although it is not. I have my faults, but this may be later. Do not want to just talk to you about their shortcomings. Unfortunately I am not married yet and much to our regret I do not have children. I write the word "unfortunately" because I really want to get married, but that it happened in my life that I still have not met the right man. Of course, like any woman I've had serious relationships with men here, but that relationship ended as quickly as begun. I guess I just did not meet that man who could truly love and appreciate me.

I fully secured by a woman and have a good job. I work as a school teacher here. I enjoy my job and I think that I can find a common language with their children. My students respect me and communicate well with me. I can come strong at times, when required, but I think we should be interested in children's knowledge and not force them.

About my hobbies. Maybe you're a little surprised at my hobby, but it is my passion and I can not do anything with them. More from school with my friends, we love to collect leaves of trees. At first it was a childish infatuation, but in time for me to this hobby has turned into a hobby. I pick the leaves of trees and lay them in the book. So they persist and do not change their shape. Here is my strange hobby, but I hope that you will not think about me because of my hobby, as a strange woman? Please do not think about me. This is just my hobby and I collected leaves me sometimes even calm when I look at them.

In addition to this hobby, I also have many other interests. For example, I love to dance, and in his spare time, I go to dancing school. Dancing maintain my figure and yet it is also a sport. I also love to cook different dishes and on weekends I'm not one hour at the stove. I like experimenting in the kitchen, sometimes even inventing new dishes themselves. This is interesting. So, I could still write a lot of you that I love and that I do not like, but I fear that time is not enough for this. Moreover, this letter has got longer and you're probably already tired of reading my scribbling. This is not it? Excuse me for what I make you read so much, but I hope you carry away my story about myself.

Well, I stay on it. For the first letter is sufficient. Now you have at least some idea about me and my kind. I hope you find me interesting for yourself and write your answer soon. I'll wait for your answer and of course read with great interest your letter about your life and certainly for you. Do not forget to send your photo. I would be interested to see your life through photos. I send you my new photos too!


Sincerely your new friend from Russia Viktoriya

Letter 4

Hello my friend !

how are you today? and how are you? as a job?

If you say that I am not happy to see your letter, it would not be true. I am very glad to see your reply letter to me and I can not even find words to express her joy. I guess I can only tell you "thank you" for your prompt reply and I hope that you will always be so exciting and quickly respond to me.

I already wrote you my letter in the past, which for me is a new familiarity. I really do not know how all this is happening, but many times I've heard that people learn about the Internet and this acquaintance even sometimes comes to the wedding. I can not understand how it happens? Can one fall in love through letters or ...? And you believe in this love or you do not understand this? I am interested in your opinion.

First, we must know with you about who and what qualities in a partner and we are looking for with this fact to continue our acquaintance. It may be that we do not approach each other, if so, it makes sense to continue? you agree with me?

Yes, I'm not a princess, and I do not look for the prince in this life. It has long forgotten the days when men performed feats for the sake of women, but I believe that these qualities are living somewhere inside of you and all in men.

if honest, for me, not very important physical characteristics of men. Yes, sometimes not very pretty or even worse. Just a lot of age is irrelevant to many, but not for me. I am 28 and this is the age in Russia, when a woman has to think about family, about children. My girlfriend has long been all married and only I was left alone. No, I do not say that I have fans here. Here in Russia, many, or even almost all the men drink vodka, they like to change their wives, or even just go away. Marriage in Russia is not stable and it is hurting us women. My friends often complain to me that there is no happiness in family life, etc. Of course their words scare me, but still not looking at their word, I believe that there is a man who I want in this life.

I want to write you a little about his childhood. In my youth I tried a lot of any hobby. When I went to school, I attended just two of the club dancing and drawing. I was the dances much better than in the figure. So far, I do not regret it as now I dance very well and to me, this is - not a shame to go with the guy at the dance. It is possible that we, when it must attend together dancing. My parents raised me very correct and wish that I grew gifted girl. Therefore, approximately 7 classes classes that I attended music school and achieved success as not bad. Now I'm just a musical instrument piano. I just said that mnya wonderful and beautiful voice that I had a wonderful ear that will help me very well in the performance of music in the whole choir. but I refused this because I did not have time to do all at once .. I was very tired from those of the school, after school I went to practice the piano, after the evening went to the dance, when I came home late in the day I was exhausted and tired badly, but my parents gave me a lot of effort and energy given proper nutrition. . What do you think in vain, I did not agree to go on singing in the choir? who knows, maybe I would become famous in life .. Who knows how could it happen ..

you'd be very happy to hear that. Although now I have no great desire to do so. Two years later I began to attend the sports section navigation. Here, I realized that it really was my request.

I was busy in those sports and 5 years was 22, defended the level of the owner of sports. I'm at home still have my trophy and a letter. I think that was my busy navigation forming touched my lovely figure.

At leisure, when it's poorly maintained, I take great interest (percentage) of the TV and reading books. I love the variety of literature (Pushkin, Paulo Coelho). Basically it - novels of love. which describes all the passion, enthusiasm, love, stories of life .. as I love walking tour through the woods in the field, on the grass. Very good nature and the air is very clean.

Well, I'm at work so far and I have yet to work. I'll wait for your reply letter, and I hope you will write me soon.

if I have this evening free time, I will write more to you. A little talk about me and my family. I mean my parents. Like all the people I have mom and dad, but about them later, ok. Have a good day to you.

Sincerely your friend Viktoriya.

Letter 5

Hello!!! this photo of my family. I want to send you, so you can see all of us.

in this photo, I, Mom, Dad! and my dad's brother and daughter and son!

Letter 6


Now turn to the questionnaire:

0) What is your full name?

1) Eye color? - Blue

2) Color of hair? - A light, a blonde))

3) increase? - 175 cm

4) Weight? - 55.5 kg

5) Do you smoke? - And not when there is no tried and did not want to smoke, I do not understand why waste money and time to destroy your health ..

6) Do you drink? - Very rarely on holidays a glass of wine, when in the mood.

7) Do you use drugs? - Never will be, I do not see the point.

8) Have you ever stolen? - Never will. "My motto Bring all myself"

9) Can you play any musical instrument? - Not a lot of guitar strings, 7, enjoy the sound of electric guitars and basses.

10) Many, if you travel? - Not when I did not go beyond the borders of Russia, work and business trips were just for Russia. I really want somewhere to go and see another world, how is life in another country.

11) What is your favorite color? - Pink, white, red.

12) What is your favorite movie? - I love watching TV series Dr. Hause MD you watched it?

13) Do you suffer depressions? - It happens, but very rarely. when really bad at heart.

14) You are an evil man? - No, I'm good and I want to good triumphed all evil on earth. I do not want to have war, as in Egypt, Tunisia, etc.

15) You are jealous of anyone ever? - No, I think that it is the envy of evil, because when a person is highly jealous he is ready for anything.

16) You blame other people in their own mistakes? - No, because it's my mistake and my only and made by me personally, but from the mistakes of study or as otherwise.

17) If you were given a chance to return back time and again to be 19-20 years, so you want to change about your life? - While I was happy with everything, my career is coming up and I made all what she wanted and still be able to achieve great things. but you know my friend I had made a career and mind, and successfully graduated from the "International Institute of Economics and Law," was a good job. but now I'm alone, I have loved men and I'm depressing ..

18) Do you have a car? - No, I do not have rights because there is no time to go and learn from them.

19) What are you most afraid of in life? - In our present time we should be afraid of almost everything, but so scared to do any thing to do. better for all close our eyes and no longer afraid, so it's easier to live .. More than anything in life I am afraid LONELINESS!

20) Do you believe in God? - I believe in a God who is always with us, helping us out of the sky in a difficult moment. I often go to church to pray for the good life and the best of luck in life.

21) Do you believe in love? - Yes, it will save the world and keeps him on his feet, without love would not be us!

22) Are you in love? - Not yet, but I'm waiting for her prince to love and be loved.

23) What are the most in life you want? - I want to be happy spiritually, wealth does not interest me. I want a good happy family, and loved a good good support for a future husband.

My friend is a very interesting profile, you will agree with me? Here now you know my answer and I hope that I just know yours, email me the truth, okay?

So, I'll hurry up now. I look forward to your early reply for me ..

Sincerely your friend Viktoriya.

Letter 7

Hello Davide! Please forgive me for these days of silence. There was a lot of work I have here and I just could not find free time for writing to you. I hope you do not get mad and do not forget me? Please, I would not have forgiven myself if I would make you forget about me.

Let me start with my dad. His name is Vladislav. He was now 61 years old. By the way, his 61-th anniversary, we celebrated two months ago. Although he had turned 61 years old, but he did not feel old. He always told me that sport makes him feel better and so he was constantly involved in sports and thus looks young. By profession he is a teacher of physical training. Previously, he worked in high school athletic trainer, but now he has been working for a trainer in a special sports school. He coach football and athletics. Unfortunately international medals, I can not boast of it, because he does not. I do not know why, but he did not aspire to the international records. He just loves football and loves sports in general and that he lacks. If you ever would meet with him, I am sure you would have a good opinion of him. He's very good, kind and always around to help me.

Mom. About her I too can tell you very much, but time and place of the letter will not suffice for all the words. So I'll talk about it briefly, and the most important thing. Her name is Lubov. She was 58 years old and she is also a former teacher, she taught mathematics. Previously, she worked in high school, she was my dad's deputy. It was there in school, they met with each other, fell in love with each other and got married. My mother does not work at school since I was born. Perhaps she with me did not have time to study and work and so she quit her job. Yes, sometimes she regrets this, but on the other hand she did not have any other choice and I understand it in this. Now, my mom works in a completely different structure. After my birth, she graduated from the Pedagogical Institute and is now head of a kindergarten here in Moscow.

So here is my whole family. On the grandparents I will not write to you because they're in another world. They were also the people who for me, but unfortunately their life in this world is over. I hope you know what I'm writing to you.

My mom and dad now live in a two room apartment in Moscow, but only on the outskirts of the city. Up to 25 years I lived with them, but 4 years ago I bought myself an apartment and now live separately from them. My apartment is located near the center of Moscow. By the way, if you want to see the location of my house, you can make it through the program "google map". Do you have this program on your PC? I saw how people look at a map online place of residence of the house or houses of their friends. If you have this program, then type in my address and you can see my house.

My home address in Moscow:



Nikolskaya street 4

Name and surname:


Davide, I have another very important that I should discuss with you. I must write this to you because it is important for both of us.

I mean, now the talk on the phone or correspond via chat. I guess that you would like a more intimate communion with me, but to my deep regret I must now deny you in all this. No, I do not think that I do not want to talk to you over the phone or correspond with you online. That would be great, but I have my principles, I do not want to break. The fact is that through such close contact is very easy to quickly get used to you, but I do not want all this was so soon. I had once scalds with men and do not want to repeat this mistake. For me, it is now important to get to know you, know your inner side, your soul, to be sure that you are the man I was looking for in this life. Do you understand me? Please just do not get mad at me now. I can not tell you that I will never give you my phone number. Of course I'll write you this, but a little later. Maybe even a week or 2 weeks. Give me a mind to it, okay? I hope you can be patient.

So, this letter came back long. I hope you do not get tired to read my letters?

I'll wait for your response letter and will continue to believe that you will write me soon.

Kiss you on both cheeks.

Sincerely your Viktoriya

Letter 8

Hello My Dear friend Davide!

So Davide how your day today? What's your mood and well-being? All is well there with you?

Personally, my mood today is good and it is not only due to the fact that I was less work. I would say that my spirits rose more due to the fact that I finally was able to see again and read your welcome letter. if honest, I eagerly waited your letter. I know that you and I know very little about, but when I see your letter, I immediately lifted the mood and a smile on his face. I do not lie to you now and it's true. She did not understand why this happens to me, but maybe it's because of what we are getting closer to each other? you are not anything like that? You do not have a smile on your face when you receive my letter? If you honestly, I would like to see you just glad my answer and I hope that my letters will always lift your spirits.

I am very glad that you rewrite it, I, and none other. I can not believe that such a handsome man free. What they think your women? In Russia women are beautiful men immediately snapped and very little free. So I'm proud that you give your attention not to another woman, and me. (I hope you do not blush to compliment this?)

Oh what a pity that I can not call to you and talk to you on the phone, I'm sorry that I recently broke my phone and now I have given it for repair ..

Dear friend in my letters I wrote to you about my search and just how seriously I treat it. But I did not write to you, why do I find a man from another country, rather than with Russia. I am sure you are interested in the answer to this question, so I wanted to write this letter a little about it. Remember in the last letter I wrote to you was that I was already burned in love with a man? This is true, but the details I have not told you. Now we have become much more intimate with you and I today decided to confess his past relationships with men. My ex-man called Vanya. He is also from Moscow and I met him on the street. On the first day we met, he liked me and I immediately gave him my phone number. He started calling me at night and we had talked for many hours on the phone. Herself did not notice that I am used to it, and when he can not call me in the evenings, I missed him terribly. Sometimes at night I kept my phone in my hand and prayed that he just called me. I missed him, I'm used to it after these phone calls and I broke out in love to him. He worked in the police here in Moscow. He was inspector of the Central Division in the rank of captain-leytinant. Over time we began to see him more often and finally decided to live together. He moved into my apartment and all was well with us. Was I happy? Perhaps so. At least the first year I was happy with it, but then everything changed. He became more and more to drink vodka, hanging out with other women, but I like a fool all forgave him. But one day my patience was at an end and I told him that between us all over. I told him that I do not need a man who set at naught to me. I told him I was not a toy and that I have heart. He told me in reply that I have myself come to him and left me. I was sick at heart, but I told myself that it's all over with him and did not go to him. At that time I was very afraid to accidentally come across it anywhere on the street. I did not want to see him because she was afraid of those memories. I have not walked on the street where once we met for the first time, but then I heard the news about him. Once on the street, I met with our general familiar woman. We chatted with her and she told me that he had gone for good from the city. It turned out that he was fired for drunkenness and then he went to Moscow. Of course I felt sorry for him because he was an intelligent, decent man. But vodka ruined him and his whole life has gone topsy-turvy. Once these relationships, I told myself that I will not associate myself with a Russian man and never more so I will not give my phone number, until I'm sure in your partner. Because these relationships started because of these constant phone calls and that is why I now have the principle not to give a phone number right away to anyone. I'm afraid once again used and the more I do not want to repeat past mistakes. It is because of this I will not give you my phone number and I hope you understand me. Davide You know, come a time when we are going to communicate by phone or live chat. Only need a little patience and give me time to be confident in you. I'm actually very pleased that we have a correspondence with you, and of course I would not want to lose contact with you. You have become a bit expensive for me, but for phone calls between us yet. I beg you to be patient and very soon I will go out with his principles. I'm just not ready for this, but I hope that soon I'll take off these shackles of my principle. I hope you can understand me, my thoughts and my ideas.

Well, it turned out really writing and I even felt better in my soul. I hope you will appreciate my sincerity and just write me about their past relationship in more detail.

With this I finish my letter and now I will wait for your answer. I'll be waiting for your reply soon.

Kisses for you from me. ))

Sincerely yours Viktoriya

Letter 9

Hello my dear, my dear Davide!

You like, if I begin my letter with these words?

Davide I missed you during these days. Honestly, I even blushed when I saw your letter and began reading it.

I do not want to reopen my letter to the bad mood music from fatigue at work. Dear, dear, sweet - like you, if I speak to you these words? Of course to me a little ashamed to contact you such kind words, but if you do not mind, I otodvinu its shame, and I will contact you so cute. Give me your answer.

I am very, very, very, very much time waiting for your letter. Missed your answer and finally I again read your next letter to me. I can not thank you for your prompt reply to me and for that I sincerely tell you "Thanks":)

I do not know how to describe this feeling right now for you and I can only tell you now that this feeling is like love. I've never believed in love over the Internet, but now I change my mind. Perhaps there is indeed a kind of love? Excuse me for my regular meditation on life and love, but I have such a nature that I can not help it. It would be interesting just to know your opinion about it. Do you think this is possible or not? I am very ashamed at times to ask you these difficult questions, so if you do not want, you can not answer them. I just want to know your opinion, but at the same time I do not want to bother you. So if you want, say, if not, then forget about it and we will continue to communicate well?

Can also ask you about something? Compared to the previous question, I would like you to answer me this question. Davide tell me honestly, have you ever seriously thought about meeting with me? I assume that this question is spinning in your head and you think about it, but I want to ask you about a serious relationship, if you've already thought about it, how do you imagine our first meeting? Personally, I am every day more and more I think about meeting you. Every day more and more you like it. I know that I hurry events, but on the other hand why thousands of letters to write to each other, if these letters can be replaced with one meeting. Think of all those words on my invitation to a meeting for you. Yes, I would like to invite you to his home in Moscow, unless you want it. So what do you think? You want to come to meet me in Russia? If your answer would be positive, it would be great. I could meet you at home and not even allowed to book a hotel you here. As we say in Russia - "My house - your house"! So what do you think about our meeting in Moscow? I'll wait for your answer and hope that I will not rush to it right now.

So, it's hard to get a letter for you and for me as well. I stop here and wait for your response letter. Please do not be silent to me and write your answer soon. I already miss you.

A kiss on the lips you.

Sincerely Viktoriya.

Letter 10

here at my computer at work, there are some photos from my apartment. I would like to send you, so you can see how I live here and of course my apartment. If you have a desire to come to me in Moscow, you can live with me in my apartment. I have a spare room in the apartment, so you do not have to worry about a hotel. I'll be expecting your response letter.

We sincerely wish to meet you, your Viktoriya!

Letter 11

Hello My Sweet Honey !!!!! Davide

Honey as your day today? How do you feel, your mood? Miss me or vice versa completely forgotten about me? Do not be angry, this issue was just a joke. Of course I know and feel that you missed me. I myself am just really missed you, but unfortunately yesterday I could not write to you because I had a lot of work. Today, as I had a tough day, worked almost all day and now here at the end of the day decided to write you this letter. By the way, in front of me now, my colleague Marina sits on the job and she asked me to tell you "Hi." So take a hello from her. I told her about you and that we are corresponding with you and she says it's good and fun. I feel that it's a bit jealous of me, but it's just between us, ok? :)

Davide if you say that I was not expecting your letter, it would not be true. I very much waited your letter and in particular it is because of your answer to my question that I asked you in my last letter. last letter I wrote to you about the meeting and even invited you to come to me in Moscow. Yes, it would be great to arrange our first meeting in Moscow, but today I have no good news on this subject and with tears in my eyes, I want to tell you about it. Dear, remember I wrote you in my letter that I would be glad to meet you in my apartment? I have been writing to you that I have a spare room for you, where would you live with me? Do you remember these words from my writing? Yes, it really is and if honest, I did not refuse to meet you at home. I want to meet you at here in Moscow, but yesterday my parents sent me a mail and told me the news that upset me and just followed the reason for my present refusal to meet you here in Moscow. My mother wrote to me yesterday that he and Dad decided to sell their old apartment and asked me to shelter them for a while in my apartment. She said that their old apartment is beginning to crumble and therefore they decided to change it to a new apartment. She asked me to shelter them for a while, until they sold their old house and buy another newer. I could not refuse them, and I do not even know at what time they would move me. I'm sorry, I do not want to give up his words about the meeting, but at the moment I can not take you in his apartment. I write to tears hurt you this, but I hope you understand me. I have another idea for you now. Our meeting with you in Moscow did not take place now, but maybe we could then arrange our meeting with you? What do you think about this? I know a woman is not very decent offer this, but my desire to meet with you than me, I really want to see you in real time and with me, so I suggest you meet itself. Please tell me you agree? If you agree, then you'll bring me to life, a very happy me and give me hope for a meeting. Please do not refuse me, I do not want to wait any longer and if possible I want to meet you soon in reality. By the way, I already talked to my boss at work for our meeting and she agreed to give me leave to unadjourned 2 or 3 months. So soon I'll be on vacation and I think that this period would be the best time for our meeting. What are your thoughts on this? Please do not deny me give me your positive response soon.

Davide until today I could not give you my phone number because my phone was broken and fix it now and tomorrow I can take it. In this letter, decided to write you my number so you can give me a call and we can talk about everything, just about the details of our meeting with you.

Dear here is my cell phone number +7-987-662-16-972

My dear, I can not wait to hear your voice soon, so I ask you to call me immediately as soon as you can. I work every day until 7:00 pm, but after 7:00 I am always at home. So it would be nice if you could give me a call after 7:00 pm Moscow time, the difference between the time is 2 hours while we go ahead. I'm not very well versed in the time zones ..

So, now I'm anxiously waiting for your heart is still writing and of course your phone call. Tomorrow after 7:00 pm, I'll keep my phone in hand, so as not to miss your call. I really hope that before tomorrow you will forgive my writing and give me a call. I really want to hear your voice Dear.

I miss you.

With love in your Viktoriya

Letter 12

Hi my sweet heart.

I do not know what happened? Yesterday I did not let my phone with the hands and waited for your call. The whole night I could not think of anything except for your call. I was very worried, I'm waiting for your call experience, but the night before your call was received. I am sad at heart, and went to sleep almost all night hugging my phone. Even in my dreams I was afraid to miss your call, but my phone never rang. In the morning I was in a bad mood. Thoughts of you never left me but I do not see why you could not get through to me? My phone works with the connection I have all good. I do not know, maybe I should understand all this myself and later I'll let you know everything. my dear, I'm at work and do not have much time for writing to you. I'll write you later for lunch when I have free time. I love and miss you. (Oh my God, this is probably my first confession of love to you! I am ashamed to admit you to the first, but I want to tell you this!)

With love yours Viktoriya !

Letter 13

Hello my Loved Angel Davide !!!!!

Davide loved How are you today, you're not tired of all the experiences and problems from me, the idea of ??our first meeting with you? I understand that you ship your arrival to you, but I beg you, my prince to give up, do not leave me, okay? after all, so that we were together, did not need much. we need only our wish and a little patience to you and me dream "to meet each other" was realized in reality. because you like and I also want to meet with me and hold my hand, I want to kiss you and hug you tight ..

Frankly Davide I never thought they could know someone so well and at the same time feel that this man has so much to discover and not inexplicable. I did not know that falling in love and love to you so simply and easily. I never knew that the words "I love you" every time I first heard ... I have never met a person like you, you are very nice, helpful, loyal, sweet, gentle, very caring, diligent man - you're my angel, who will soon be next to me. Davide honey You're the man with whom I was not when I do not want to leave ... I never will be as close and dear person. Darling, I never liked the way I love you with all my heart and soul .. That's why I want you to come and stay with you at least 3 months .. Davide Dear, I have to agree with my boss, told him our situation with you and he gave his consent for my vacation.

My love I very much want to come to you herself, to show you all my love. I'm not hard to come to you herself, the more I have long had a desire in my heart to go for a while somewhere in another country and see the true beauty of nature and the sun, see a different life, rites and customs, cuisine, food, water, climate and the air. see it with my own eyes and feel with all my heart. Loved we have a great opportunity to make us nice because you can take me from myself? I come to you and thereby meet you and see your life and you will meet me and know me much closer .. Darling, I beg you give me an opportunity to come to you very well? because I can not now take you away from yourself, and you live in a hotel is not easy and expensive .. I do not want you to live in a hotel, do not want to cause you any inconvenience.

Honey, I myself shall arrive to you, okay? I will make all documents and arrive .. please do not deny me this .. I insist .. I want to see you soon .. see and talk to you, hear your voice and touch your hands warm ..

Davide Honey How could I live without you all this time ?!...

As I suffer endlessly gray gritty squeezing your lovely photo in his hand ?!...

How to hide the face in the pillow at night so no one heard my cry ... You know I hate to cry, but the fear of loneliness and time constantly beaten me. I cry a lot, but this is apart from us to you or who do not know. I did not speak to whom. I do not want to show a weak hand.

I dream of the day to meet you. I want to fall asleep in your arms, to wake up from your warm breath. Sitting in the kitchen, cross-legged, and watch how you cook us dinner and breakfast, watch a good movie with you, her head resting on your chest. Inhaling your scent, so fresh and warm, his nose buried in your neck. Take your arm out into the street. Fall asleep, her head resting on your stomach and feel like you meet hand fingers vodish me on the back. Go with you on the street, hand in hand, sometimes squeezing the fingers, to you I warmed them like a cat, squeeze fists, glaring nails in his hands so as not to scratch you. Looking at your smile in his sleep, the silhouette of your child such a happy person, your good beautiful eyes. Pressed his cheek against your cheek. Feed you with orange hands. Lie beneath thy hand, gasping, but not daring to move, so as not to wake you. Wake up from your kiss, a gentle, warm, morning. Prepare your breakfast and accompany you to work a sweet tender kiss. I know that under your shirt is a secret known only to you and me, the secret of your brave heart and a soft, light, good soul .. which is so necessary to me next, without which it is so difficult to me ..

Davide, my prince, I want to, when you come to work tired and hungry to come and hug you, feeling you kiss my hair, take you to the table for supper Russian dishes cooked by my hands .. Standing next to feel like you tightly cling to me, because he was tired, and the rest of us simply go together. I promise you we'll go Dear all, we'll be together ..

I understand that I want to list a lot and did not fit in one letter, and I know that all this will, we will succeed .. I believe in you and you believe in me .. and most importantly .. I love you my Davide!!!

Loved you're the dearest person in my life and just next to you I'm really happy, above all do not go away from me, be always there, you can even just be silent, but only whether a number of ... Davide honey I can not live without you ...

let the whole world knows and let him hear the whole universe, I do not hide their feelings, I really love you ... Forever ...

Davide Thank you, that you have ... thank you next ...

your loved Viktoriya.

Letter 14

Hello my Loved Davide!

Today, I waited until the day I will be able to write you a letter alone. During the day it is very noisy and very difficult to write letters. Your letter I read earlier in the day, but here I decided to answer today, because in the silence to make it much better. Nobody interferes with and I can write whatever I want to tell you. Now I'm at work, because yesterday I came in late and almost none of which did not have time to do ..

It's only been very little time after my last letter to you, but I already miss you terribly. Honey Davide miss me just a little? Think of me at bedtime or when alone? Maybe you have some special thoughts about our meeting? Do not be afraid to admit me, even if you're dreaming of "making love". I understand human needs and I'm also not iron. Every man has ever dreamed of making love with someone you love and do not be shy. Personally, I do not think anything against it. It used to be rules that before she married woman should not have sex with men. Now already 21 and there is freedom of choice. Do you agree with me? these words I can not promise you that I'll be ready to do you love the first day. I am a decent woman and at first I should be confident in you. You know what I want to tell you? Let's never going to think about it. Let everything be as it should be, right?

Davide now on the news. I did not warn you about this in my last letter, but I decided to myself and yesterday I was in travel agency. I shall plan my arrival to you, and so I decided to go there to write about the news then. In the travel agency, I met a woman who is engaged in registration of documents for various trips. I asked her to explain to me how it will be easier for me to travel to your country. The woman agent travel agency told me that the easiest way would be for me to travel to you as a tourist. That is, do I need a tourist visa and then they can arrange for me to travel to you on a tourist visa. To do this I need to conclude a treaty with them for the paperwork and just collect their documents in which they will need to process my visa. I was told that it is best to do a Schengen visa, since this visa you can travel even then all the countries of the Schengen treaty. The visa costs 40 euros, plus the visa fee in your embassy ? 100. I'm also going to need health insurance - 1 euro per day (30 euros per month) and travel agency services 155 euros. In general, turns out 325 euros for a visa and documents. Davide I think it's not very expensive. Do you agree with me? By the way, the agent just told me to process visa application will take about 5-7 days. After that, they sent my documents to your Embassy for consideration. Your embassy will check my documents up to 3 days and if all goes well, then during these three days will be given to me your embassy visa. Maybe I need to first think about all this, but I had already decided for himself, and so at the suggestion of the agent immediately signed a contract with them for the paperwork for my arrival and visa. Yesterday I filled out all necessary documents for the contract and even already sent copies of my documents that will be needed for a visa. So my arrival to you is already predetermined, and you can meet me very soon. I sent you a picture of a copy of the contract with travel agency. Dear Davide, I hope this is good news for you?

Of all the news, my agent will inform me, I in turn will tell you everything. So we're together we will prepare my arrival to you, and you will know every step I. My Loved I myself can not believe now that only a few days I can already see you in reality. I can touch you and talk to you. I now have the feeling that comes to pass my most cherished dream. And my former life before you, I do not think that I have ever met a man whom I truly love. I thought that love - this is just a figment of people, but after meeting with you, I sincerely, with all my heart fell in love with you. I try to believe that my heart is broken with you ever. Please, do not break my heart never. Without you I am no longer able to live and this is my pledge to you my whole life. Remember that. Dear hard for me to interrupt my letter now and I would like lots and lots of writing to you. All I want to tell you about my love will not be included even in the memory of the computer. It is best to wait until the day of our meeting and then I can say and even show what I feel for you. Now the already dark outside and I have to go home. My love, I wish you good night and goodbye in dreams. Figuratively, I invite you to my dream can come true where all our dreams. I'll dream about you today in a dream. I love you.

Yours and only yours Viktoriya.

Letter 15

Hello my darling, my sweet Davide! As today is your day dear? What is your mood, your health? I want to congratulate you on Christmas!

I hope all is well with you there without me? Davide my dear, forgive me for what I did not write you immediately. I know that you expect quick message from me, but unfortunately I had a lot of work, I prepared all the documents in order to able to go to you and I just could not find free time for writing. Please forgive me if I made you wait for my answer.

Davide know, today when I woke up in the morning, my mood was great and my thoughts were in the morning about you and about our future meeting. I wanted to wait until today the end of my working day and then write you a letter, but recently I got a call from the travel agent and I feel very upset with the news that my agent told me. That's why I decided to write you a letter right away. Davide Please do not assume that something is wrong with the design of my journey to you. I entered a travel agency contract for preparation of documents for the visa and this all is well. But today I called my agent and told me that before December 30, I need money to pay them for the paperwork for the visa and also for their services. It is 325 euros. I told her that I could not pay, because my salary is only at the end of my vacation, and only then I can pay them. She also said that they always take the money in advance, as the money needed for paperwork and the more they have to translate the documents for consideration by your embassy. If I do not pay them, then they will stop processing my documents and impose a fine on me under the contract that I signed.

Dear Davide you are probably very upset and it was my fault because I did not carefully read the contract and did not notice the point of payment and now I do not know what to do. My salary is not soon, but they do not want to wait and require me to pay money.

Dear Today I tried to borrow money from my colleagues and also my parents, but they now also have no money and can not help me because they have their costs and their goals for their own money. So I am now in tears asking for help from you this money. I am ashamed in front of you because of this, but the thought of our meeting is pushing me to this act. Please do not be evil Davide on me because of my request and if you can help me with 325 euros, then I ask you to help me. I promise you that your money are not lost and I return you the money back from my salary, right? Honey now I'm at a loss and I do not know who else to turn for help. So I decided to address you and I now only have to rely on your confidence and that you are as keen to meet me, as close and dear to you, I or anyone there. Please tell me you can help me with the money for the documents for a visa? I beg you not to turn away from me now and help me. Our meeting is in your hands, my prince.

Well, now I can only anxiously wait for the heart your answer. I will pray to God that you do not get mad at me and understood my situation. I very bad now, ashamed of what I'm asking you to help, because I myself wanted to pay for my trip, but in my heart I hope that after reading your response to my spirits rise, you will understand me and my situation. Please tell me dear as soon as possible, okay? I know that you can help me.

Yours and only yours for life Viktoriya!