Scam letter(s) from Ludmila to Peter (Australia)

Letter 1
Greetings, my stranger! Just give a few minutes and read my letter...I'm very excited and I do not know exactly how to start. Well, my name is Ludmila, and I live in the north of Rus. I am 30 years old, have higher education and work as a tour agent. I write you now, because I’m alone, and I guess you are as well! I am a serious woman, and I want to find a man who is serious about relations as well. I want to find my true love and build a strong and happy family with my man. I have already had relationships with the man from the USA, I’ve met him through the Internet . That was the wrong choice, that guy was a great deceiver, so we didn’t make a family and whatever at all. That’s why I try to find a real honest man here again. My friend who now lives in America met her love on the Internet, she’s happy now and so she said that it bad things happens, but one shouldn’t try again! That’s why I am here!
She says that her husband is very romantic and caring, this is a hope for my success as well! Last time I tried to find a man myself, this time I decided to use the International Wedding Agency, which connects lonely hearts around the world. I paid this agency some money for you and so the wedding agent sent you my letter. I really believe there’s much to learn about each other, so let’s not lose time! I guess you are quite an experienced man and have lots of stories to tell me! I don’t want to tell you everything about myself at once, just want to be a kid of mystery for you. I hope you will answer me. I attached some of my pictures, so that you can see the way I look. Wish you a good day! Take care of yourself! My e-mail is :
Hope to get your letter soon! Yours Ludmila!
Letter 2
Hello Peter!!! I am very pleased to receive your letter today. I want to say that very glad that you decided to write to me and get to know each other better. I I thought you did not write me again and now I do not know where to start write this letter. I'll tell you about yourself and if you might be interested you going to ask me questions that you are interested. I want to say once that's not the first time I am in the internet. I've met on the Internet a lot of perverts and other bad people who only play feelings and ask for ***** pictures. If you do not want a serious man and Only then can you play me no longer write to me. I will never send ***** pictures is my most important condition. I do not want to play play with feelings and ask once again misunderstand me. I am not a small girl and want to find love and serious man to build a family. Just get it and do not bother me if it does not suit you. I I hope that does not offend you, and everything is fine for my requirements because it has to be mutual for both of us Peter!!! I will very serious to you in each letter and ask you the same and I hope that between us will be an equal relationship. I'm not going to lie and speak only the truth about himself. I have a good knowledge of English language because it had once been in the U.S. state of Florida City Maiami. I fell in love with another man and had a bad experience with them. I went to him in America and was with him for two weeks and then left it again arrived in Russia. But my friend who lives in America, says that people living in Europe and America better morally. She also said that men from these countries are more romantic and caring than in Russia. Our relationship with him ended in a very tragically. That's why I'm asking to be honest with me in letters, all He told me that the letters were more like a fairy tale, and when we were met with lies. It is very difficult to find an honest man in Internet and build a relationship with him. Now I'm very careful. I talk more about that as soon as I trust you more than my Peter!!! I know that there are many girls from Russia and many other countries who are in search of men for money and their call the scammer. So I assume that the Internet is a dangerous place and hard to find anyone who can fully trust. Well I will not say more about the bad and talk about yourself. I'm 30 years old and my birthday on November 20. My height 168 cm and my weight approximately 50 pounds. I am very sociable and open to talks a woman. I like to communicate with people and learn new things. Many of my friends, and friends say that I am the leader of the company and plant all very boring without me. I live in a town called Kanash! I was married once but my relationship ended after 5 years their life together. My former husband was killed in a car accident. Long I did not want to have a relationship but I realized that life goes on and I should not lose heart and find love.
I tried to find a man in my city but I did not find success. Some men do not I just approach rather than who only want to drag me into bed.
Certainly the I had a bad experience in the Internet and the question is why I again go to find a man. I want to say that I see more interesting and more choices to find anyone on the Internet. I like communicate on the Internet than in real life and there are many pluses. I can first know the person better, and then meet with him and know that he a good man. I think it's a pretty safe way and a very interesting. I work as a tour agent in the travel agency and draw up people travel to different countries of the world. I ended up in his the Institute for Tourism profession. But I did not always work in their profession has been very difficult to find a job in my town. I worked as a salesman in the store. There was a time when I worked as a waiter and a cook in the cafe. I am very busy at their work especially when there is influx of customers. Now I am completely satisfied with their work in Travel agency. I want to say that I am writing to you from Tourism Agency when the computer is free. I work Monday through Friday and therefore I can only write these days. I do not have a computer at home and so I will not be able to write to you on Saturday and Sunday.
I hope you understand me Peter and it will not be a problem for our communication with you. My day is basically a very busy after work, I like go to the gym to do belly dancers. Me like to have a walk and I love to walk home when the weather Street is good. I think that's enough for today and I have to finish this letter. I will wait your letter tomorrow very much Peter!!! You are awakened in me the hope that we can become very special friends to each other. I hope that you were interested in reading my email me and learn more. I would love to see your letter again tomorrow and get to know you more every day. I want to tell you not to shy and ask me any your questions. I wish you good day and take care of yourself Peter! I will wait your letter tomorrow and I hope that you will write me. Sincerely Ludmila.
Letter 3
Hi my friend Peter! How are you? I'm so glad to you get your letter! You know, it really makes me happy to read what you wrote there and to learn something new about you! I am also glad that you understood what I've mentioned in my first letter. I hope you don't mind me asking you some questions.
So, I would like you tell me more about your job. Like what exactly do you do there and which duties fulfill? What do you usually do after work? What are your hobbies? Generally, what are your aims in this life, my Peter. Through these questions I could better understand you as a person. By the way , I use the Internet translator sometimes.
Well, my knowledge of English is quite normal, but I still don't know much and that’s easier to use that. That's why there could be mistakes in my letters, sorry for it, really! You can ask me if you don’t understand something. One more thing is that sometimes I could miss this or that question you’ve asked me before, so don't be shy to ask it one more time. I was very glad to see your picture you look very handsome man! I will be in '31 this year, there is nothing wrong that you're asking me about my age, I'm not ashamed of his age, everything is fine. I do not understand why you're asking me whether to put on the scam list? I am not a scammer, I'm an ordinary girl seeking love. You're just a fellow that could raise a your daughter, I am very proud of you! Do you have a photo together with your daughter? I would really like to see. So, now I would like to tell more about my job. First of all I have to say there's much work during the touristic seasons. Ah, I need much attention and patience to my clients. As I told you before, I'm a tour agent and work in the tourist agency. So, among my duties there is preparation of the advertisement and the organization of different tours. From time to time I have good discounts for some tours, it’s about 15. Good enough, isn’t it? Well, the main thing in my work is to make my clients be glad and feel happy. I love my staff, my co-workers are nice people, we made really a good team. I also want to tell you more about my family. I am the only child in my family and had quite a lot of parents' attention. My parents live in the countryside, 40 km from my city. On weekends I try to visit them, they are old and need help about the house. My mom's name is Natalja, and my dad's name is Victor. I live alone in my one-room apartment. I still have to pay for this flat, because I've got a mortgage for it. There is one year more to pay for it and the flat finally it will be mine. I love my flat and try to make it look cozy and modern. Home is associated with comfort and the smell of something delicious being cooked in the oven. I love to cook and spend quite much time on the kitchen. I know how to cook lots of delicious dishes, like Pekin-style duck. I also like to spend my free time outdoors- in the forest or in the garden. I always enjoy beautiful landscapes and fresh air. Especially picturesque our nature is in autumn, ah if you just could see it! It's very nice to do some jogging in the autumn forest. Speaking about sport I can consider myself to be quite a sporty person. I visit the belly-dance club, enjoy swimming and skating, in winter I like skiing. I'm a Christian and do believe in God. I go to the church once a month, sometimes with my mother. On the whole, I'm quite close with my mom, we are just like good friends, I'm not shy to talk about my private life with her, because she always gives good pieces of advice. So, I'm going to tell her about you, because you seem to me quite an interesting man, Peter, she would burn with curiosity, I swear! She always complains that I work too much and don’t think about myself.
Frankly speaking, Peter, I have to be very responsible, serious at work, like each professional. But when I come home, I realize I just want to get some tenderness and care from a person that I like. But for now I'm alone, that's why I have a lot of free time that I can spend cooking ,doing sport, reading books, f.e. different novels. Some of the brightest moments of that books are still in my mind, while I'm quite romantic anyway and in a way I hope something like that could happen to me one day as well, though it sounds quite silly, while I'm not a young girl=) (Though my favorite color is pink, very girlish;) I don't have a big library at home, that's why I prefer to take books in the local library. In this way I'm a bit old-fashioned, you know, nowadays everybody reads books from the screen of the laptop or their phones. I'm also old-fashioned about music: classic music and old songs are adorable, but there are lot of modern ones which I enjoy a well. What else should I say about myself...I'm always trying to be busy. Boredom makes people feel bad, corrupts minds and brains, though rest is very essential, for sure. What is also important for me is to show respect the other people. I mean, I am not that person who like quarrels at all. I try to listen to the opinion of the others than to make them obey my will. The best thing is to come to a common decision, which will satisfy both sides. Critic is very good as well, but it should be definitely constructive one. I always feel well when people criticize me on the ground of envy or jealousy And I try to avoid contacts with that people, because it's a waste of time. All right, I told you something about myself, now probably get a better idea of me as a personality. I hope you'll t write me in your next letter something about yourself as well. You know, I found out to myself that I'm very interested in you. So, thank you for your letters and attention to me, you seem to be quite a nice person, Peter. OK, I'm finishing up here and hope to get your response soon! Yours faithfully Ludmila.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Heart Peter! How you there without me there in your country? I was very ill and miss you. Today is a wonderful day and the weather is good too. I am very pleased get your letter again and again. I am pleased to read your letter. You writing is very beautiful and sensual writing Peter. Every time your words bring me much happiness and joy. I'm trying to read your writing and submit what you are saying to me with his voice. Your words I do for you is getting closer and closer it is not possible to explain but easy to say I just love you so fervently. My dear, I'll wait with impatience the next year, because our meeting will take place this year! My dear, very sorry that your ex-girlfriend was so cynical, I do not understand these women, if they want to live luxuriously and comfortably, then they should work the same way as it makes her man! I think the way you think? Your letter was so sensible that I smiled when I read it and I was very pleased at heart. My dear, I saw your new pictures, you really are a mustache, by the way, one of the photos you're dressed in a kilt? I want to talk to you about our relationship with you and learn together with you how it happened. I was so excited when we started to share letters, and so I like to write you letters. We met at this huge planet among billions of people and I think it's fate gave us a chance to find love and feel it in your heart. Me it is very difficult to believe that this is a coincidence that we're met Peter. This fate has moved close to us, it gives a chance meet and communicate in this life. I think that you are my gift from heaven, a man whom I have waited all my life and represented as a child. Perhaps you will say that I was a little girl but I still believe in fairytales and destiny. I do believe that everything that happens to us in life so we are destined. I think that now communicate with their fate. Do you think so, too, my dear Peter? I believe in fate and after all the letters in our correspondence with you every day I it seems more and more. I'm glad our conversations and I enjoy your letter and the depth of your words and they sink into my soul and my mind. You are mentally always by my side in my mind and soul close to my heart ... You are a man that I am ready to commit and to give his life for his family. I used to think that the ideal man is a 9 qualities that I wrote to you in your first letter. But now I understand, and perfectly aware that you are my vision of the ideal man. And it is not just words this feeling of my heart and mind. Now you can understand how much you mean to my life and how I'll discuss in a the heart. I ask you to think after my letter, and to realize my words and take them into reality because it is my clear feelings for you. We're even Peter can not imagine that we expect in the future. But just remember my words to the effect that you mean to me life and then everything will be fine with you in our destinies. I look forward to future come as soon as possible and we ended up with you. I I think that we really need a meeting in real life and that she very important in our lives with you. I want to tell you what your words mean a lot to me. I hope that you will tell me a lot of important words are not spoken until now. I want to hear and realize all at our meeting with you. Will be so great aware of all our love to you when we're together and enjoy our time together. I want tell you that you are very kind and good man! Such people are very small and even more so in the Internet in all this mess. I am very glad that you met Peter! I will finish my letter for today I hope that you will not find my letter hurting your feelings. Me it will be interesting to hear your opinion. I do not want to offend and Peter I tell you the truth as I see it in your mind. I think that I do not should condemn though you can assume quite different. In any If I find out about it in the next letter that will get your tomorrow.
Now I need to work and help people organize their rest. I like to dream about how customers have a great time in his journey. And I can only dream of ours with you the meeting. I wish you a great day and hope that you all order. I'll wait for your letter and miss you Peter. I love you and I dream about you all day long. Your true love Ludmila! Sweet kiss for you lips and strong huge.
Letter 5
Hello my darling sweet and lovely heart Peter!!!! How are you? I am glad to receive your letter today and read your tender the line. Your letter hurt me to the depths of the soul and bring a lot of happiness and joy. Today the weather is normal and I would like to go with you walk in a day. I ran quickly to work today to read your letter. At work today, but customers are quietly still to come. Recently had lunch to work and we went into the dining room with colleagues at work. Sometimes I bring food with them in the bank and reheat in the microwave. I even remember how to fold proposed and buy a microwave oven at work. We often joked on the way and we it was good. Colleagues are always asking about you and when our meeting with you. I only say that we love each other but not know when we will be together. It makes me sad to answer the question of our meeting, because it does not happen very soon. I want to live with you close and try to build a family together. I miss you and love strongly my heart Peter!!! As soon as I read your letter, I felt calmer. I long time did not let the bad thoughts after I woke up the morning of of sleep. I had a terrible dream and I prayed that it was not prophetic. I heard that dreams are prophetic that is, anything can happen in the real of life. I dreamed that we're going on a trip to the big ship for several days. We have long dreamed of this trip and selected time. Everything was ready, and we even bought tickets for this the ship. We were supposed to go after work on the pier to a journey of three days. You called me and said that no much delayed. In order not to be waiting for you at the pier, I went to our room and decided to wait for you there. When the time of departure, and you not yet exist. I started to worry and to call you, you said that already drive up to the pier. I went to the bridge and watched you. But our ship has already started to sail and I saw that you just came up. I roared and staring into the distance on you and you were also upset. When I woke up it was very upset by this dream.
Because now I standing on the threshold decision on a trip to Siberia.
I am afraid that I'm on a new work and we will never meet or stop communicating. I very much afraid that my heart Peter. I do not ever want to lose you my dear love Peter. I want to go through this life with you there and give you of the tenderness and affection. I love you all heart and do not want my dream was a reality. I thought a lot about this dream, and only when I went to work and read your letter, then I felt better. I think that even if you leave for Siberia we find a way to meet or just chat. I'm going to save money for our meeting with you and you're also going to do it. Then we can decide on the best time for us to meet and spend a romantic time together. I very much miss you and look forward to our meeting with you all soul of my darling Peter. You're the best man in the world and I'm so glad that I have found you in this vast world. I know that only you can make me happy and cheerful. I expect to be next to you and have the best time in the world. I hope that my dream was just a bad idea, and everything will be fine with our relationship. Now I should go home and buy some products in the store. I'm sorry that you can not help me bring them home. After I have prepared a you dinner and we were able to do a passionate love. I love you madly much and miss you.
I wish you a great day and hope you're all well. I will wait your letter tomorrow and dream about you a lot of my prince Peter. I firmly embrace and give you thousands of French kisses. I love you forever my heart Peter. Yours sweet Angel Ludmila!
Letter 6
Hello my lovely sweetheart Peter! Once again I am very glad to receive your letter and I fill in fine feelings of joy and the heart beats. I feel like you put in his letter to the soul and tenderness. Today at my work there is not much work but there are many who want to arrange a trip to another country. The weather is very good. I love getting your letters when I'm on work and it gives me a lot of sentiment and joy. My dear, thank you very much for the pictures, you look great! My dear, tell your daughter Kiera, that everything will be fine and that I would be happy to meet her one day and I hope that we can be with her friends. My dear, the paperwork for the trip program in Russia, in different countries may vary, so it would be better if you go to the Russian Embassy in your city and find out all the details. My dear, it would certainly create a great travel agency in your country, but this is impossible, since we can only conduct business in Russia. This morning I had coffee with the head and I have news for you my Peter. I've thought a lot about the offer of my head relative to Siberia. I think that if our meeting can not happen Now it would be better if I go to Siberia, but not for a long time, I agreed with his barefoot and explain to him all that time, when you sell your property, then I'll come back. My supervisor gives me such a possibility and I should not let it slip away. Today I gave consent for my trip and a new job. I will leave the next time to begin work as soon as possible. After a conversation with Today I wanted to head more to go for a new job. My thoughts in my head was bugging me about you and your new job. I really did not know what to do and how best to proceed. I am very wanted to meet you and spend your vacation with you. But if our meeting is not possible and it will be possible only after a while Then I go to work in Siberia. I really wanted our meeting with you and I'm just very sorry that it did not happen. I'll build his career, and I hope that I get my expectations the head. I think that this work is really me on the shoulder and I can set up a new office travel agency. I need to work to have a good future and good work. Career Opportunities really important in my life. Because I need to pay until the end your mortgage apartment. I think that if we did not meet with you Peter means that the fate of so decided for us.
I would hope and dream that we can meet you after the end My work in Siberia. I do not know I would be able to communicate with you or not when I'll be in Siberia. I'll construction of his career and it will help us later in life. Me sick leave for Siberia because all I dreamed only of our with you meeting. But I think that fate has brought us together and so we will still together and side by side. I'll write you when I go to Siberia I need to do a lot before his departure. When I met you on the Internet that you gave me a new sense and changed my life very much. I am very grateful to you my love Peter. I I love you and in my soul great feelings for you and I look forward to our meet with you in the future. I did not think I could love so much again.
You gave me hope for the future. I want to have a family and beloved husband. I will work and hope that it will all be possible with you Peter. I am pleased to know that my life is you Peter, a man who loves me very much and trust me. You changed my very life and made it much better and I thank you for this my Peter. I'm going to dream and to love you more, knowing that there are far away from me you Peter, who wants our meeting, and a serious relationship. I will wait for our meeting with you always, and I hope that we will meet after As I come to your city. I'm going to dream and hope of our you future. In order to prepare for the flight to Siberia, I need to buy warm clothes and much more. I was given a salary but I to pay for the mortgage to the bank for his apartment. I guess I do not enough money to purchase clothing and other before my trip. I will fly on a plane to Siberia.
My heart Peter I wanted to ask you of a favor to help me if you have the chance. I'll be very grateful if you help me with money to buy warm clothes and other things for my trip. I will not be offended if you refuse to help I. But when I'm in that warm clothing, buy something I will think that is the heat from the warm clothes you give me my Peter. I am ashamed On the one hand you have a question financial aid because I said that I will not ask money from you. But circumstances so happened that I was no longer to ask for help. For all this time, you have become my most dear and close friend. If you helped me with money that would be very nice and good with your side.
But if you can not help it no problem and I will rejection of you.
Once again, I'm sorry in advance that you have asked to help a difficult situation. I hope that you will not be upset by my letter. I think that you I can understand my heart Peter. I will be working in Siberia and always dream about you and our meeting with you. I love you and want to to be with you and have a family. I want to be happy and have a family with you. I'm going to put his career and work for our with you the future. I wish you a great day and good thoughts about me. I I love you with all my heart and with all my heart. I dream about you and think of you a lot of my Peter. I will wait your letter monday and tell you when I go to Siberia. Yours true love Ludmila that dream about you all day and all night. Kiss and huge .....
Letter 7
Hello my dear Peter!!! I want to inform you that today I had to go to work, as in 3 days we do not work and I can not write to you, so do not worry if you do not get letters from me within 3 days. I would greatly miss you! your Ludmila
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