Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Novikova to Glen (England)

Letter 1

Hello my pretty Glen! Yesterday in the early morning I have arrived to Moscow. My second day passes normally. How week for you has begun? How your mood? Now I have no time for the detailed answer to your last letter. I very much busy procedure of reception of documents. I wish to make all necessary that our meeting in the nearest week-end took place. In my opinion, our meeting will allow us to learn each other well. I think of you often, and I dream of days which we shall be spending together. I am happy, because we have found each other in the Internet, and very soon we can meet. Your occurrence in my life has filled its smiles and joy. I expect day of our meeting impatiently. I very much would wish to give you mine hug and a kiss. For me it is very important, that you felt well in each aspect of ours relationship. I do not wish to damage your feelings. I shall try to do the utmost, that near with me you felt care and attention. I hope that our friendship will grow. Today I have visited the British embassy in Moscow. Workers of embassy were glad to inform me good news that my visa of the worker is ready. But also they have informed me unpleasant news. Next week working life of my insurance certificate will expire. Workers of embassy have asked me to renew or make the new insurance certificate in the shortest terms. If I shall not make the new insurance certificate or I shall not re-register my old certificate workers of embassy cannot give out to me the visa. In general I was not ready to new charges, before visiting of Moscow. Within three months I saved money for process of official registration of papers for visiting England. The company, in which I work, only will pay money for air tickets to London. Please, understand that my arrival to London is very important not only for me, but also for you. If I shall not arrive to your country, I think, that our meeting will be impossible the nearest months. I think that you did not plan visiting Russia in the near future. Virtual dialogue cannot replace dialogue in a real life. I dream of hearing your voice, to feel your breath, to hold your hands in my hands. I cannot feel your touch, communicating with you on e-mail. Our meeting will let to us know, whether that is valid we are compatible. Now I have come back from the insurance company. And I have learned that the re-registration of my insurance certificate costs 257 Euro. At present I have no this money. I called to my mum, and asked to send me 257 Euro today. My mum has told, that now she has no this sum. She has given me recently good sum of money that I could make repair in my new apartment. I cannot ask about the help administration of the company in which I work because they pay for cost of air tickets and no more. When I shall arrive to London, I should visit two children's schools for the conclusion of contracts. When contracts will be concluded, I can receive very good fee from administration of the company in which I work. Please, try to understand a situation in which I now am. If you cannot help me, I shall be compelled to come back to St.-Petersburg to find money for a re-registration of the insurance certificate and then I should, spend much more than 257 Euro. If you cannot help me I should buy again railway tickets Moscow - St.-Petersburg - Moscow. Then I should pay again for rent of a hotel room in Moscow and then I should pay much more than 257 Euro. I ask you about the help. And I hope that you will understand me and will help me. You can send me 257 Euro till Thursday? Certainly, if you can give me 257 Euro I shall return them to you, after the conclusion of contracts in London. It is not pleasant to me to ask you about sending money. But you are unique person who now can help me. If you cannot send me 257 Euro I shall not be upset or disappointed in you. I can present your face when you will read this letter. Simply if you cannot send me money I shall return to St.-Petersburg, and I shall search money but then I shall waste time and I shall sped in two-three times more than 257 Euro. I was not ready to additional charges in Moscow, and for this reason I am guilty. Please, excuse me that I ask you about sending money. But now I think that only you can help me. I do not like to ask people about the help, but now I am in a difficult situation, and for this reason I ask you to help me. I hope for your understanding. I shall finish this letter because I should hurry up in medical clinic for reception of the information on a condition of my health. Kiss you.
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