Scam letter(s) from Julia Kashapova to Greg (USA)

Letter 1
Hello and my name is Guzel and I live in Azerbaijan - country. I hope that I do not distract you. I took yours e-mail from agency of acquaintances in which have addressed about 2-3 months ago. They gave my questionnaire on various sites of acquaintances. Also have placed the information on me on the Internet. Thus already very much for a long time I have yours e-mail and had no possibility to write to you the letter till this time.
If you still in search of your second half in this life and still wish to communicate on the Internet. Then I will be very glad to hear from you news.
But if you are already occupied as the man and you have a girlfriend. Then I will not wait from you for the answer and I will remain upset.
As to my last life I will keep that a secret at this time because I yet do not know. Whether you want still with me to get acquainted. In any case tell to me your answer. And if all is as I want. Then I can get acquainted with you better and to learn many interesting things about each other.
But I do not want any deceit. Do not ask from me ***** photos ok? If it is your purpose then do not write to me better. I want fair correspondence. Also I send now to you my photo and you are possible me will recollect?
Tomorrow I will work all the day and consequently I can not see from you the answer. But as soon as it will be possible I will be glad to check up mail.
I think that should wish you the fine working day and I hope that my letter to you will be a surprise.
Here Guzel From Azerbaijan.
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