Scam letter(s) from Maria Nasteca to Marco (Bolivia)

Letter 1
Hello Marco, the guy in the middle :) Thank you too for your reply, and sweet compliment and your pictures as well I liked this guy in the middle. Tell smth about myself... I just don't know what to start with. As you know my name is Masha. I was born and live in Ukraine, the eastern part, the name of my town is Stahanov, but it's rather small one. But why did you moved to Americaas you are Dutch? I don't have great experience because I am here just for some weeks, sure some gyus wrote to me, but as they were not serious and wanted to have just some fun, and I don't have that much free time to waste it with them playing and discussing some foolish topics. So that's it.
And what about you? Marco, hope to hear from you soon best regards Masha PS: I am sending you as well two pictures
Letter 2
Hello Marco, Thank you for the explanation, I just didn't think that the life in Holland is not that good, because you know from mass media it's difficult to understand what's going on in other countries and make a real picture of it. But anyway I like that feature of you character that you reach what ever you want, for a man it's very important, but I don't like to charactarize myself, I think you will make your opinion about me anyway and see what kind of person I am. You know as in each country we have different people good and bad, it's like a stereotype that women here are good in housework are soft and kind, and men are alcoholics, but maybe it's more like this, but not obligatory. As to your question, I don't have experience on dating with foreigners, but I decided to try, maybe I'll meet my destiny here, so I am here not for long, but already met strange guys :) Hope you are doing very well these days! Masha
Letter 3
Marco, my dear, I am really very busy, because I almost work without breaks and no time even to have lunch, I come to skype to a minute just to let you know that everything is all right, but really no time, the phone, it's without silent last days, because it disturbs too much when I am with client and we have reservation for the half of January so noone will call to book some place, that's why hard to talk to you my dear! after new year I will have more free time as we don't work for three days that's why too much people now! My dear, Marco, I hope you will understand my situation! Kiss you! Marco, I am thinking of you, I will never forget you, but really too busy for this period, that's why I don't like New Year, because I have no time to prepare everything for the holiday only think how to finish all the work.... I even do not have time to but the presents... Your Masha
Letter 4

hello my dear! Marco, yes, this week I am busy bee, but after holidays will come I will be with you again, but anyway I always try to find even short but time for your email to write to you! You are lovely, you are real man, you are strong and romantic, and I am sure if I will be with you I will be very happy! and I will do everything to make you happy as well! Marco, this 2011 year brought me you, we met each other and now coming next 2012 year and I hope that next year we will find each other in another way in real life! My only wish on midnight will be to see you! All this discussion about promises was about nothing, it only that I have in head and impossible to get red of it, so don't pay attention, ok?;) because when i started to explain you I understood that it was pretty ******. we can call it any words, but decide or promise it doesn't really matter, role plays only that we want together one thing and come to our aim, not it's to meet each other! I kiss you, my dear, I won't wish you happy new year, because tomorrow for sure I will find some time to write to you! Your Masha
Letter 5
Hello Marco, hello my dear! Yes, you are right that I had luck with you, you are real man and have very strong and resolute character, so your mum should be proud of you! and when I will be your woman and maybe husband I will be proud of you and myself that I got the best man! I understand your worries of course, but now I can say only that i want you to be sure in me, I tell everything only if I feel it and only what is in my heart, if I don't like person I won't communicate r just in business, I won't act as I like him or her. And when I tell you that you mean a lot for me, that for me your special man it goes directly from my heart! My dear, I didn't understand is it your brother or cousin on the picture and do you communicate only via emails sending pictures? his pictures are lovely, mostly first one! But you like to travel so much, why don't you visit your brother? Marco, you know not dresses, not that you bought me phone, not that you sent me money, all this doesn't play role for me, but from all these things I see your attitude to me and that when you see beautiful dress you think of me and imagine me in it! thank you! Marco, my main which for the next year will be to meet you as soon as we will have opportunity and then I hope that everything will develope very fast and we will be together and next new year we will be together, the happiest couple in the world! I kiss you my dear! Wish you happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will go today and see phones, when I will get it I will write sms, because I am at work only 3d of January, this time I will be free and internet cafes will be closed. I will miss you very much and I hope that we will talk to you very very soon! Your Masha with all the most tender embarrasses to you Marco!
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