Letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to Wes (USA)

Letter 1

Am a slave under a master on short term. I was released from my ex-master as a result of his reconciliation with his divorced wife. So I was released but he was not please for this because I serve him as a trustworthy, honesty and loyal to his command. I wish to uphold this dignity in your household as an obedient slave.

My interests and talents are numerous and include bondage, flogging, dildo play, strap ons, cbt, nipple torture, paddles, breath play, smothering etc I also enjoy edge play and pain sluts and I have very few limits. Hard limits are animals, kids and scat.

Get back to me if you are ineterested to know about me

The dignity and the love for the BDSM will be achieved with you in making our home a wonderful home among your friends.

23yrs, 5'10, 128lbs, unemployed, no limit slave, ready to relocate and begin my service

I will await your response ASAP.


Letter 2

Am in Croydon, UK and am ready to relocate to the state sir. You are a master while I am a slave and all this will be fullfill as a whole in your household in making our home an happiest home on earth.

Am 23yrs, unemployed, single seeking a lifetime master to serve 24/7? Tell me about yours

Letter 3

Hello master

I am a submissive/slave,I am bisexual and do enjoy meeting other dominant men in the lifestyle . However, am looking for a Master with a very passionate and sexually perverted kind . I enjoy such activities as spankings, flogging, needles, and electro.I do enjoy humiliation and I don't feel that it makes me any less of a woman or a person. I feel that a golden shower allows my Master to mark His property and forced nudity is a beautiful thing.

Servitude is one of the most rewarding parts of being a slave. Nothing feels better to me than knowing my Master's home is clean, His shirts are pressed and dinner is on the table. I know that, through serving my Master and making sure that all His day to day needs are met, He is likely to find satisfaction in me. I am a fairly social person, so being alone all the time without my Master would be too much for me to bear. I feel that giving my Master my income helps to better His household, I enjoy the water and how it feels against my body. When I am swimming or diving I feel like my body is free of all the constraints placed on me by things, like gravity.

Some of my other hobbies are sewing, painting, reading, cooking, and dancing. I guess creative hands. Note that I am wiling to relocate if I find a real and caring Master who is ready to take me into his custody

Thank you

Best Wishes,

Letter 4

I am Wendy Brown by name. I am available, ;pnely and ready to serve a new master as soon as possible. I wish if I can make it to your desire in serving you as a true trusted, loyal and obedient slave.

I hope being with you as a slave will be an high priority to me as a slave to belong to you master and serve you as a lifetime slave.

I just added you to my IM so that we can have a chat together and get to know about eachother.


Letter 5

Name: Wendy Brown

Address: 26 Temple Road

City: Croydon

State: Surrey

Country: UK

Postal code: CR0 1HT

Letter 6

Hello there, my sweet love. How are you? Your message has lighten up my day and make my night a wonderful one. I wish to make and share the love we have together with you soon in the real sense.

I just woke up to send you this wonderful message to lighten up your day. I have being cheated in relationship and I do not want to be a victim of relationship breakup anymore.

Sweetie, I am always here, and there, in your heart. Think of me and my warmth will be the blanket for you to sleep tight in the night. Look to the sky at night, and when you see a sparkle of a very shining star ... that's me, Sweetie, thinking of how much I love you and miss you. Look to the moon, thousands of miles away from you ... I will be looking at the moon too - thinking of you.

I am struggling a lot here, through thick and thin, but I am doing fine so don't worry - you live in me and will always. Remember the first time I had to leave? The promises we made? I am still keeping them. Just a few more days, Sweetie

In your deep heart I fell in love, victimized by the spell your eyes showed and I am trapped in you, please don't ever let me go - as our love starts at forever and ends at never.

Yours and only yours forever, kisses all over you

Letter 7

Hello Sweetie,

Am sorry for not showing up or reading back from me through out yesterday, my Internet was cut off which I just got reconnected back today.

I hope to be online today and have a long chat with you as I guess you will be at home all through today. I still hope to get an update as regard the travel plan by tomorrow in checking if the passport is ready and the visa.

Hope to be in your arm all night this week. KISSES & HUGS

Your Slave baby girl,

Wendy Courtney

Letter 8

MY Info Via Moneygram

Name: Wendy Courtney

Address: 26 Temple Road

City: Croydon

State: Surrey

Country: UK

Postal code: CR0 1HT

Letter 9

Hello sweetie,

You did not email me the Reference number for the transfer made of $1000. I met with the agent and the Immigration officers today and I was told to undergo a Medical check up at the Airline company hospital. The result of the medical will be out by tomorrow which cost me $755.

I have being out of here since morning to undergo this check up ahed of next week. I paid the $755 today so that the medical check up result can be ready for further processing of my trip down to you.

Kindly email me the reference number for the $1000 sent and let me know how we will move with the $755 deducted from the money seny yesterday.

I will be online waiting for you my love

Kisses and hugs

Letter 10



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1106070114719


ABA NON: 021001033


AMOUNT: $4500