Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Shvachkina to Ratul (USA)

Letter 1

Hello dear Ratul!!!!
Thank for your letter. I was so glad received it. You tolk me about you and now I want to tell you something about me.
I'm living now in Lugansk but I was born in Aleksandrovsk. It's a small town in Lugansk region. My perents now live in Aleksandrovsk. And I go to they one or two times in month for two or three days. I to rent a flat with my friend,( we went together from my town).
What to tell you about my work? I work as a ambulanceman. Do you know that it's very hard work. Sometimes I don't want to go to my work. But I like to help for people. I like to see when they smile.
I so like animals, but I don't have anyone. I want to have a dog. And my favorite breed it's a big dogs. I also like birds. I want to have in my house one dog and one bird (a big parrot). :-)))))) Also I like music...... pop music and classic..... I don't smoke.... In my leisure time I listen music or reading.
Do you want to come to Kiev or to Aleksandrovsk? From my town to Kiev about 900 km. I know that this far away. And I'm so sorry but I want to know you before I'll give you my address. I'm so sorry but I hope that you can understant me.
Well... now I make stop because I don't know that I want to tell you more about me... but I hope that you interesting in me and I'll be waiting letter from you.
I kiss you and wish to you a nice day.
Your Katyusha
Letter 2

Hello dear Ratul!!!!
How are you? I hope that you are fine like me. How did you spend your weekend? I went to my perents and we spend together so nice time. I love my perents so much. I never see that my perents to fall with each other and they every time together. My perents very happy and I want to find the man and to be happy with him like my perents. Sorry, but I don't know English very well and I can't to tell you all that I want to tell to you. but I want tell you so much......... I want have the house where I'll be live with my husband and our children..... And your letter...... I dream about this..... And I want to believe that it's not only words........ and that you really want this....
I wish you a nice day,
With kiss,
your Katyusha
Letter 3

Dear Ratul!
I am sorry that I was not able to write to you.... I have serious problemshere and I tried to solve them.
I rent a flat here as I told you.But I was not paid the salary for twomonths and I coun't pay for th rent for two moneths. My landlady insisted onmy paying during the next week,othervise she will kick me off from the flat. I don't know what to do , because I don't know where I would live then.
I have a job here and I can't goto my parents as there I will not find ajob.... I am lost , i don't know what to do......whwre would I live then?????What should I do/?? I talked to my parents but they don't havemoney to help me, as my father didn't get the salary for sveralmonths.......I asked my friends to help me, but they all are short of money......I am lost... I have to pay 180$ next week....oh....i don't wantto live!!!!
You are the only one who can help me.....Dear Ratul, I will try to give youthe money back when I am paid.... I just need the money now..... or I don'tknow where I would live......
I am so sad..... I am lost....
Please help me.....
Your Katyusha
Letter 4

Dear Ratul!
I am happy that you want to help me, you made me smile , I was crying all day long yesterday , now I feel better, I know that you care about me... thanks for that.....I knew that you would help me, I knew that you are the one who will defend me and love me.
I am sorry for the short letter, I am giving you the info you asked me for.
Name:Ekaterina Shvachkina.
Lenina street , 20
Zip code 91001.
I will come today to the Internet-cafe in a couple of hours.
I do appreciate what you are doig to me, thanks for that!!!!
Kiss you,
Your Katyusha
Letter 5

Dear Ratul!
I am sorry that i couldn't write to you before, I thin that you are worried about me...I am sorry.....
I have recieved the moneya nd payed the landlady, I am very grateful to you..... nobody did so much for me.... you even can't imagine how grateful i am ....... I will help you anytime..... anythign what I can do ... I will od for you.... you a great person...does anybody told you that????
I went to my parents , my grandmother felt very bad and that's why i couldn't write to you, there is no internet there unfortunately....... I wanted to write to you very much... i am sorry...
I hope you are ok.
How are you??? I am ok now and I can write to you now every day..... I am happy because of that!!!!!!!
Please write me soon, I will write to you tomorrow, ok?????
I have to call my mother now to know how's my grandmother doing.I don't have the phone at the flat i rent, so i will go to the phone mashine.
I am looking forward to your letter.
Please write to me soon....
PS I will make some pics for you and send them soon:)
Letter 6

Ratul, my dear!
Thanks for your letter, I am sorry that I didn't write to you yesterday , I went to my grandmother, she is in the hospital now, she had some aches and we had to take her to the hospital. She is checked up today and tomorrow we'll find out what it was....I am so much worried about her health!!!!! She had some aches before but they were not serious , yesterday the pain was so strong that we called the ambulance and took her to the hospital.I hope that everything will be all right with her. It seems to me sometimes that all bad things happen to me now....,only one good:)YOU!!! I amhappy that I have foud you in this huge world and that you care about me, you are the one I wanted to meet long ago....I was searching , searching and I found you finally.... I am happy of that and I know that when I have difficulties you will be near......I hope that soon we'll be able to be close not only woth our hearts but phisically as well. i want to hold hands with you and go for a walk....
How are you???? Thaks a lot for the pics you sen to me, you have a very nice clean!!!! I like when it is clean...very much!!!!! I don't like dirt know I am medic and I am clean all day long.
I am glad that you are not worried about my english...but I am .You know maybe with time I will take courses and learn some english....just to tell you what I want and what i feel... that's very important, do you agree????
I am happy that you like my pictures, I will try to make some and send them to you.I know that pictures make our letters more real....not so virtual....I like to look at you.... I iagine that you are close to me....
I will work tomorrow, today I have a day off.Sometimes I have to work because other people at the ambulance can't.So, it is very difficult to work here but i ma happy that I can make people healthy and help them...It's so important.
Ok, I will close my letter here, please email me soon.I will try to email you tomorrow after work if itis not too late and the internet-cafe is opened.
I miss your letters, I would like to know everything aboutyour life and whne I miss a day without yiour letter,i feel bad.
Please write soon,
Letter 7

Deasrest husband!!!!!
Thanks a lot for your letters, I am sorry that I was not able to write to you, I catched a cold and I had to stay at home for several days .....I have a temperature even now, I went to western union to recover the money....It's ok, I will give it to my mom to pay fr the flat and to buy some food, because I didn't work and I didn't have the chance to earn any money.I am very very sad.
I called Julia, there is no parcel yet....I don't know what to do......
How are you my dear????I am sorry , I didn't take any pics for you because I didn't feel good and I don't want you to see how I look now.I am sorry , but I am little sad now, I am glad that I am able to pay for the flat...thanks a lot for your help, I know that it is hard times for you too...and I do appreciate your help.....Thanks a lot, my dear husband.
Thanks for the pics, you have a llot of snow....there is no snow again here.But the weather is very was rainign yesterday and it is very wet.....I hope that I will be ok soon.
How are you these days???I hope that you miss me , because I do miss you a lot....
I will go now, I send you all my kisses , I hope that you wil write to me soon, I am all yours.....
With love ....
Yours Katyu
Letter 8

Dearest Husband!!!!!
I visited this site before...I think that it is know I have heard a lot of stories like that. There are agencies who write letters for girls and they even don'tknow that...I mean girls...This happened to one of my freinds before...she was crying because the man whom the aency wrote came and told this girl a lot of bad things , that he sent her the money, but she didn't even know that. The agency she went to betrayed her. She told me that when I was ging to give my pics and info to one of the agencies....she told me this story and I decided not to make such mistakes, that's why I am using a translator....who is the teacher in one of our schools...I do trust know a lot of bad thigns happen over the Internet.
I am not doing that to do you think that?????I love you ...what do you want me to do to prove it to you????
The passport should be ready was not ready because of the political situation i our country......There were a lot of people whom the government didn't allow to go abroad...That's why the government waited with the applications for the passports of the young girls like me.You can check that.Please, dear, don't think bad of me is killing me......It hurts....please...I am your future wife and I don't want yu to think bad of me ....I do loove you a lot!!!!!!!!I know that you trust me....right???
There are a lot of agencies who sent girls to other countries for the prostitution, I have even heard that a man tricked a woman, he told her that he would marry her, but he sold her as a ********** in Turkey...have you ehard this story????
I am all sad now.....I need you to tell me that eveerythign s ok and that you love me ....
I am all yours...I am your little Katyu...remember that/????
I love you,
Letter 9

Dearest Ratulchik!!!!!
Thanks a lot for your letters...
I am so sad...I was not able to write to you for so muh time......I missed you so much, I came to thew Internet -cafe yesterday, but they didn't work...the holidays... they will not work romorrow too....
I missed you so much!!!!!So much...thanks a lot for all your letters, you even can't imagine how happy I am to read all your letters........You are my are my everything.....I miss you so much...I so much hoped that I would meet you on the New Year...This wpuld really make me will call me tomorow........won't you?????Ok??? I so much wan to hear your voice,,,to talk to you.....I hope that the line will be ok, the phone is working , I checked it....
I miss you a lot.....
Ta nks for the pics you sent me with you all are so nice..I want to meet them as soon as possible...
Dearest Ratulchik...I know that you are tight now.....But I so much to have the present from you fo the New Year...I wanted to buy a dress .....we'll have a little family party at my home...some of my cousines will come to my place and I don't know what to wear....will you help me with that????
I know that it is not much time left for the new year , but I so much want to wear something beautiful and make pics for you...only for you!!!!!I found one today, it is not expensive, 190$....I am so sad, because you are not with me for the new year,,,I couldn't even buy the presents for my relatives because I spent al the money for the fod for the party and for the tralsaotr writing to you....
I payed for the flat...thanks a lot for your help, you are so dear to me , I will give you all my love .....I have it so much only for you........
I hope that you will help me with that.......I am so sad now.....I want you so muc, I want to be with you so bad.......
I will come to the Internet-cafe tomorrow in the morning, ok???I hope that I will e abl;e to buy the dress and sedn you the pics , it will be my present for you for the New year:) ok????
I love you,,,,
Letter 10

Dearest Ratul'chik!!!!!!
I am sorry that I was not able to write to you sooner, the Internet-cafe was closed for this time..I think that they should have celebrated it too long..
I was at my grandmother's again and then , when I came home and wanted to write to you, the Internet-cafe was closed because of the know how we celebrate them here.......some people say that we have more holidays than working days....the chiristmas holidays are till the 14 of January, the Internet-cafe opened only today....I think tht they celebrated it too much that they couldn't open during these days...maybe too much *****;)))))
I missed you a lot...
How are you my honey???? The mobile phone doesn't work i think, because nobody can call me, maybe I did something wrong in the settings, i think that I should go to the service sentre to find out what happened.right???
I have read all your letters which you wrote to me , dear, I know how you shuold feel... am with ou , I will never let you go because i do love you a lot!!!!
I am so sad.....I so much miss you ....I even cried these days...i want to be with you so much!!!!So bad1!!!!!
I want to come to the Internet-cafe tomorrow and maybe we'll b able to chat.....I want to feel that everything is real...I want to be with you......
I still have not got any is very cold here today minus 20. I am all so sad , i have nothing to wear...what should I do?????
I miss you so much.....
I will write to you tomorrow, ok????
I love you a lot,
Letter 11

Dearest Ratulchik!!!!!
Thanks for your letter, but I was not able to read it. Please resend it , ok????
It is minus 30 now, dearest , i have not got the parcel from Julia, dear , what should I do??? I told you that I don't have te warm is minus 30 now and I don't have boots even. I took my mother's now to come to the internet-cafe to write to you, dear, I need warm you want me to catch influensa???I still hope that you care for me ......
I gave my phone to my sister now.
Dearest , i will come to the internet-cafe tomorrow, I still hope that you love me and that you will help e with that...what should I do?? Just think what kind of situation I am in.
I do need you and your help now.We also have to pay for the heting because it doen't work now, my mother told me that we haven't paid for it for 6 months, it is around 300$. What should we do???? And I don't even work now , because i can't leave home.Can you imagine how your future wife lives here????Just think of me ...please , i can't be without yor help now...I can't be without you now.....
I am waiting impatiously to your letter,
Your future wife,
Letter 12

Dearest Ratulchik!!!!!
Thanks a lot for your help, I do appreciate this a lot!!!
It is the St.Valentine's day today and I feel so sad , because I am without you.
How are you my dear????
I am nt angry with you, but I was so sad ,because of the situation I am in, because of my illness, I have to buy some medicine and I have no money for this, I have bought some vitamins of the money you sent me , I hope that I will b better soon, but I am very weak,....Yiu know hw it is when you are ill , right????
I have borrowed the money as I told you , 600$ and I have boght a coatand boots, I didn't want to wait any longer and my mom was crying all the time bcause i am withut warm things.
I have not got the parcel , I will go to the post office with Julia today.
I ave to give the money back on Friday , it is the deadline,I hope that you will help me with that. I have 30$ left from the money you sent to me . I need the rest, i do hope that you will help me with that.
How are you these days??? I am really sad without you.I don't feel good , I 'd better go hme, I will come to the Internet-cafe tomorrow.
I am so sad without any presents and flowers from you, it is the day when people show their love and attention.....
I love you, but I am so sad....
Letter 13

Dearest Ratul'chik!!!!!!
Thanks a lotfor your letter and for your warm words, I love you so much and I am happy to know that you love me too, I was quite sad when I was wiriting yo my last letter , now I feel much better!!!
I talked to a friend who lent me the money and she agreed that I can give them back to her the end of the next week , on Friday , but I think that I should buy some chocolates for her for her kindness. She also told me that I should give her the money only on Friday , bcause her family will need the money for something, so I hope that everything will be all right.
I miss you today, I don't feel good , I stayed at home today , thinking of you and our knw I am sure that we will overcome all the difficulties and we'll be happy together..I am sure!!!!!What about you??? You told me that you were not planning to marry again.....and that you changed your know , I never know that I will love you so much too...I never had such relationship when we are so far away from each other....but you know dear, I don't need anybody..only are the love of all my life.....I love you!!!!!!
Dearest Ratulchik, my mom told me today that we have to pay for the heating this month. I hope that you will help me with that too.;)
I saw a dream ane me......we were riding bycicles somewhere , the place I don't recognise. We were laughing and were very happy..I woke up in the morning with the feeling of love to you......I cant imagine my life wthout you now......You are my life......
Yes, you are right , I am so sad that didn't get anything from you for the St. Valentines' day , but it is not so important, I love you and you love me , these are he most important things......Do you agree????
I love you , my dear, now I have to go home.
Your wife,
Letter 14

My dearest Ratul'chik!!!!!
I am sorry , but I kcan't read your last etter, will you write it again....I ammissing you a lot....
I should give the money for the clothes tomorrow, I hope that you remember it, I have made some pics for you...I hope that you will like yoour future wife,.I love you a lot..please resend the letter now, ok????
I love you most of all,
Letter 15

Dearest Ratul'chik!!!!!
You have not written to me on Friday, I was waiitng for your letter for thw whole day, i am sorry , maybe you had not time for me, I hope that you will write to me today, because i promissed to give the money back for the coat and boots on Friday, but you didn't write then....I am sad, and I don't feel good that I can't give the money back in time....I have to give back 600$ I think that nobody will help me in the future, I hope that you will be able to make the transfer as soonas possible...I am worried.
How are you ?? You asked me about my passport, it is not ready yet, because of the situation in Ukraine, a lot of people can't make passport in time because of the future elections....I think that you should have heard about that on TV.
I will check the pics you told me about tomorrow, I don't have extra money for the internet today.
You asked me about my adress.
Molodezhniy, ab.yaschik 20
I hope that I will get somethig from you , I don't know why I coudn't get the 2 last parcels from you. Please check that, ok????
Dearest , please , wrte to me soon, I am missing you to death and I love you so much!!!!!
I will send you pics tomorrow.
I love you most of ll in my life, please don't let me down.
I am waiting for your letter.
PS I have sent you the pic of my boots only today, the rest tomorrow, ok?:)Kisses
Letter 16

Dearest Ratul!!!!
I am very sad to hear that you don't trust me, you know people are different even here in Lugansk, there are a lot of agencies which scam not only men but women tol, I think that I have told you this.
I read a lot about scammers , not only women , but men also, some of them ask women to come to thier country, even mary them and then send them as prostitutes, I am afraid too, but I try to trust you because I love you, why don't you trust me ??? What did I do for you not to trust me ????I have only you, I don't write to anybody else, I treat you like the person I love, I catched a cold and you didn't help me, I weared cold autumn shoes when it was minus 30 you think that if I don't love you I was with you????Think of that, please....I have sent you the pic of boots I bought for the money I borrowed and now you tell me that I have to wait???? I borrowed the money and where should I get it now to give them back??? Where???? I need vitamins because I was ill and what I can do???
If you don't trust me and don't wan to help me , tell me so, I am sorry , but I ill not be able to marry the person who didn't help me when I was ill......I would have done everything for you if you were ill...and you don't want to do anything?????
am crying,,,,you even can't imagine what you are doing to me.....I was so open to you, I told you everythign, because I love you and now you tell me that you don't trust me?????
I want to die.....I gave you all my love,,,,,I waned to make our life a fairy tale...but you try to spoil everything....What should I do to give the money back/???To work as a **********/???What ????
Think of that.....
You make me so sad and I want to die.....
Write me only in the case when you decide that you trust me and that you will always be with me.....
If you want me " to be patient" and sell myself as a **********, don't write to hurt me so much!!!!!!!So can't even imagine......
Letter 17

Dearest Ratul!!!!!
I think that you decided not to love me any longer......I don't want to live!!!!!!
You let me down....I never thought you would act like that.....
Still lve you anf this love kills me.....
PS don't know what to do with the debt...why you told me that you would help me/?? Why you told me that you loved me ??? I am ill again....
Letter 18

Dear Ratul!!!!
I see that you don't belive me any believe sites, you belive everybody except me.
I will make you the pic of me with a paper with your you want that??? Or I will send you the copy of my passport as well.
I was always honest with you, but you kileed me with all this......You killed my are killing me slowly...My mom told me that you don;t love me because you didn't help me. ( I am not talking about money anymore) I will never ask you anything....I will do everything by myself.
I will search for a new better paying job. I am not sure if I can pay for my letters to you now. I never asked you money for the translations...for aniting I didn't do.I was always true to you.....
You have lost the woman who loved you....not for yoour help or the presents..I wil send them back to you.....Unfortunately I can't send the money you sent me ....I will sell my dress ( wedding dress) and send you the money back..I don't need anyting from you if you don't trust me and if you leave me alone when I was ill.
Letter 19

Dearest Ratul!!!!!
It is the saddest letter I am writing to you.
I know you don't want me any more, you don't care for me ....and the worst you don't trust me....
I have sold the dress( the wedding dress), also some jevelry you sent me and the photo camera.
I sent you the letter with the money inside.I didn't know how to do it by western union, that's why i sent it by post.
I know that this will ot change anything, but it was very painful for me to hear that you call me a swindler when I really love you and devoted my whole life to you!!!!!
I hope that you will recieve the letter soon.Maybe this will make you think of me better.
I am broken hearted, but I feel that I need to go on my life.....
You have lost the person who loved you more than my own life.Remember that!!!!!I needed only you...but you broke everyyhign with your suspicions
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