Scam Letter(s) from Alisa Pavlova to Mike (France)

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Letter 1

dear Mike, I have nothing against the meeting in Ukraine but a I told you it will not help with the visa then. as I need to provide the documents showing my financial stability till the end of this week. If I do not do this I will get the refuse in the visa and I will not have right to apply for the new visa for one year.
Ok, let's cancel the meeting in France to tell you the truth I have lost all the desire to come to a man who doesn't belive me and who cares more about his finances more then about the woman he says he wants to have the life with. I do not think I should prove you anything. I know who I am and I hurt with your attitude.
so please organize ur trip to my village.and u will see how I live here.

Letter 2

Dear Mike, it hurts everything happened like this between us. I do not sleep at nights, my mother doesn't know what to do as it feels I am going crazy. I am killed with your intrust. I do not know what is wrong that u can't get through to me but my phone is on. I get the calls from my friends but none from you. Try to catch me right now.
Or u can call on my fried's phone we are together now.
urs, Alisa

Letter 3

It doesn't seem it is true that you do not care about the money as in all the last our emails u talk about that 3000$ that u are afraid to loose or to spend on me without seeing me. But I see you are not afraid to loose or to hurt me, the woman you dreamt to have family with.
I have never been fooled for money but you know if I belive a person and if I really wanted to have serious relationships with a man and I had serious feelings to him I would help me no matter how much it cost me. This is how I see and feel it, maybe we are different with you or maybe you are not seroius about me, I do not know what to think already. I do not think u are stupid or naive and I never thought like this. I always trusted and belived u. but now I am not sure already.
As I told you organize ur trip to my village and you will see how I live here, U will see that there is no Skype at the Internet room.,maybe that will help u to belive me and to understand me better,

Letter 4

I do not feel you belive me. and I do not feel you want me there. I see you cherish your finances more then me. and do not tell me it is like this.
I am real girl and I have nothing to hide from u. If I decline the my visa now, I will not have a right to apply for the new one in 1 year. I do not need that cash in February in Ukraine, it will not help.I really want to see you, that is why I am doing everything to gather the needed amount and not to lose the chance to meet in France as we planned, I was given 500$ for the golden earrings so I still need to find 1000$. do not worry I am not relying on you on this matter, as you u said you will not spend more on me.
my phone is on so I do not know why you can't get through to me.try again maybe there some problems over the line

Letter 5

Nello dear Mike again, to tell you the truth I am a little sad and confused to get ur mail, it seems you do not belive me or what??
As I told u I am traveling as a tourist, I am not telling that I know someone in France. If I tell this we will need to show the proofs we have seen each other before. In any other case I will be considered as an immigrant, who suppose simple to vanish from Ukraine.Our government controls this very strictly at the moment as the rate of life in Ukraine is not the best at the moment and a lot of people has vanished already and didn't come back. If to apply for the visa providing the invitation it is almost not real to get it and and it takes couple of months for all the checks and providing the we choose the best and the easiest way. I will travel like a tourist simply to see the beauties of your country. I do not tell I know someone there as this will make everything even more difficult.
I am sorry for asking u for help again but I just thought I can be open with you, I can share everything with you and I can rely on u. Sorry, I will try to solve the problem on my own. I will go to the pawn shop and will try to sell my golden earrings the last present of my granny.But I do not know whether it will be enough. I do not have much time for the organisations.
I am still waiting for ur call

Letter 6

Hello my sweetheart Mikey, how are there my sweetheart? Thank you for the wonderful messages, I also miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you and 100 times more miss you:))))
I am glad the medical check went well so u re totally healthy;)
My sweet one Mikey, I am also so happy to know you we have the same desires towards having family together. Yes, I am sure our children will be the most cute and clever as their parents are:)) U can't even imagine how happy I am that we found other.
Darling, I am waiting for the ticket, tomorrow as soon as I get it I will print it out. My dear Mikey, I got the information about the visa.Everything is in process and everything is going to be ready in time. my lovely one Mikey, as I told you I will be applying for the touristic visa as it is the easiest way for Ukrainians to travel to the Eu.And applying for tourist visa it is necessary to have some amount of money in cash.I was told this funds is a proof of my good financial position and it is just for checking up during applying for the visa.Ukrainian government cares about it seriously, checking that people leaving the country have enough stabile financial position here and they are not trying simply to immigrate. I will not have to spend it, just I need to show it when applying for the visa.It is needed to have at least 1500$ on me as a proof in order to get the visa. The sum is so high as the visa will be for 90 days. I should get this sum this week and they prepare the visa documents this week.A travel agent said that it's the last stage of arranging my coming and we will meet with you finally.
My darling Mikey, believe me I feel a bit sad that without this funds I'll not be able to get the visa and to come there finally, but it's good that it's just a formality and I'll give you them back as only I see you or I can send it to as soon as I have the visa. I know it might be hard for you to organize this also. but that is the formality we can't avoid it my dear Mikey. U are always on my mind darling Mikey and I am waiting for your news and for your call today, I put some means on my credit and now I can accept the international calls
sweet kisses, Alisa



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